Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 29, 2011      copied 1/17/15

Seven things….Kassey

After several trips to the shelter, I picked Mom as my human.
I was new there on the day she came. I got up and greeted her
meowing to her. The pet helper told Mom that I had not responded
to anyone else that. So Mom did the necessary things to take me
with her. They told her my name and age. Of course, on the way
to my new home, I sang to her a new song.. This was Oct. 23, 2007.
I was 9 yrs. old at the time. And this was the beginning fur me
and my new Mom. It was love at first sight .   
I don’t recall what the ‘seven things’ meant. ….Mom

I loved this sweet lady cat from the start. She just didn't know how
hard it would be to train me as she spoke elsewhere in a post. I 
finally learned to obey....smiling as I recall how very smart Kassey
was. She fills my heart just remembering life with her......Mom

Friday, January 16, 2015

  • Our Thanksgiving…… Kassey 

                 Thanksgiving was a glorious day when her TN son and family came. He brought
    her birthday gifts and a small fiber optic Christmas tree and  small battery-operated snowman.
    She now has them on top of her new printer where I enjoy sitting. So, I’m not impressed with
    these things. I want her to look at me instead of her gifts. 
                 It was a good visit as always and I actually enjoy the children’s visit except when they want to pet
    me. I tolerate it for awhile and warn them with my ear signals which Mom watches for.
                 They got their usual waffles and sausage for breakfast. After breakfast, she and Kellen went to
    K mart to make the Black Friday toy sale. So Kellen helped her get his and Devon’s star wars toys. She said
    they got the last two and this sure made her happy.
                 She then cooked supper, cooking Son’s favorite green beans, boiled potatoes in the jacket and chicken with noodles. They then visited Son # 1, because they couldn’t stay for the family Thanksgiving
    dinner at his house on Saturday.
                On Saturday, they headed back to TN, planning to trim the tree. God-willing, they’ll be back Christ-
    mas. We can hardly wait, although, I don’t understand this Christmas stuff. Oh well, I’m just a cat.

    Blessings Always, Kassey    12/12/09   copied  1/16/15



    • R U Serious 7:40 pm on December 12, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      Oh Kassey!! Christmas is when cats tear into those wrapped presents! And if you\’re lucky, you find something to eat!! My dad doesn\’t like me near that tree thing so I sneak in at night. My slaves are so clueless!! I hope they don\’t catch on! They left us behind for Thnksgiving but we got some leftovers. They always find their way back here. Amazing!!Well, bye Kassey!! Have a good weekend and get lots of sleep. Raining here so I just poo and pee in the house. Dad gets upset but PFFFFT!Your doggie friend, Baxter
    • Angel eyes 7:43 pm on December 12, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      yes humans put up a "Tree" and then get all upset when we climb it go figure Angel
    • Rambling 7:47 pm on December 12, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      Kassey, you are just a cat but you are mama\’s special cat and that is your house. You like Christmas because mom does, and because you might get to bat at a few ornaments. But like me, I bet you are glad when all the hubbub is over and you can go back to uninterrupted naps. Mama better buy me something especially nice after what she just put me thru, Kassey. Be glad your mom isn\’t so mean. xoxox,Miss Catt
    • Rambling 7:48 pm on December 12, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      I just read what Angel said. Why do humans get so madf at us for climbing that tree. Isn\’t that what trees are for!?
    • Beth 9:12 pm on December 12, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      I am glad your mom\’s family from TN came to visit her. It was gracious of you to allow the children to pet you a little bit.
    • I 8:41 am on December 13, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      Thank You for your visit on my space. You have a very cute blog here, Kassey. Really enjoyed reading about what the world looks like through the eyes of a cat!
    • Here I Am 1:55 am on December 27, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

      Wshing you and Kassey a blessed New Year.. Hugs Carrie


                      We were blessed with another Christmas with our family intact. Who could ask for anything more? 
Kassey finally came into the living-room to check things out. The little ones sure wanted to touch her, but she
escaped their grasp. 
                       It was a cold night and is still cold today, in the 30’s with sunshine. Of course, I’m still 
waiting for snow while some folks are getting too much. I hope all you folks who are shoveling snow,
will be safe.
                       In the pictures I posted already, you’ll see Amy Rose in her Mother’s arms and with Grand-
Daddy Andy. She seems to be doing well on her rice formula. Amy Rose reminds me of so many blessings.
Her Dad is Brian who drowned as a teen, but was rescued by paramedics , swimming at the same place. I
mentioned this in a much earlier blog, probably under bamacatlover’s space , so I’ll not re-iterate the incident. 
                      I wish for everyone a blessed New Year, GGB   12/28/09    copied  1/16/15
  • Angel eyes 3:15 am on December 29, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

    sounds like a good Christmas certainly angel eyes
  • R U Serious 9:25 pm on December 29, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

    Good post and Great Christmas pics of your family!Bob~
  • Osmond 4:17 am on December 30, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

    Lovely Christmas pictures GG. And good to see Amy Rose too, Have a great 2010.

Soul Food Kind Of Day 

          Soul food is on the stove….big white lima beans, turnip greens and oven-baked cornbread.
Yesterday I pigged out on a big T-bone steak, so I’m being good today. A cloudy day calls for 
this kind of meal. They claim we’ll get rain, sure to be a cold one. Hometown reported sleet today
and it seems that they get more snow than we do since I moved here….lol  I’m happy to live here
though because a part of my family lives here and I would not have Kassey in my life.
           I have to bundle up good and take the garbage to the dump and check my mailbox. Before
the rain, I’ve got to get Kassey’s litter from the car too. ‘Nuff rambling….gotta get busy making corn-
bread too…..can’t wait for this.
           Blessings Always, GGB    12/30/09   copied  1/16/15
  • Sherrilynn 11:10 pm on December 30, 2009Permalink | Reply | Edit

    mmmm bet is was delicous, that\’s my kinda eatin there!
  • ♬ŠŨŇ 5:25 pm on January 2, 2010Permalink | Reply | Edit

    I like the sound of the cornbread. You have to give me the recipe, for that. Take care.
  • Coffee With Kate 9:09 am on January 4, 2010Permalink | Reply | Edit

    Hello Great Granny, I popped in via somone elses space, just could not resist the warming title. I trust your Soul Food day turned out well.Take careKate
  • Patricia 6:20 am on January 9, 2010Permalink | Reply | Edit

    love cornbread…and limas, but nobody else in the family does…I could join you in a meal…
  • Michiko's 6:54 pm on January 10, 2010Permalink | Reply | Edit

    I don\’t mind to have your cornbread that I feel same way that I would like to join in your meal timelol!A bit a long way from here??Enjoy your day. Thank you for visit.


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   Thank you all for your prayers for Amy Rose. She was x-rayed with blood work and seems to be OK.
She got strangled on her formula when it was upchucked and could not get her breathe. So she was rush-
ed by ambulance to the ER. They live about 12 miles from the hopital. While in the hospital, she sat in her
carseat because they were concerned that she could have GURD. The other concern is that there was
blood in her stool probably caused by a tear from a hard stool. This is about all I know, except that her
Mother is very busy. She said she’d had about 6 hrs. sleep since Amy was born.
    I hope to have some pix when Andy brings them for download. I’m so blessed with friends like you who
believe in the power of prayer.
    Blessings Always, GGBRed rose   11/3/09   copied 1/16/15.......Amy is the one on video who tried to eat Kassey's food.


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          I can’t believe I actually shared ‘my’ recliner with her last night.
She had a tiring day doing her usual thing. Maybe she’ll get everything
like she wants it, one day. She said I had to use the couch, so she could
use the recliner while she watched the baseball game and be online too.
She thought I had gone to the bedroom, so she called me. In the dim light,
she saw me on the couch, in an alert position, of course. Well, she had called
my name…lol  She then told me I could come and sit with her. I did just that.
I curled up beside her. Now this was a first for us, cuz I won’t even sit in her lap.
        Andy moved the desktop back in the bedroom and that’s where we are now.
We can see more goings-on in here. And she got that corner by the TV uncluttered.
We have plenty of room with the twin bed, which needs to be replaced. Just recently,
she turned over too far and was nearly dumped in the floor. She does amuse me…. lol
Until next time….you furry friends keep laughing at your humans. 
 Blessing Always,  KasseyCat face  11/5/09   copied  1/16/15
They put an ad in I couldn't copy comments which I enjoy re-reading.

Kassey’s Wednesday Rant..MAD CAT

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         Monday, ‘she’ took me to the vet, cuz I was scratching so. I never go out so we don’t know
how it happened but I had those sorry fleas. And it was almost time for my rabies shot, which
is so rediculus for an ‘inside cat’.
         I was ok while being weighed… no harm in that. Well, somebody picked me up and put me
on the table. Before I knew what was happening, she held me like my mama did. And then I felt
something sticking me. As if that wasn’t enough, someone stuck me again. I jumped up, scared 
everybody, including my human. I lost some hair too on that table. The needle human dropped the
needle and grabbed the vet. These humans had a good laugh at my expense. While one human had
a good grip, she stuck me good and I was so growling mad. After the shots, the human holding me,
said  " Go" to the needle human. She put this liquid stuff on the back of my neck. Finally, I was put
back in my carrier and we went home. It took a loooong time, it seems for the allergy shot and liquid
to go to work.
           Today, Wednesday, so far is a peaceful day , with no more fleas. She bought me a new flea color
to use after the Frontline expires. And we have flea powder to sprinkle on the carpet. I’m sure I’ll be
in a closed room while she does this, so I can’t walk in it. I’m happy now and I hope you all are ok.
            Blessings Always Everyone, KasseyCat face  11/18/15    copied  1/16/15

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