Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Fursday....Kassey

Mom, you thought I said 'lap', but I wanted on the laptop this time. My post is finshed and it's about being thankful fur Fursday.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Rant

For some time, I've thought my blog had been hacked.
Now I find some LOWLIFE has put some adult videos
on my account.
I found them on the search page as I put my blog addy
in. The very first entry, it said that I had adult content.
I am not guilty. I don't even watch filth on TV or in videos.
At the first opportunity, when I can discover the download
page to copy my posts to my PC, I plan to do that. And I will
delete my blog. I have yet to find a place to tell GOOGLE that
I want this garbage removed. I'm very disappointed , more so
than in the past, with GOOGLE.
GOOGLE will never measure up to WL spaces. Even with WL
and all there problems, was better.
God willing, I'll start another one with a new name for me and Kassey.
I hope this get posted....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mom Has A New Tablet...Kassey

Until we get our HP back, Mom will be learning the new toy.
It is faster, she says. And she got it so I can get lap time while
She's online.
Maybe we 'll get our groove back....mol
Sorry we has no pic's of me. She's gotta learn that too. My brovver
Andy will has to show her.
Andy is a little under the weather right now.... prayers, please
Luvs to all.