Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Got'er Done

It has been awhile trying to copy the blogs
from spaces that I wanted to keep. I finally
got'er done and now I can relax. I don't know
if I'll do the WordPress or not. It's just so
alien right now. I picked the theme I wanted
but it doesn't show and I don't actually see
a blog page, not shocked at all. Maybe I'll
figure it out, not sure. Spaces can now close
mine if they want, couldn't care less.
Some of these copies will go to "Mom And Me,
Kassey".That'll be a job, trying not to duplicate.
My WordPress address :
blog page is ....    Greatgranny2008's blog
Ann L
June 02

Kassey Here Again

She has posted some new pics of me on my 'Pouting Perch'. This is where I go when things aren't going my way. Of course. I know she doesn't like it. She covered it real well so I can't step on the switch and turn off her wireless laptop. She gets up from her perch on the couch where she watches TV and talks on the internet on her laptop. Sometimes, it's enough for me, just getting her off that computer. It's fun yanking her chain...well, I am in control here. And everyone knows that cats rule.
This evening after my snack, I was sleepy and went back to my favorite perch. She was on her desktop and again she told me to get down. But I gave her this sleepy look and meowed without making a sound, just moving my mouth. Now I can do cute when necessary. She made me get down anyhow. So to make  her happy, I layed down in my recliner until she got offline.
Recently, she caught me licking the wires connected to that wireless thingy with the blue flashing pretty. Maybe this is why she keeps telling me to get down. Now get this....she says I'm gonna be a fried kitty if I keep doing this. What does this mean 'fried kitty'?...never heard that before. Hey. I lick windows too and she washes the windows with water chemicals for her kitty. I've got her right where I want her. I wash the bathroom cabinets, waiting for her to get up in the mornings. When she hears this, she gets right up and heads to the bathroom where I get my morning petting. Oh, I'm such a manipulater.  lol
I still won't sleep with her coz she's moves too much. My human disturbs my rest and she still sleeps on that twin inflatable bed...not enough room. Maybe if she gets a bigger new one...we'll see. I do walk around her, jump down and go to my bedroom.
I am a blessed kitty to have a human who loves and cares for me. And yes, I love her too...she's my whole world. But I so enjoy manipulating her. She's a soft touch sometimes and she's like putty in my paws.  lol
I hope all my friends are doing well and , Miss Catt, I do hope you're feeling much better.Red rose
Blessings Always, KasseyCat face

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

April 28

I Got The Last Word In...KASSEY

    Mom's TN son and Grandchildren came for a few days during Spring break. The
weather was really nice and they played outside with toys their Dad brought. They
all usually sleep in the living-room, but Mom told TN son he could sleep on her bed
and she would sleep in my room on the couch. She hooked up the TV to cable as he
needs noise to sleep. She told him about the noise machine that plays Rain and other
sounds. Mom loves the Rain sound, but TN son decided to listen to the Birds after 
he turned the TV off. Well, a cat can't resist I was drawn to the window,
where TN son was , looking for those birds. He made me leave the room and
even walked me to the door, but I turned around and Hissed at him, as I left the
room and joined Mom on our couch. 

July 27

Unwelcome Guests , etc.

I still cannot use windows live writer for GGB.
It's still in bamacatlover's name. Maybe I'll 
figure it out. I don't blog there anymore and 
I plan to copy to blogspot. I believe rain is 
headed our way. Some close by got it yester-
day. A service station got a lot of damage 
from wind, no tornado reported, odd weather.
I have my webcam in the window watching the
sky. The clouds were darkening, but now I see
blue, sure thought we'd get oh well.
Bettye and I are planning on our usual steak
dinner out, weather
I'm real short on minutes, so I'll see if I can
upgrade my plan, shoulda done it in the first
place, instead of 500 minutes. I always ask 
where they are and how their weather is.
As you see in the photo, I have a wasp nest on
my back light and they paid no attention when I 
eased the door open and snapped, sure glad.
Blessings Always

August 01

New Chain To Yank....Kassey

     Mom provided me with more leverage to control her.
     She put a new thingy in our bedroom.It has two shiny
     long things and it's hooked up to the small TV.
     Andy hooked it up so he could watch 'wrestling',
     whatever that is. I just listen and pass this info
     on.Andy was working on Mom's big toy. I heard
     her say he was washing it clean. When she has a
     problem, Andy comes to her rescue. But, I don't
     mind sharing her , cuz he plays with me.Well, as
     you know, now I use this to get what I want. She
     caught me at least twice bothering the wire.She
     usually figures it out, but sometimes she's sooo
     slow.. Last night, she knew I was still upset with
     her as I was lying in the floor instead of on my pillow.
     She said,'Oh, I bet you need a new pillow case."
     Yes, she guessed right and I got on my pillow,
     waiting for lights out. I'll keep using this new wire
     to control Mom, I just have to...Meow for now.
     Blessings Always, KasseyCat faceAngel

August 02

Come On , Electrician, Git'er Done

      For awhile I smelled something that smelled like a hot wire.
     I discovered it in the hall where I had a night light, one of
    those that is light-sensitive. I pulled it out, 'cause when I
    walked past it, it would go out. I had no clue that the outlet
    was smoldering. It is OK for now. My ceiling fan in the 
    living-room has evidence of this. It looks like nicotine, but 
    nobody smokes inside. I do hope he does come today as pro-
    mised. Last week, we had an awful thunderstorm, with light-  
    ening that was so close, it sounded like it hit the complex. It
    knocked out someone's phone and I don't know what else. The
    plumber/ electrician man was here, but had to leave because 
    of the heat and the manager said he would return today.
    Not long after I moved here, I plugged my vacuum into this
    same plug and more than once, it knocked out my bedroom
    lights and plugs where my desktop, etc are. He rewired be-
    cause the amp or whatever wasn't right. I have fire insurance,
    but I prefer to stay right here. God has protected us thus far.
    For this I'm grateful.
    Be Blessed  and cool or warm for those in Winter, GGB

August 10

Electrician Finally Got Here...etc.

                                       Kassey greeted the electrician and his helper.
                                       He isn't the one they used before when this
                                      plug went on the fritz. Anyhow, he fixed it and
                                      the breaker was replaced. He said the plug was
                                      black. We are truly blessed in not having a fire.

                                      Kassey had questions, as usual and the helper 
                                      held his hand out for her to smell, making her
                                      day I guess. She does love men, so I figure she
                                      was probably raised by one. Andy is supposed 
                                      to come by, so this will make her happy.

                                       It's hot and humid as usual, got a short, but
                                        nice shower yesterday. I had the pleasure
                                       finally to see a humming bird and a green 
                                        butterfly and they enjoyed my TN petunias.
                                         I also have some red wasps hunting water in
                                         my planter. Poor things, I'd give'em water,
                                        but they might take up residence on the front
                               last year.
                                         Enough blabbering and y'all stay cool or warm
                                        wherever you are.
                                        Blessings Always, GGB                                 

August 16

LazyHazy Monday

                         Not much going on here in Dixie. Kassey's having
                       a snooze or just resting.I'm on my new HP waiting
                    for the elusive rain. We got a good shower Saturday and
                 Sunday with thunder and lightning.Saturday, my car windows were
               slightly open, but,it was so hot, it dried quickly.Friday, I got into the
             hall closet and rearranged crap.I never know when we'll have to use it in
            a storm. I just love prowling through my closets and it's about time to haul
           unneeded stuff that can be used by someone else.I have a hankering to bake
           my tea cakes in my new convection oven, which has only baked biscuits and toast
           and a 12"pizza, did a good job. It's lunch time, so I'll close for now and bid you
           all a blessed day or night wherever you are.
           Blessings Always, GGB                   copied from wl

Nice Cool

  It is a glorious sunny day way down in
                     Dixie and it's a Pinto Bean Day, a lttle
                     fried cornbread with Vidallia onion on
                     the side. I wonder if my little furry girl
                     will share my bedroom
                     Oh, I did move my toy to the LR with
                     the wires covered as before. I hope
                     Y'all have a nice day with sunshine
                     inside and out.SunCat faceRed rose

Monday, September 27, 2010

Falling Water With Flashes....Kassey

We had a nice thunderstorm before daylight.
We got up cuz we were sleeping by the window
and Mom says we shouldn't during a flashy storm.
She won't let me sit in the window either. She did
let me sit in the doorway for a few minutes and she
snapped my beauty with that flashy thingy.Maybe
she'll learn how to put my photos on here like my
It's cooler here now and this makes Mom happy
and I'm so glad I live inside.I'm a blessed kitty or
I'd be soaked from the falling water.
Effuryone have a blessed day....Kassey

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25

Bogus Emails From Msn ?


Friday, September 24, 2010

November 22

Depressed Kassey

Usually I wear denim dresses, but lately I've been wearing 
white jersy knit loooong shirts. And now I'm wondering if this 
is the reason Kassey won't sleep in my room. She actually seems
depressed. Could the white be a reminder of her vet? It is time
for her shots, but she couldn't know that. LOL I should go back
to my denim dresses 'cause these white shirts may be causing her
to panic and I don't want a super nervious cat.Surprised Maybe there's
something to this quote about not wearing anything that panics a 
cat. She still wants me there with her when she eats. If I'm not
in her presence when she eats , she gobbles it whole and then 
vomits. I think she panics when I'm leaving 'cause she goes to
her food and it's a way to keep me home longer. She's very smart
and manipulative and sure knows how to get what she wants. 
First she'll come to the hall where I can see her and if that doesn't
work, she'll get on my printer, then if no response to her wishes,
she gets right between me and the monitor as in her pictures.
Knowing my place in this cat's world, I know that I better hop
to it. Cat faceLOL   Angel Blessings to you all, Ann  (copied from spaces)

I Got The Last Word In......Kassey

April 28

I Got The Last Word In...KASSEY

    Mom's TN son and Grandchildren came for a few days during Spring break. The
weather was really nice and they played outside with toys their Dad brought. They
all usually sleep in the living-room, but Mom told TN son he could sleep on her bed
and she would sleep in my room on the couch. She hooked up the TV to cable as he
needs noise to sleep. She told him about the noise machine that plays Rain and other
sounds. Mom loves the Rain sound, but TN son decided to listen to the Birds after 
he turned the TV off. Well, a cat can't resist I was drawn to the window,
where TN son was , looking for those birds. He made me leave the room and
even walked me to the door, but I turned around and Hissed at him, as I left the
room and joined Mom on our couch. 

I'm Jealous And Can't Help It....Kassey

June 07

I'm Jealous And Can't Help It.....Kassey

  I'm a jealous or maybe territorial cat and humans
 just have to accept it.
 I 'm unhappy when humans come to visit and stay 
too long. Mom always
knows when my time with her is taken by someone
else. I make my feelings
known as I crouch down in the living-room and
just look at them. My sis 
always knew that, but Bettye never did until yest-
erday. She asked Kassey
if she wanted her to go home. Mom couldn't confirm it
so she said, "Kassey,
Mom's not going anywhere with Bettye." I guess it's
embarrassing to Mom.
Well, that's just too bad.....PFSSST.

Mom had been doing laundry and had a stack of folded
shirts and I sat on
top of them. I knew she wouldn't like it , cuz she has
this thing about "cat ***t
germs"....well, I don't know what she's talking about.
Bettye had left and didn't
know this. She's a dog person and knows nothing 
about cats, but she's learning. She doesn't realize 
but she will be in training too, just like my Aunt M. 
So far today, it's just me and Mom and I'll stay off
her laundry as she removes them from the dryer.
I'll just take a much needed nap while she works.....
yawning already.
Blessings Always to my furriends, Kassey


Nearly Cured My Cabin Fever....Kassey

June 12

Nearly Cured My Cabin Fever....Kassey

  A few days ago, Mom went shopping and I met 
her at the door as usual. She's always  feared I
would slip out when the opportunity arose. I have
been begging to go out,but she always says no. 
  I guess she didn't think I would slip out, but
I did. She was holding her groceries with one 
hand and the door with the other. She had the 
door slightly open but enough for me to slip by.
She caught me though and turned me around
so I headed back inside. I didn't fuss as I obeyed.
She keeps telling me she'll take me out when I let
her put my harness and leash on. I'll think about it.

I'm The Neighborhood Watch Cat.....Kassey

I'm The Neighborhood Watch Cat....Kassey

          Last night my Aunt M came over for a short visit. I wasn't
nice to her as she tried to pet me. I always warn with a love bite
when I'm not in the mood for petting. And I let her know right
away that she wasn't welcome. After all, it was already dark
and about our bedtime. I guess I bit too hard. She said, "Kassey, 
don't bite me."
          She told us that  2 Police cars and an ambulance came to 
a neighbor's . This is why I begged Mom to open the door. But, of
course, she thought I just wanted out. This happened during the
day too. I could see all this, but I wanted a front door view. Well,
maybe she'll listen to me from now on. I try to be alert and keep
watch on all the happenings around here. What else does a cat 
have to do but sleep?
            It is time for my afternoon nap and it's a quite Sunday
though hot and I'm blessed to have a cool place to nap....

Blessings Always, Kassey

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Service Unavailable?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Ready For bed.....Kassey

September 21
So Ready For Bed...Kassey
I slept with Mom last night and snuggled close.
I've been working on her now for awhile, but she
keeps looking at the big thing with these humans
twisting and turning like they've got fleas. Well,
she enjoys it so I'll try to wait for her, but not
long. She told me to go on to bed that she was
gonna watch TV. I wonder when that'll be. I'll
just hide from her, that'll teach her . We got
up early o'clock before the sun, so she should
be in bed. I'll say goodnight everyone cuz it's
way past my bedtime.
Blessings Always, Kassey

Monday, September 20, 2010

Woe Is Me....Kassey

September 20
Woe is Me....Kassey
I am banned from my sun room as Mom's new memory foam
pad is airing. She bought another one cuz the 4" is too thin
for her. Anyhow, I'm missing out on my sunshine puddle that
I love for my afternoon naps. She said that this evening I
can go back in after she puts it on the bed. Well, I sure
hope this is the last one she puts in my sunshine room cuz
my patience is running thin. Even a sweet kitty like me has
her limits. She and Bettye are going back to Walmart this
afternoon and I'll have to be content with whatever she
brings home.... Blessings Always, Kassey

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Much Going On

September 18
Nothing Much Going On
Sunshine everywhere 73 now , 90's later. We see a few
passersby looking for yard sales here, not many that I
can tell. Kassey couldn't care less either as she snoozes
by her TV on the recliner. I've been working on the kitchen
moving stuff around and she's missing out on it. She even let
me sleep in this morning, didn't bother me during the night. So
all must have been quite here or she would have walked across
the bed to get to her other TV.
I'll move the boxes from the couch so my girl can run, play and
hide from thunder and lightening and I'll make a place under the
bed for her as well. I'm only keeping the laptop boxes for mailing
anyhow, if needed. As my Saturday goes on, I've still work to do.
So guess I better get at it. Y'all have a Blessed Saturday and

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mom's Hairball

September 14
Mom's Hairball
Mom must have gotten into something when she took Bettye
to the Dr. Last week. It sometimes sounds like a hairball
she's trying to hack up... I wouldn't wish this on any human,
especially Mom. Her voice is different too. I show her much
love trying to help her. I heard her on the phone as she said
if she lived to see 'tomorrow' she was gonna get some good
stuff and make her some homemade cough syrup. It might
burn a little, she said, but she's tired of this as she has no
'vim, vigor or vitality'. Mom enjoys working around here and
with so much to be done...well, she's not through moving stuff
around... nuff about that. I must get her off her toy now cuz
I need her...much love to my feline furrends and show some
love to your humans .
Blessings Always, Kassey

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nowhere To Hide Now, So Depressing....Kassey

September 10
Nowhere To Hide Now, So Depressing....Kassey
I've been depressed for a couple of days now as
'she' does her usual thing moving stuff around. Oh,
I know it's the same old thing. I used to just walk
behind the sofa, but now she has 3 laptop boxes be-
hind it. She caught me trying to move one on the end.
All I accomplished was pulling the guts out of it. And
now I can't get under the bed cuz 'she' hid things
under there, says she's making space elsewhere. We
are expecting inspection. It seems that it's against
the rules to have things on top of the shelf over the
hot water heater. My carrier was in there and 'she'
just set it in my closet. Well, I didn't know what was
about to happen. After the 'filter man' changed the
filter, she put it back . You kitties can imagine how
relieved I was not being stuffed into that carrier.
Now 'she' has to unload a big chest so 'she' can pull
it away from the wall. I made a mess behind it and
'she' can't reach it. 'She' said she'd move it to the
back BR and reload it after my mess is cleaned up.
So with all this happening, I've been depressed and
sleeping in the LR. She told me I could sleep on her
bed if I wanted to. So I crawled under the covers
and finally came out this afternoon to greet Bettye.
I'm not upset with Mom, just confused and I'll be
happy when she cleans up my mess. 'She's been
busier than a cat covering , well, you humans know
what....maybe I'll sleep with her tonight.
Blessings Always, Kassey

Friday, September 10, 2010

We're Staying On Spaces, so far, etc

September 10
We're Staying On Spaces So Far, etc
We're staying here even though it's so messed up.
However, our new home is Blogspot, which we
really like. I keep trying to remove Seattle, WA
from my weather, what's the deal anyhow. How
hard can it be for these smart people who know
how to do this stuff. I mean it's not like I'm put-
ting my city up there, just a neighboring town.
And what's with the foreign languages? My lang-
uage is the only one that matters, for goodness
sakes. I will not accept anyone to my network
if they don't speak English. Of course, it seems
that the only ones who want to be my friend now
are objectionable and are wasting their time. 'Nuff
there.Well I guess this turned out to be a rant, didn't
mean to. My sweet girl Kassey, will be catching y'all
up on things around here. She's not too happy these
days and she'll explain later.
Blessings Always, GGB and Kassey

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kassey and I are fed up with spaces and
my GGB space is only viewed by me at this time.
It seems that they can't change anything like
layout or much of anything like before. I'll go
back and post about my privacy settings. I do
have my Bamacatlover Space still open and I had
more traffic there. Thank you all for visiting
me and Kassey wherever we are.

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