Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe New Discoveries About Kassey

I think I've been wrong about Kassey when she misbehaves in
the night or AM.
It may be a chore for her to jump up to the bed. Sometimes
when she messes with the blinds, I tell her to 'come and get
on the bed and sleep with Mommy, OK?' I tell her I'm not
ready to get up yet, so come on and jump up here with
Mommy. Or I wonder if sometimes she needs to be invited.
She has been sleeping with me when I encourage her to.
At bedtime usually, she'll go toward her room and I ask her
if she wants to sleep with Mommy and she will.
I've been thinking too that she might need steps and I plan
to check on those the next time I go out. Until then I will
place these plastic organizers close to the bed.
I guess I'm still in training.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneaky Credit Card Companies Rant

I won't mention the Name, but I sure would like to. I always pay
my bill  in full every month no matter what the total is. When I got
my bill for this month, they had given me a 'Promo Adjustment',
removing an amount that I paid last month, with ' deferred payment',
with 'deferred interest charges, $1.60. And I've got until 12/11/11
to pay it. I've been wondering when they might try to screw me. I
have watched my bill every month for hidden charges or even bogus
charges such as this.

Do they actually expect people to overlook this kind of thing? I'm long
in the tooth, but thank God, my mind is still sharp.

Steve,the guy I talked to was very kind and I told him that because of this,
when I'm sure that everything is in and paid, I will get rid of this Credit
card. He told me before I do that, to get my rewards amount and he
gave me the number to call. According to him, it should be about $80.
Well now, if this true, good for me. But I am still chucking them. I also
told him that I did not ask for a 'Promo Adjustment'.

I heard just recently that they are closing some of their stores. I say 'Good'.
hint hint

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven things....Kassey

After several trips to the shelter, I picked Mom as my human.
I was new there on the day she came. I got up and greeted her
meowing to her. The pet helper told Mom that I had not responded
to anyone else that. So Mom did the necessary things to take me
with her. They told her my name and age. Of course, on the way
to my new home, I sang to her a new song.. This was Oct. 23, 2007.
I was 9 yrs. old at the time. And this was the day that Mom started
training and believe me she has been a slow learner. Finally she caught
on and it makes life so much easier for both of us. Because of my puking,
she thought I was a sick cat. She took me to the v-e-t and he said I had
a bad tooth. In retrospect, Mom said she didn't believe it and that he was
using me for money. I still puke if she's not with me.

1. I always require company at meal time. If not, I gobble it down and
then I puke, doesn't matter where. Sometimes it's in a place that is un-
reachable. She has to move stuff to get to it. Oh well, she moves stuff
around a lot anyhow. What's one more?

2. I love people and company too. But if they stay too long, I'm rude
as they are taking private time away from me to spend with Mom.

3. I don't care for the little people too much coz they might hurt me
trying to pet me.

4. I detest being picked up by anyone.

5. I do not like brushing. I will let Mom hold the brush and I'll walk
under it. You see, I have to be in control and Mom says I'm a control

6. Manipulation is my controlling thing. I know exactly how to control
Mom.  She always knows when I need something as I start doing the
things she dislikes. She checks to see if I need a snack, if not then she
checks my box, and sometimes I just need her to get off that thing she
loves too much.

7. Another ploy is to pretend to chew wires. I did chew one in two
and I'm glad no 'fried kitty' that time. It was a telephone wire and my
brother, Andy fixed it. Sometime ago, I blogged about it. Mom was
having a dizzy head and couldn't get up. Of course, I didn't understand.
so I saw this wire dangling and did what any cat would do if being ignored.

This is pretty much me, a senior female feline who loves her Mom. Mom
has always loved cats and was so happy to know she could have one
here. Mom has been widowed twice and says I sure am a lot of company
and so blessed to have me.

I'm supposed to pass this Stylish blogger Award to 15 others. I will visit you
all personally and invite you to come to my blog  and right click , save it to your
PC and then add it to your blog.
Then if you choose to accept, you may post 7 things we may not know.

Blessings from Your Truly, Kassey

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stylish blogger Award...... Kassey

Good morning my furriends. My good furriends, Luscious
Lucy and Sam and Mom's friend JennyD gave me this
Award. I am very honored, but there are so many Stylish
bloggers out there and I want to pass this on to anyone
who would like to accept it. Everyone deserves this Award.

The idea is for everyone who accepts, to post 7 things about
themselves that others may not know.

So please feel free to come to our blog and right click on the
Award and save it to your computer and then place it on your
Stylish Blog.

Mom said we'll have to get back to you on this. She has to
work today.
Your Furriend, Kassey

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Duty For Mom.....Kassey

Mom said for me to watch for the 'pest'. This is what she calls the man with the bug spray. It
interrupts our day and it's an intrusion, she says.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunny Miffed Friday......Kassey

Mom keeps telling me to come see the birdies, but I
need sunpuddles more. What's one more juicy birdie
that an inside cat can't enjoy ? It's torture, I tell you.
Here I am and Mom keeps disturbing me while she works. She's on a working frenzy again and putting
things in my room. I think she has cabin fever or Spring fever and feels the need to move stuff around.
So , I just flap my tail , showing my discontent, effurry time she comes in.

And last night , she would not get up when I needed a snack. She just told me to go to bed and get up
there in my cube. I defied her and left the room. The furry idea of her not feeding a hungry cat...pfffst.
Well, I'm gonna stay right here. And I hope all you furriends are in sunpuddles today.

Yours truly, Kassey

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pleeese , Mom..... Privacy..............Kassey

Mom I know you worry when I hide from you, but some-
times I need my own space. OK, you found me with the
Webcam, hiding under the bed. And like a good girl, I
came out when you told me too. And you followed me to my bedroom with that pesty flashy box.
Mom, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you're doing me like our pesty neighbor still does. Well, Mom I do understand how you feel. And I love you so I will go to your bedroom and get in my new cube.
I can watch the birdies with you until I get sleepy. OK, Mom?  Your loving companion, Kassey

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tucked In Tuesday......Kassey

I'm tucked in on Mom's bed, well our bed.. The plan is that she will sleep under the cover and I will be here, safely tucked in my cube, which I love. Of course if she disturbs me, I'll go to another room.

Have a good night effurryone, Kassey

Crocked Beans Tuesday

Yesterday, I finished my Red Beans with a leftover Pancake crumbled in,
with a small nuked potato on the side.
I discovered the good concoction with the Pancakes and Fried Cornbread
I put on a tray together. When I reached for a cornbread patty, I got the pan-
cake instead.. I sometimes add sugar to beans and usually Olive Oil after they
are done. So the sweetness was welcome.

Last night I put Great Northern Beans and Pintos into the crock pot. These
beans will last several days. And I thought maybe I should start using this again
to save on the light bill, just got a bigun this month..

This rainy morning, I just had beans for breakfast and again for lunch, no corn-
bread or pancakes, just yummy beans. I keep thinking about that pecan pie in
the freezer thats missing some slices. Well, I have had a lotta fiber already...

Kassey will probably talk later. Until then, everyone, Blessings Always.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Like Sunday.......Kassey

Mom worries too much about my comfort. And she was happy to see how comfy I was napping
in my little cube. Maybe she can relax now.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cramped Quarters......Kassey

New, bigger cube later, we hope ,as this one
is way too small for yours truly.
No room to groom, but I wanted to be with Mom in the Living-room last night before
bedtime. No privacy here as she keeps clicking the flashy box.

My tiny tree is still out as you see in the background. She will stuff it back in the tiny box when the mood strikes her.
Oh well, another day perhaps.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing Much,Beautiful Sunny Wednesday,etc.

We had snow again last night, didn't know until morning.
TN Son called about 6:30 and woke me and said it was
snowing there in Manchester.

My patrolling cat woke me about 4:00 AM. It was News
time and I turned on the TV, went back to sleep.

I made a different scrambled egg dish with salad greens
and ham in butter, so good. Normally, I would put two
eggs, but I'm trying to change.

You really have to watch when you add tags(mentioned
before). I was looking when I added 'ham', it added 'ham-
burger.) Why do they think we need help adding tags? It's
like someone finishing our sentences, not

I plan on going to Wally's today as the snow is melting, good
ole Sun. I want to get some bird seed, etc, plus some Party
Mix for my girl.
Guess I better git ready and git goin'

Y'all have a good'un with God's Blessings.

Wordless Wednesday.....Kassey

Monday, January 10, 2011

They Got It Right

I don't know how much we got here, but they said on the news that we got 7". Florence got 11".
There was different amounts over the State.
It warmed up a little and started to melt and I can now see the shape of the walks.

 This is Kassey's sunny spot, but it looks like no                     sun tomorrow either.  I know my girl would like her sun puddle back.......

Snow , Grass

They sure got it right this time again. It's supposed to do this
all night. And they said 1-1/2 inches an hour. The last big snow,
18 inches, I saw was 1964 in The Shoals Area.

I bought a car battery and a power inverter, just in case the power
goes out. At least I could use my laptop. Goodness, I'd not like having
internet withdrawal.

Kassey isn't impressed with all the snow, but she was perched in the window
for awhile. She has been looking for her grass and can't find it. I finally put it
in my Bathroom with the lamp on it. If I don't hide it, it'll never produce.

This is about all, bedtime for me. And she's in bed already.
Y'all stay warm and be blessed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Skunk TV.....Kassey

I stayed up late late night waiting for Mom to go to bed.
We usually turn in early but she was talking to my Aunt J.
Finally she said she had to go to bed about midnight, I listen
uh ...evesdrop.

Mom got in bed but I did my usual 'catwatch' in my window.
We saw a skunk lurking around and boy was I excited,
especially when he came close to the window. I jumped
down coz I thought he might just come through my TV.

Anyhow, I got on the bed with Mom to protect her from
that wild animal. This pleased Mom. I stayed for awhile on
that soft bed, but I finally went to my bed so I could sleep
in peace coz she moved and disturbed  my beauty rest.

Tonight she said she was gonna get off her toy early, but she
has to type my post first and then off to bed.
I'm still waiting and she said now she was finished.....So
Goodnight ,Effurryone.......Kassey

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Town Thursday, Busy Cat, ect.

I put Kassey's Oat grass in her bedroom, hoping for sun, while I went to look for some items I needed.
This is what I found when I got home. First I saw puke, no food, just grass. I've only seen a hairball once
as I recall. I guess her food has a remedy for that. She clipped it good and uprooted a bunch as seen in this

Arlene suggested I turn the fountain off to see if Kassey will use it. Sounds good to me. I did not find a
suitable ball to put in the water, as suggested by JennyD. I'll keep looking. I'm open to any other ideas
as this cat stumps her Mom.

I bought a mouse with a long wire to be used with a USB port on my HP laptop. It makes a big difference,
not as confining and I can move the page. I just never got the hang of this laptop mouse pad.

I bought a small jar of garlic, the flat one. It did not pop on opening even though it had paper around the top.
I'm afraid to use it, so back it goes tomorrow. I was going to put it in my hamburger meat, so I put dried onions and oats in it instead.....good 'non-dash' diet.  lol

That was our Thursday and I'm always thankful to see another one.
Be Blessed

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soggy, Cold Wednesday,etc.

It's a cold rain, 39 F and my girl is napping. I've been doing laundry
and watching Kassey's grass  As the sun hides, I've turned
a lamp on the Oat grass and it seems to have shot up since this morning.
The lamp is one of those that is like sunlight, can't recall what you call 'em.

I haven't seen Kassey using her fountain again. Yesterday, she did drink from the bowl like
she was dry as a bone, hard-headed cat. This photo is this AM.

I went barreling down the hall to the laundry nook and she ran across the hall, from her bathroom like
she was guilty of something. I hope she was using her fountain.

The Oat Grass is growing like a weed, so maybe she won't have to wait long.
I had my bamboo there for awhile, but thought I might kill it with kindness, so back to
the kitchen it went.
Having Great Northern Beans for a change, maybe baked Potato, no bread. My new DR.
put me on the DASH diet, yippee. It's no problem if I can avoid sweets and bread. ha, drudgery.
Gonna try to visit today, get caught up. Y'all stay safe, dry and warm or cool wherever you are.
Be Blessed, GGB

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Working on Mom's Soft Side.........Kassey

This Morning, I thought Mom might give in and turn my water back on. I loved on her
trying to show my love for her, but she told me I had to drink from the fountain. She
checked  it and she could tell I had used it so she added some cold filtered water from the
big box in the kitchen.
She is also growing me some Oat Grass in a separate container, not in the water like
she saw on the Petco website. It got bad reviews so she got this at Walmart. I hope I
like it. Do any of you kitties eat this stuff and is it good?
It's sunny and I'm in my sun puddle while Mom types for me. I hope all you have a
bright sunny puddle too.
Blessings Efurryone including your humans......Kassey

Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Convinced...........Kassey

Mom first put it in the kitchen, but I showed no interest. So after TN Son and the Grands left, Mom
moved it to my bathroom. She placed it in several different places. Now she has it on the floor
by her litter box(commode) with water in it. My water has been turned off again and I guess if I get thirsty,
I'll have to drink from this new thing.........Kassey