Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unwelcome Guests, etc.

I still cannot use windows live writer for GGB.
It's still in bamacatlover's name. Maybe I'll
figure it out. I don't blog there anymore and
I plan to copy to blogspot. I believe rain is
headed our way. Some close by got it yester-
day. A service station got a lot of damage
from wind, no tornado reported, odd weather.
I have my webcam in the window watching the
sky. The clouds were darkening, but now I see
blue, sure thought we'd get oh well.
Bettye and I are planning on our usual steak
dinner out, weather
I'm real short on minutes, so I'll see if I can
upgrade my plan, shoulda done it in the first
place, instead of 500 minutes. I always ask
where they are and how their weather is.
As you see in the photo, I have a wasp nest on
my back light and they paid no attention when I
eased the door open and snapped, sure glad.
Blessings Always

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nothing Important, Just Stuff

It's too hot for humans or pets to be outside.
It's the same old thing 90's and high index of
105 expected.And of course the wanted rain is
nowhere around here.The last time I went to
buy food, I felt the sun on my scalp, not a
good thing. I'll wear my cap next time, don't
know why I didn't that time.
I've been catching up on washing bed linens
and blankets, getting ready for my son and
Grands to return in about 2 weeks, looking
forward.I used my new Shark Steamer yesterday
and I loved it.I'd recommend it to anyone.I
got the one with the carpet attachment, have
not used it yet.
I can't get on my WL space. I was gonna blog
this and then copy to here.
Kassey just woke and is looking for something
to get my attention. So, I better get off and
tend to her. I know it's real important, lol.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday's Thoughts,Yesterdays Blessings and Days Before Part 2

With the worry about Andy, I can see that God is still with
me and has spared Andy's life thus far, even such a small
Blessing in a door lock, I know He still thinks about me
and is concerned about the little things I need. I don't
believe this was a co-incidence as some may think. As the
heat may have been responsible or even a rock from grass
mowing that caused my neighbor the loss of a glass door,
it wouldn't have cost my neighbor anything, so glad for
that. HE always knows what's gonna happen and I guess
my name was on that door Yes, HE IS GREAT.
I'm really thankful for this memory foam pad,but Kassey
is still on her contour pillow on my bed.She walked on it
to get to her TV and then back to her pillow.The funny
part was that after she walked on it, it still felt like
she was still walking on it, but was not. Rambling,I had
the most restful night's sleep I've had in a long time.
We got rain yesterday, so needed and wanted. My flowers
are looking parched and I may have to just let them get
indirect sun. My TN son brought them to me for Mother's
Day. They are setting on Kassey's cube, but she doesn't
mind, I'm sure.
Blessings Always, GGB ps. The BEE is 'cause my hubby
raised bees and if anyone had a swarm, they'd call him.

Way Too Quite Today

July 22, 2010
Way Too Quite Today
Tn Son and children left for home yesterday afternoon.
There's always an emptiness when children leave. And
the quite is way too loud. Before they left, Son checked
out one air mattress that I thought didn't work. It's
the kind you have to charge a battery and attach. A
few years ago we tried after the battery had charged,
attached it...nothing. Anyhow, I'm happy to know that we
will have an extra bed when they return. He took the bad
ones home and said he could use the motors on them, don't
know how, but men just know these things.
The children start back to school in early Aug., forget the
day. Back in the day, it was after Labor Day.
I have to head to the kitchen cuz those dishes have to be
done. Oh yeah, my Kassey slept on my bed and it was such
an honor...LOL
Be blessed on this hot day, GGB

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday'sThoughts,Yesterdays,BlessingsAndDaysBefore, Part 1

When my Grand-Sons took the sectional out the door,
it took the glass door lock off, smooth as silk, just break-
ing the long screws. Well, we were so relieved that the glass
was intact, I especially. Anything broken, would cost me
$"s to replace. The maintenance man had to come yester-
day to change the AC filter. I just waited to show him the
lock instead of telling the manager. Now, this is just a-
nother example of God's handywork. He already had it
worked out for me. I'll explain. Filter man said he had
an extra lock in his shop here . He said that someone here
had a shattered front door and this is where my lock came
from. He asked them what happened and they said they
heard a 'pop' and saw the shattered glass. With all this
heat and the sun directly on that glass door, I can see
how this could happen. Bettye's front door gets that heat
and it's so hot to the touch. When he told me this, I said,
"God works in mysterious ways."

Pork Chop Night.....Kassey

July 20, 2010
Pork Chop Night...Kassey
Mom thought I was asleep when Son left for
the store. I heard him come home and I went
to meet him. I still have high hopes of more
liver. Oh well, I had to settle for pork chops
that Son fried. He's a good cook and he chop-
ped up small pieces for me and petted me too.
I like for him to pay attention to me. Mom
snapped that lighted box again. She thinks it's
cute when I beg, but it's not fun when I don't
get what I want. This morning I got Mom up
and she fed me the dry stuff was OK.
It's a cloudy lazy morning here so I'll do what
cats do, get my catnap until lunchtime.
Wishing you kitties a good cool blessed day, Kassey

Monday, July 19, 2010

No More Liver?...pfsst.....Kassey

July 19, 2010
No More Liver?...pfsst.....Kassey
I still want Liver, but they won't give
me any. I watch for Son to go to the
kitchen. And I meow so sweet cuz I
just know he'll give me some more liver.
He says, 'Sorry, Kassey, I don't have
any more liver.' So, I have to eat that dry
stuff. Mom gave me some Butter Pecan Ice
Cream. Well, it was better than nothing. Son
told Mom that Fancy Feast had canned food
and maybe in Liver Flavor. Son is going to the
store and I'll be watching for him as I always
do. When he gets home, I just know he'll have
some liver and I'll meow sweet again. Right now
I need a cat nap.
Kitties, be sweet and cool, Kassey

Friday, July 16, 2010

TN Son And I Are Friends

July 16

Tn Son And I Are Friends...Kassey

Mom went to Walmart to get a chicken and stuff for
Son's soup. His son, Kell helped him by peeling potatoes.
He removed all the skin and bones and after it was all
cooked , he gave me some liver. Mom was surprised when
I , like any cat,took it to the carpet to eat. I didn't have
another dish and didn't want to mix it with my dry food.
Mom didn't fuss though. I enjoyed it so much and maybe
I won't hiss at him again....maybe. I think I like Son. I
don't mind sharing Mom with him now.
Stay cool and be blessed. Your Friend, Kassey

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mom's Frat .........Kassey - Windows Live

July 12

Mom's Frat .........Kassey

Yesterday, we got unexpected company from TN. Son
from TN came in with children in tow. They brought
milk and cereal and junk foods for the next day.
Mom took a roast out of the freezer and I might just
eat some of that. She said she had to go to buy some
potatoes and TN son's favorite green beans. They love
those things, but I'm sure I won't touch'em.
She has photos of the sleeping arrangements, real
different this time. I slept alone on her naked bed as
you'll see in the photo. She slept on the sofa in the
L-Room. I did not want to sleep in there. I DO NOT
like change. Son brought the mattress from our new bed
in there and Kellen and Devon slept on it. Kendra slept
on the recliner. Son slept in the 'junk' room on the new
memory foam.
I am now on my pillow just needing some R&R as you
humans say. Kellen came in and reached to pet me, but
I hissed and he left me alone.My long teeth look so
scary, I'm sure, but a cat's gotta do what a cat's
gotta do. Meow for and I are friends.
Blessings Always, Kassey

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Delight

Sunday Afternoon Delight

While Kassey got her nap,I went to the kitchen
to whip up some Blueberry pancakes,a delight
to eat.I followed the recipe some,but as usual,
I did my own thing.In stead of sugar, I used
Honey.I didn't have Buttermilk,so I used what
Sweet Milk I had and added a dollop of Yogurt
amount to the Sweet Milk to equal the amount
called for.The mixture was quite thick even
before I added the Blueberries.The Yogurt I
used was Strawberry Activia.
This is the Waffle Recipe that I use,but used
my frying pan instead of the Waffle iron.

1 C. Plain Flour, 1-1/4 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 C. Yellow Cornmeal, 1/4 tsp. Soda
1/4 C. Sugar, 1/4 tsp Salt
Mix all dry stuff
In another bowl :
1-1/4 C. Buttermilk
4 Tblsp. Butter(melted)
2 Large Eggs
1 C. Blueberries, more or less.
1 Tsp Vanilla
Mix all together and get cookin'.
This has been my Sunday Afternoon Delight.
Kassey woke and came to the kitchen to see
what Mom was doing. She's with me now and
she wants something.
Blessings Always, GGB

Mom's Lumpy New Bed

July 11

Mom's Lumpy New Bed....Kassey

Mom missed me as she didn't see me on my
pillow. She had to look close to find me as
I was so comfy on her pillow, covered by a
blanket. She doesn't want me using her
pillow 'cause I lose hair. She tries to brush
me, but I walk away. Now, I don't mind walk-
ing under the brush. It's a soft, purple
thing that I don't mind too much. I will not
stand still, so I just walk away and come back.
You see, I have to be in charge at all times. OK,
she pulled the blanket back and flashed that
thing at me again. It's so hard to have privacy
here and it's so bright in here with the shades
up. OK, I know I'm in charge of the shades, but
I just speak 'cat' and can't tell her I need dark.
So, after she found me,she let the shade down.
I got on with my nap and she did her thing, what-
ever that was. I'm not telling.
As Always, Kassey

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Padding For The Bed

July 08'10

Padding For The Bed

Yesterday I bought a 4" memory foam pad
and it's airing out in the other bedroom.
I had to close the door 'cause Kassey
would sleep on it. What cat could resist?
Of course, she's been asking to go in there.
It has to air for 24 hours and after awhile,
I'll turn it over. So maybe I'll sleep in com-
fort tomorrow night, God-willing.

Blessings Always, GGB

Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Chiari' Son And His Tests

July 08

'Chiari' Son And His Tests

A few weeks ago, Andy had to be in the Sleep Lad
again. His DR. said from the results, he needed
to have his heart tested.
Wednesday morning he had a stress test with
drugs because he can't do the treadmill.
Awhile later, he had to have an MRI of his heart.

During the stress test, his heart stopped and as the
heart beat, slowing to a stop, they told him to cough.
He did, while having a hard time breathing at that
point. The coughing didn't help to jolt the heart back
in to rythymn. So they gave him a shot to restart it.

Andy watched the monitor as it showed his slowing
heart beat. And he said the room began to look pink.
I'm so thankful that God was with him through this
ordeal. Even though he has a good Physician, we
believers know who the Great Physician is and I rely
on Him.
Blessings Always, GGB

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm A Happy Camper Now...Kassey

July 06

I'm A Happy Camper Now.....Kassey

I'm finally getting used to our new bed.
And she turned it around so she can pull
the blinds cords for me, as usual. She
hasn't made it soft yet, said she was not
gonna buy one of those pricey pads for
it. It is too hard to sleep on , but Mom
said it felt good last night to her back.
She worked hard getting ready for Andy
and his Sons to come for the sectional.
They moved the other sofa in there as
planned. I slept with Mom though instead
on the sofa. You see, she put my pillow on
her bed, at the foot on the opposite side.
I was sooo comfy and it didn't matter if
she moved. She said she had covers to make
it soft,but she was just too tired last night
to mess with it. Oh yeah! Brian brought Jade
Skye with him and she wanted to pet me as usual.
Mom told her to be careful, "Kassey might bite you."
She was cute, but as everyone knows, we felines
are sometimes nervous around the little people..
Mom and Bettye are going out to eat and I heard
Mom tell someone on the phone, that maybe she'd
take a photo of her meal, Steak and Lobster. And
maybe she'll bring me some.
Blessings Always, Kassey

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Same Ole Thing Here, Sunken Bed........Kassey

June 16
Same Ole Thing Here, Sunken Bed.........Kassey
�It's the same repeated story about our sunken bed.
We thought this one would last longer,but..I tried to jump up on the end of it and never made it.It looked OK, but so deceiving that bed is. I did try
sleeping with her last night at the foot of the bed.
She wakes up with her feet higher than her head.
I hung in there though, sleeping at an angle. lol
As usual, when she moves, I jump down. Mom keeps
the remote on the bed so she can inflate it even to
get up for a bathroom trip.
With the bed sinking, she can't reach the blinds cords
so she tied something to the cords so she can raise them�
when I want them raised. OH my!! I have her so well-
trained. Well, even in the wee hours, I have to keep watch
on things.
Blessings Always, Kassey"


July 02-10
I cleared my bedroom out and vacuumed, and of course,
YOU KNOW WHO, questioned my every move. I think it may
worry her not understanding what's happening. This is a con-
cern for me not knowing what may have happened in her life
before we met. I explained to her that we weren't moving and
that I'm getting us a bed so we can sleep together.
I went to look at the bed with the manager here at her ex's
house. It is a nice used one, still in good shape. And it looks like
some I saw online with an 8" mattress. Just what I need. So I
bought it and it's supposed to be here this evening. It'll be nice
to sleep on a bed that doesn't sink and enfold
Andy/Family will be getting the sectional this week-end,
God-willing. It seems as though things are finally coming together.
The big TV will be moved to the opposite wall, making room for
my other sofa (Kassey's bed), tables and lamps.It'll be interesting
to see if she sleeps on it after it's moved.
Kassey's in the window watching for the Futon to be deliver-
ed....hey, it's here and I've gotta catch Kassey......

As Always Be Blessed, GGB

Vanilla Ice Cream, Ugh........Kassey

A few days ago, when Mom came in from the store,I
started begging. She knew it was important, and I
just knew she had me something special. I had to wait
'til the groceries were hidden. She also hid some ice
cream in that big thing. Milk is OK, but I prefer that
cold creamy stuff. She said,"Kassey, do you want some
ice cream?" DUH.....

OK, here comes the ice cream, yummy. OH NO!! It was
not my favorite, Butter Pecan. It was Vanilla, ugh. I
left it after tasting it and it just melted. Now this makes
two times that she's given me this. She's gonna have
to go back and get my Butter Pecan. She said she would,
may be a few days, but she will. Until.. I'll just have a little
milk, thank you very much, Mom.

Blessings Always, Kassey