Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

I tentatively planned a trip to Kmart and Walmart. Oh, I'll get
around to it sometime today, God willing. Kmart has a floor steamer
that I want and I've heard it works good.. just something to replace
wringing out a mop.

I'll get Kassey's litter there, cuz it's so heavy and it's on a top shelf. I can
maneuver it down on my shoulder and then in the top part of the cart.
And then I can roll it into my trunk. I bet you're wondering what the next
step OK, now I bring an empty litter box to the car and start dip-
ping until I can manage carrying either box.

I slept in the Living Room last night and Kassey slept in her room. She came
for breakfast before daylight and I laid there listening to her chew her food.
I didn't have to prompt her to crunch her food. And yes, she knows that word
and it's meaning, it seems.

Kassey is up from her nap sitting at her TV and it seems that all is quite, nothing
going on here, just a cloudy day and cooler temps, so appreciate that.

As always, be unstressed and blessed, GGB

Depressed Kassey

The Old Girl Has A New Space

November, 2008: "The Old Girl Has a New Space
Hi my friends. I'm still here�, but with this new space,�I was leaving a comment on bamacatlover's space, as a visitor, and didn't get to finish, my fault , I'm sure. I ran out of milk for coffee, Wally World here I come and I'm nervous as a cat on caffiene. lol� Cool cat Kassey's taking a nap on the back of her Papasan recliner.( I cover my furniture with sheets)�Well, I hope I can get all my friends back,'cause I sure miss yall, feeling so�alone,Oh well, I can watch TV while online and quite comfy on the couch. (I miss looking out the window in there,) .Maybe I can pay attention, but yall know the problem I have in that department, yeah I'm the Old girl that got the sex line instead of my insurance co.. The coffee sharpened me some though for the trip to Wally World and I actually made a list, hope I remember my list, gotta make several stops. Jeanne will Remember where we're supposed to go, I hope, but she has a migraine but� she said it was better today. I'll shut up now with all these choppy sentences�. Oh, I got my new Canon 590IS yesterday�and I hate reading instructions. Anyways, when I learn how to use it, I'll put some pics on, God willing. Blessings to you all,�A"

Purr With Prayer

One night this week, after Kassey's slight estrangement, I had in my Pc chair a denim dress spread over a pillow and I told her she could sleep in my chair and she did. Previously she had started sleeping in another room. Before sleep I was praying aloud for my friends on spaces who need prayer and also my family and I included Kassey when she started purring aloud. When I finished ,she stopped purring and we went to sleep.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Started Here I Hope

I tried to blog on spaces about how fed up I am with spaces and of course
I couldn't finish. I saved it to draft because I wasn't through. They denied
me the opportunity to finish. If I can figure out how to get my blogs here,
that's what I'll do.
I really hope they get it straight. I first thought my web connect stick was
to blame for the slowness...not slow. It performs very well on other web sites.

I'll stop right here for now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Checking It Out Here

Hello All, I guess it's about time to check blogger out and give it a try. I received an email today on spaces
with a foreign language. I hope MSN is doing this and not some hacker....who knows.
I hate leaving spaces so for now I'll keep it. I know Kassey and I have a lot of friends here too and I'll put our addy on my space.
Kassey needs my attention so I'll go for now.