Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Whiffies..Before Storms..Kassey

I was crying for attention and I finally got through to my dense Mom. I wasn't hungry.
Finally she figured out that I wanted the windows open on this breezy day.
I was happy and she told me she'd haf to close them when it rains. That's OK Mom,
I'll take a nap. I love my cube again.
Bad weather came but we're Blessed as the storm moved on somewhere else. We haf
to check on TN family and friends now cuz that's where the bad storm went. 
Blessings to effuryone.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Credit Card Update Greed ...Rant

I got my rewards cards, thank goodness for that. S**** has supposedly
made out my refund for $26.20. But they just owe me $16.20 from a refund
at Walmart last month.

This $10 is a refund on a late fee that I did not owe and never paid. As told me
by a Rep that they put it on my bill that I paid on the due date at K****, as I always
did. Now the payment goes straight through and I get my check back and a receipt.
Their automated service is finally up to date.

I got a bill in my box today for the last bill I paid, plus late fees and finance charges,
due the usual date. With my dander up, I nicely talked to John and he told me that
my account was Zero. He said they make up the bill on the day after the due date.
He told me again that I would receive a check for the said late fee plus my refund
amount. And I said to him, ' And they will send me a bill for $10 because all they
owe me is $16.20.' I told him that when I get the check, then I will close the Card
out. And I will request a statement that I closed the account. My credit is excellent.

This bill has the stupid deferred amount that I paid in full last month that they tried
to collect more on. As I've said before, do they think they can put the screws to
us Seniors and succeed? I have to wonder if their greed is closing some of their

Everyone, try to have a stress free day on this cold day and be Blessed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordy Wednesday......Kassey

It's pest spray day again and Mom told me to be on watch....I don't think so, Mom
For those who worried that Mom put me outside. No she put me outside the bedroom.
And I protested loudly. She ignored me.She never lets me outside even when I beg. She
keeps telling me that if I let her put my harness on, then we'll go out. My bird TV is showing
more bird channels now, making me happy.
I've been sleeping with Mom part time and she put my fud and water tray in the bedroom.
It pleases her to hear me 'crunch' like she tells me. She tells me 'good girl'. During the day time
she moves it to the fud room.
No sun puddle here. I hope all you furriends have sun puddles and most Blessed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Whiffies and Misbehaving.........Kassey

It warmed up a lot so Mom opened some windows. I guess she got warmed up re-arranging our
bedroom. After dark, it began to cool off a lot and she said it was too cold to have the windows open.
I wasn't cold, besides I had to clean the screen. She went to bed early and I wanted to eat first as always.
I got on the thingy that the TV is on cuz she refused to go to the food room with me. Then she locked me
out cuz I wasn't  being good..
I hope everyone's having cool weather.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Floofy Friday.....Kassey

Mom lifted a corner of my blankie. I jumped down while she removed the big blankie I was on and the small one over me. And since my nap was disturbed, I had to wash my tail floof. Does Mom have no shame watching me bathe and snapping that flashy box ? humans...... I'm grateful she didn't snap it when I was bathing the underside of my tail. After all, I am a lady cat. Thanks, Mom.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update With Thanksgiving

Hello, Everyone. I just want to thank you for your prayers, they meant so much.
And I felt so at ease after reading everyone's comforting comments.
Andy did fine in the testing. He had to drink 10 ounces instead of four,
and he said it wasn't bad.. The last finger stick , it was down to 90. He wasn't given a
prescription or monitor yet. And he'll have to find another DR. coz this one is closing his
practice. So we're hoping he can find one here or someone close by that takes Medi-
care patients. There was a patient in the office from Florence, so now I'm wondering
and doubting if there is one here. Florence is a bigger  town than ours so I was surprised
that the lady had to come to Decatur for her Diabetes, maybe because he is a specialist
for Diabetes and Lipids. I don't know Andy's numbers but they aren't good and his cho-
lesterol Meds were changed.
When we got home, Kassey had left a little puddle of puke on the couch. Thank good-
ness I cover it with a sheet, doesn't look good but the furniture is protected. She is now on
her pillow by the window with no sunpuddle.

It's partly cloudy and breezy and about 71. I wish you all sunny skies and warm weather.
Thanks again for your prayers and may you all be blessed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worried Wednesday

It's so difficult not to worry especially when our children are having
health issues. It's Andy again who needs prayer. He has been diag-
nosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I never knew anything about this and
still know little about it. His body is holding onto the sugar and won't
release it, not even through the kidneys. He hasn't been well for some
time now and mostly just laying around the house.

Tomorrow, Thursday, he will have the test which scares me. I don't
understand the reasoning behind it. He will drink about 4 ounces of
glucose and it could result in coma or death.

He has no appetite and had not eaten all day the afternoon he had
blood work for this. His Glucose 136 (normal 70-100)
His Insulin was 26.5 (normal 2.9 - 10.1)
       C-Peptide 5.5   (normal  0.8-3.1)
       AST ( SGOT )   13  ( normal  0.8-  3.1

I hope someone can enlighten me on this disease. He told me that his
Dad has this as well so I wonder if it's hereditary. My first thought was
that one of his medications is too blame.
I will post as I know the results of this test.

I sure need the sunshine today, don't we all. I hope you all have sunshine
today and most Blessed.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....Kassey

White stuff fell again last night and I'm thankful for my warm comfy dog and my blankie and
I don't haff to sleep outside. I'm a blessed kitty..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Never Thought I Would...but

Sunday, I called T-Mobile and after a few Questions, I
added text to my phone. I just have the small cell phone
and it's working out as I text the two Sons that have it. I
only do short messages so far. I'm slow but I'll get there.
It was $ 10 added to my existing account and she said if
I didn't like it, just call and they'd remove it with no penalty.
I asked if I had a time limit and she said no...... good news.

I don't see how anyone can even consider texting while
driving. I'd never try walking in my apartment while texting,
no need to stumble over Kassey or bump into walls or get
wrapped up in a rug. A silly scenario but if one has the habit
bad enough, one can only imagine the pitfalls. It reminds me
of the woman at the mall who fell into the pool of water. Can
you imagine reading the news about a 'text addicted' Senior
getting hit by a car  while walking to her mailbox.? This is a
new kink for me and  I'll be sensible.

It's cloudy and we got a little shower and we're supposed to
get snow later today or night, not sure. It's in the 40's and dismal,
getting darker at 11:45 AM. And Kassey demands my attention.
Have a blessed Monday everyone.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Gray Saturday, etc

Kassey woke me about 5:00 . I finally got up about 5:30 and it
was snowing and windy. I saw one lonesome dove looking for
food in neighbor's front yard. So, in my house dress and house
slippers, I spread some seeds in front of Kassey's TV. It's too
close really, even where the sidewalk is. So, later I'll do it over
and put some out away from her TV. I made a very quick trip
outside at 34 F and still is. And Kassey headed to her pillow
for a nap.

I removed the ironing board and placed organizers at each end
of the bed. She still chose to sleep in her room last night, finicky
cat. Oh well, I guess this PC room/bedroom is too cluttered so
I'll think about that later. Maybe she doesn't like the new arrange-
ment. But it never stays the same for long anyhow.

I'm happy to say that she does like her drinking fountain and her
new feather thingy. She hasn't slept in her cube lately though, just
sniffs it.
One little tidbit. The grass is still brown, not white this time. Y'all
have a blessed Weekend and stay warm or cool wherever you are.

Ps.  I found a weekly planner 2005 and it matches perfectly to 2011.

Mom, I Can't Hear You..........Kassey

Please excuse Mom. She just can't help it. She always catches me in unflattering moments.
Effurryone have a happy Caturday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Hiding Place.....Kassey


   This is Mom's ironing board which she says will have to do until she gets my steps.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday......Kassey

Sunny, Cold Wednesday

I plan to shop today, looking for steps for my girl.
The wind chill is in the teens, so even with the sun
out, I'll have to wait for some warm up.

I wonder how the weather reporters stand those low
wind chills that can cause frostbite. And I see folks
on camera walking with a bare face, those they interview.

I feel for you folks up North in the awful snow and ice.
I hope you all are keeping warm and your power is on.
Andy said his Dad and Step-mom are stranded in Indiana
in their 18 wheeler. Andy keeps them informed on the
weather. They had a problem with ice on the windshield.
And I hope they'll be safe as they head West. How is that
for short choppy sentences?lol I don't want to take time to
do it right. Those steps are waiting, I hope with Kassey's
name on them.

Be Blessed, warm and Safe.