Wednesday, November 30, 2011

V-E-T Tomorrow, Mom says....Kassey

Mom got the PTU out of it's hiding place. But she said we don't
go until tomorrow. I was confused and started toward my hiding
place behind the sofa. She told me again to come on out. I felt a
little more at ease as she put it back in it's hiding place.

She said it's a follow-up, but also I need a distemper shot which she
furgot last time. I seem to be OK acause I'm running the place again.
Mom says she now thinks the bloods in my sink was from my feets.
She found a nail clipping and thinks I may have hurt my foot by step-
ping on it. She saw no bloods anywhere else. We hope the mystery is
solved. However I still sneeze , but not much,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cold Weather Shopping Today

We have a Winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow..
The guessers might just get this forecast right as they predict
a mix of snow, rain and some sleet. It's only 36F now and the
low is to be 34F, just about right for a mess. It's a little early for
us to see this kind of weather. They said the ground is too warm
for it to hang around long. Well, they have been wrong before. If
it's not too bad, I have to exchange an item I bought today. I must
remember to buy bird food, can't run out of that. Gotta keep Kassey's
bird TV going.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Rainy Sunday and Suspicious Saturday....Kassey

Yesterday Mom thought I was in hiding mode again She said all the pills were gone and she showed me the awful  blankie as she put it in the washer. I felt a little easier the rest of the day.
I got the last laugh on Mom as she was blowing in my face when giving one pill. I moved my head and her mouth was too close. My mouth went right in. She is a germ freak and she headed for the mouth wash....mol
My bird TV has big water drops clinging to it, but no birdies on this wet Sunday. I hope all you kitties and woofies have an easy Sunday.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nice Furry Furiday Fur Awhile....Kassey

I enjoyed my new box until Mom started wrapping me in my blankie fur pill taking. All she had left was some pieces, my furry last dose. Well, she still has them MOL. She said we'd try later So I hid behind the sofa. She told me to come on out. I did acause I figured she had gifen up. She gave me a treat and then I went to my room.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Toeses and Tail....Kassey

Good kitty snoozing weather today. We have water falling and possible storms later today. I'm under my pill-taking blankie. Mom wraps me bunting style. But I still spit it out. She keeps on til I swallow the pill. Fur some reason, she blows in my face effury time and I do not like this.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Caturday...Kassey

I got on Mom's jacket after she got home yesterday. After awhile she said I had to haf my pill. Andy and Sheila had to take one of their little woofies to the v-e-t and Andy was just too tired to come. Mom told him that she was gonna try butter with the crushed pill. First, she put it before me...mol. I smelled it...haha.  Then she sucked it up in the small thingy and I sure gave her a fit as she tried ofer and ofer. She nefer got it all down me. She finally rubbed it on me and there's still some left in my dish. She sure made a mess on the windowsill too.
Mom thinks I'm better and we so appreciate all the purrs and prayers and grrrrs. I am sleeping better and not getting Mom up like before.
Someone asked about the pain shot. Mom didn't think to ask but she thinks with the infection, I probably had pain. I shook my head a lot , probably infected ears as well. She said my ears were red too.
Andy and Sheila will be here today fur more pill giving. This is a 9 day ordeal.....oh woe is me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not Liking Andy Anymore....Kassey

Andy and Sheila together got the pill down me . I kept spitting it out but he kept on til he got it down. It tasted real bad. And they will do it again today. Mom has a pill crusher and will try to mix it with butter or sumpin acause surely they can't come effuryday.....mol

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaded V-E-T Trip Again....Kassey

I refused the liquid stuffs and my problem stayed . Mom saw some bloody spots in my sink caused by my sinuses. I had been sneezing a lot. Wednesday night I slept alone on the couch until about 4 O'dark. I got on our bed and she covered me. And she told me we were going to the v-e-t later.
I was so human handled. Two women humans held me against my will while the v-e-t gave me shots and stuck this thingy you know where. This was so humiliating fur a dignified cat who rules at home. He then took me to another room and took my bloods to check fur anemia. He told Mom that my kidney function was good and Mom sure was happy for that.
I'm sleeping in while Mom types. She came in and  asked me if I wanted a treat, but I need to sleep
One of the shots he gave me was fur pain and as soon as we got home, I headed fur my sun puddle.

MOM:  I got her some chewable tablets and some chicken pill pockets and when she gets up, we'll try the new 'treats'. I sure hope it works.
Please remember her when you pray.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Hidey Hole....Kassey

 Caught again with the flashy box.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Easy Sunday...Kassey

Mr. Sun is coming and going  like the innerweb. So, if we visit without comment, you'll know why.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Google Buzz

I did not receive the info in gmail as I thought.
It was at the top of the Gmail. Here is the wording
from Google Buzz. I put it on favorites so I could
write it down.

     "  Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep.
In a few weeks, we'll be retiring Google Buzz. At that time, you
won't be able to create any new posts, but your existing content
will remain accessible in two ways.

1. You can view it on Google Profile.
2.  You can download it using Google Takeout."

I did not know how to copy the statement to put it in a post.

Can anyone clarify this? Are there any other blogging places
besides WP?

Internet Intermittent

I have visited several and can't leave comments.
Is anyone else having this problem?
Has anyone gotten an email from GMAIL saying
that google buzz is leaving and we can't post anymore
after that. Also we can download our posts. Does anyone
know how or where this is to happen? Just another WL it
seems, not surprised at all.
WP, another issue....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fankful Furz Warming Fursday...Kassey

I'm so fankful that I didn't haf to stay in that awful place Tuesday.
Mom seems to think I'm doing better. But she's kinda concerned acause
she heard my bonez pop last night as I got up from my loaf position before
bedtime. If this continues, she'll haf my electrolytes checked.
Today she took my cube down from my throne and placed it on an organizer.
I hopped right in. She thinks maybe I can't climb or jump high anymore. So now
she'll be hovering over me. But I don't mind as long as she does what I want.  mol.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Was So Mad.....Kassey

Yesterday, Mom took me to the v-e-t in TN where Andy takes his fur babies. I was scratching and licking but he said I had allergies. I haf scabby places on me that itch real bad. He stuck me 3 times wif this sharp thing. I got so mad I really growled. Mom was trying to console me but somehow her fingers got stuck by my fang. Her bloods came out too.  He gave Mom an antibiotic and a small thingy to gif me 2 times a day. haha mol. She sure tried but I got so mad at her as she tried to hold me. She put me down and I turned and hissed my fiercest hiss. Last night I slept as close to her as I could. This morning she put the white stuff in my bowl...ha ha , I smelled it and turned my nose up at it. She needs extra hands for this little wildcat....
The v-e-t said I shud be better in 4 days and if not bring me back.
MOM :  There was a very small kitty there for adoption, maybe less than 6 weeks old. Kassey and this kitty hissed at each other. And there was this big dog on a leash. He had the leash in his mouth, so cute. And outside I met this lady with a Great Dane. She rescued him in SC and had him there(TN) for a checkup before sending or taking him to PA. She said he was about to be killed at the shelter. He was a beautiful grey color and sweet and friendly. She said he came from an abusive home. We didn't talk long because I needed to get my unhappy girl home.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Still In Training....Kassey

Poor Mom is still in training. I haf to tell her when to go to bed and when to get up. It's
hard werk I tell you. A kitty's werk is nefer done.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We're Doing It Again....Kassey

We're moving stuffs around again. The desktop is now in the TV room again. I started riding the PC table and she quit to get the flashy box. I spoiled her Canon moment  when I jumped down.. But she did catch me snoopervising after getting it where we want it, by the window.
 Mom opened the windows  and we got some nice whiffies, no stinky whiffies this time....mol   It got cold and she closed the windows  and I went looking for Mr. Sun.

Friday, November 4, 2011