Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Amy

Someone asked me the ages of Andy's Grandchildren.
He said that Jade just turned 3yr. just recently, what day,
I don't recall as she and her cake was displayed here.
Casper is 2. His B'day was a few weeks ago and
I don't have his B'day photos yet...gotta
get the dates as I can't keep up.
Amy is 1 yr, old today.

Happy Birthday, Amy !!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Kind Of Weather

It’s a blessed morning here with my faithful cat close by.

She got me up about 7:15 after persisting in her catly way.

We have cold temps here in Dixie, 33 degrees and I guess

my flowers will be caput. I started bringing them in(just one

oblong pot) and placing them on the top of an organizer, Big

mistake as I saw this tiny bug, so out they went.

All for now, gotta make breakfast. God-willing, we’ll see y’all later.

Blessings All.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do I Look Happy??..Pffssssttt.......Kassey

Yesterday was an awful day. Mom said we had tornadoes coming and she 
cleaned out our closet. I always dread that hot closet and this is what she did
to me. I'm a good girl but she said she had to put me in this thing. We did go 
into the closet for a few minutes, but it seemed like the tornado was gonna 
miss us again this time. She let me out for awhile as I had a snack and made
a potty trip. Well, I had to be put in this thing again as the tornadoes kept 
coming and we had to be ready for the closet. She told me she was sorry
that she had to do this. Oh well, at least I didn't have to go to the dreaded 
vet and we were blessed yet again. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Begging To Go Out Today….Kassey

Last night Mom had to turn off her big toy and unplugged it too.
So after we went to ‘our’ bedroom, I sat in the window for
a few minutes. I got on the bed and she moved it some more
closer to the closet. Well, it really started getting noisy with
all the booms and flashing. She had already moved my ‘sunny
spot’ bed away from the window thinking I might want to sleep
there. Mom always tries to stay one step ahead, but I don’t care
where my bed is when I’m sleepy. It’s booming some and water
falling again. That’s OK  I’m safe on my recliner today and Mom
is watching the sky with her webcam. She said the sky looks bad,
don’t know if we’ll have to head for the closet.
Last night, the little thing in the window sounded an alarm and
Mom got up to see what the message was and it started talking
about T-storms here, so she turned it off and we came back to bed.
The next time, she just let it alarm ’til it quit.
With all the water falling today, I won’t beg to go out.
Blessings to  everyone…….Kassey

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom is in another 'moving stuff ' mood again. But, she'll have to wait
'til I decide to get up. I'm digesting that smacking good Fancy Feast 
she brought me yesterday when I was alone for so long. The table she
wants to move is in this room and it will be put in her bedroom, but she
has to wait for me to move.
Yesterday evening, I waited  for her to come in after talking to our other
neighbor. When Mom opened the door, I went out before she knew it. She
caught me and she held me as she walked out to the sidewalk. That was
fun, but I started trying to get loose when she started back to the door. I  
was not ready to come back inside. 

Here are the photos she got with that flashy box.

Kitties and doggies, be blessed...Kassey


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing Important

It’s another sunny cool day, 50′s, 78, expected.
Yesterday we had T-storms and I’m so glad it
quit before DWTS came on . I did not want to
miss that one and I’m so happy that Bristol has
another chance.
Kassey was happy to watch some birds before
her nap. She was a bit whiney as children some-
times are when it’s nap time. So she finally nestled
in on her  recliner. Of course I’ve been nestled in
on this thing since I got up. I’ve not posted lately
so I thought I better check in. I did finally get
Amy’s video posted on YouTube and the update
is on my profile page.  I visited with my new
neighbor yesterday and she said she used to blog
and she hasn’t found her computers yet. She’s got
her work cut out for her with all the unpacking.
Enough of nothing important, so y’all have a
blessed day/night.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Out-Foxed By A Naughty Cat........Kassey

                            She says I've been naughty but I want what I want 'now'. Yesterday morning,
                           I tried to get her up for my breakfast. It didn't matter that I had food in
                           my dish, she'd had enough sleep. I tried to paw at the blinds, but they were
                           out of my reach. She thought this would stop me, but I jumped on her pillow
                           and walked across , then jumped down where her clock was plugged in. She 
                           saw me grabbing at the wire. Of course, she told me 'No, Kassey'. I wasn't
                           really going to catch it in my mouth as I always pretend to do. This always works
                           because, she said, 'OK, I'm getting up.'
                           I guess my days and nights are backwards. I slept during the day, so I was 
                           not ready for bed when she was. I kept doing my usual manipulations, but she
                          said if I didn't stop, she'd make me leave the room. Hah, 'leave the room'! How
                          could she make me leave the room? I guess she was serious. When she got up, I
                          thought she's do what I, she closed the door behind me. I pawed 
                          the door several times, but she made me sleep somewhere else.                         
                          Actually, I think my schedule was changed because she has been getting offline
                          earlier and going to bed. I hear the laptop close, so I get my midnight snack and
                          I'm ready to go to the bedroom and get in bed after I sit by the window for awhile.
                          And to make her happy, I've been sleeping on her bed. We'll see how tonight goes. 
                           Be good kitties and stay out of trouble.

                           Blessings Always, Kassey

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Stuff...Amy Too

I was able finally to change the time on WP. I did what Beth told me
and followed through . Thanks , Beth                                                                
This is a still shot I was able to extract from the video I could not add. A banana
just wasn't enough. She went for it 3
I quickly watered my flowers and returned to the heat. TN son called about 5:00 AM.
He had been off work for awhile and said they might come down this weekend.  He
always tells me he loves me and said for me to tell Kassey that he loves her too. I told
her of course. He was on the speaker phone and she was in the bedroom window
listening...ahem, eavesdropping. It'll be interesting to see how things go with the blinds
and Kassey. I'm hoping they do come, been too long. Gotta turn the heat back now
so guess that's all for now. Blessings Always....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Laughing At Me , But Relieved

I know I’m slow sometimes catching on.
OK, I’ve been disturbed  because I thought
the calender was wrong. Well, not so. I noticed
the calender on Margie’s page and saw that the
week starts on Monday. So here I am laughing
at myself  for not seeing this before. I have to
wonder why the calender is set up this way. I
need ‘simple’ all the way and as we all know, it
is anything but simple since being evicted
from WL.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cloudy Wednesday, Etc

Yesterday and last night we had scattered thunderstorms with
lightening. I moved my sofa away from the window and Kassey
was safe in her recliner by the counter.  The bed is now by the
window so I waited until the storm passed. I will repostion the
bed again today, God-willing. It’s cloudy and I have to go out
sometime today, probaby Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS. All are
pretty close to each other. Oh and Kmart . I usually go to Publix
with Bettye, but not today, too much running in a different area
of town. That’s all for now…..Blessed day to all.
copied from skies...yippee !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Figured It Out Finally

I know I'm  not too sharp on techy things, but
I stumble upon  a solution sometimes if I keep
digging long enough. I'm referring to WordPress.
I've been pretty stressed on that stuff, as you know.
Well, it finally occured to me that the 'Log In/ Out'
widget is necessary on your blog. I also have the
Dashboard which is vital for adding a blog, etc.
Without the dashboard, any hopes of blogging is
caput. As instructed by Technogran, I had to use
search to get the dashboard thereby learning about
the necessary widgets for my blog. Many thanks ,
 Now I know all you folks already knew this.
A good thing I discovered on WordPress is that
a lot of spam was blocked which is a blessing. I'm
sure there are a lot of other things I've not stumbled
upon, but I'll keep trying like getting Kassey's photo
on . And one more thing that bugs me is that the date
and time is way off and I don't know how to correct
this. I most likely unknowingly did this.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

G-Grands, Amy Eating Kassey's Food

Kassey was tucked away in bed and didn't know that Amy was trying to eat her food.. As my spacer friends know already, Amy had a rough start in life, as they prayed for her, she is fine and a very busy toddler. Mom fed them all bananas, but was not enough for Amy. Andy had to show me how to do this video and I hope it uploads..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, Toasty, Toeses

                            Oh ,this is a warm sunny puddle, Mommy.My toeses got cold.

WordPress Rant

At this time, I am very ticked off at WordPress.
I tried to get the globe on there,but all I got
was the website to click on. Well, after this, I
now have no place to post or even sign out.
So, if I can do it, don't know how, I will be
deleting the crappy blog site. I do have all
my previous blogs, thank goodness for that.
I have to wonder if revolver maps has done
this, so can anyone enlighten a computer
dummy such as I?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Sad Monday And Prayer Request

A friend of mine sent me an email
in regards to her fur baby who is sick
and requested prayer. This was two days,
I’m sorry to say. He is 15 yrs. old. I’ll
ask the prayers of our blog family as well.
I will also try to get an update today, if
possible. Please remember ‘Possum’
in prayer.
COPIED FROM WordPress Oct.4,2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not So Bad After All

I was somewhat hesitant about the move from spaces,
but it was seamless and painless. I have truly  enjoyed
reading my older blogs and especially the comments of
my former friends from spaces who moved on some-
where else long before now. I am happy to know there
are a lot who remain and have moved to blogger as
I have. WordPress is acceptable so far, but I feel that
blogger is home for me. I am an animal lover and I
have a cat, named Kassey. I write blogs in her name
and try to see the world through her lovely eyes. As
anyone who reads my older blogs will see Kassey’s
world and how she might perceive it. I will be back,
God-willing, to view my comments, if any. However,
blogger is my home at the present.
COPIED FROM  WordPress, OCT.3, 2010

Took The Plunge

I decided to do it. I let WL move my blogs to WP.
I saw someone else's and it looked OK, so thought
I'd do it. It was quite seamless and painless. I did
a blog as well. So far, one thing that I found wrong
was that I could not copy my blog to put here. I may
try again sometime, hate giving up.
I did not agree to the messenger connect and see
no reason to. There are other messengers besides
WL messenger, the ones I talk to my sons on.

My blogs were there as well as all the comments
which I truly enjoyed re-reading. I so hope that our
old friends will come here and see how very nice
our blogging home is.

It's so nice today and 64, breezy, my kind of weather.
I hope your day is sunny and what you want it to be.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nice Cool Befuddled Saturday

It's so nice this AM, love the cool temps. Kassey is
on her recliner napping. As the day goes on, she'll
be going to her sunny spot.
I deleted all my photos from GGB's and Bamacat-
lover's. I did not want them to go to 'parts unknown,'
not that trusting. I downloaded to my puter and I
guess I'm undecided now about letting them transfer
everything else. I can have the WordPress without
WLS being involved or can I? I noticed that my alter-
native AOL email addy came up on WordPress, so
I'm wondering if our hotmail accounts will be gone as
well, just wondering. Blogspot is our home now and
I'll try to put some photos on. Have a nice weekend.
PS. Hope I'm not repeating, but I did get my theme
on WordPress after jumping through hoops. I put this
in a comment, didn't know if  y'all saw it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Copies From Spaces and WordPress Theme

 I'm not pleased with some of my copies as some are so pale
and way too wide. Most didn't copy like they were typed. I
tried to copy the purple only, but couldn't. I'll try it again. I
was in a purple mode at times, love the color, but it is incom-
patible with some themes. I'm sorry that some turned out like
this, it's so very irritating. I've learned to not use colors here
cuz I change themes quite often.
I was able finally to get my theme page on WordPress after
jumping through hoops. I found it very aggravating. I really
like here and I'm grateful that I have a blogger friendly place.