Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pleasant Rainy Sunday, Kassey Proof....HAH

August 29
Pleasant Rainy Sunday,Kassey Proof....HAH
Yesterday, I uncluttered Kassey's favorite corner, almost
made it 'Kassey Proof', wishful thinking. I now have the
'printer table' hugging the wall. And filled boxes sur-
rounding the bottom of the table, blocking her com-
pletely to the battery wire. I moved the TV and Antenna
to the opposite wall. I covered the Battery and my 'puter
wires with those rubber covered wire thingys. Of course,
it's been another battle with the surge protector and the
TV wire again. Now, it has a wire thingy over it. I also had
to cover the buttons on the printer. Before the re-arranging,
I made my early morning coffee and missed Kassey. She was
just sitting there by the printer table and looked at me when
I came back in the bedroom. I asked her if she was gonna
start that Come on, I told her and she followed
me to the kitchen for her B'fast and my coffee. She really
tickles me at times, such a good companion.
So now, this is Sunday, my favorite day, and Kassey is watch-
ing this glorious rain, sure hope it rains all day, so relaxing.
I have to wonder what's she's plotting, cuz, I know she won't
give up on all my efforts to keep her precious self away from
these wires.
Blessings Always

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Already?

August 27
Friday Already?
Time passes whether you're having fun or not, can't believe it's
Friday already. All is quite around here and not a cloud in the
sky. I've got my webcam watching the' goings on' here and saw
a neighbor moving. There's always someone coming or going here
and I wouldn't have known she had moved until a new neighbor came
in. At least I know she's still alive, that's always good news. I hope
she'll be happy wherever she moves. Kassey and I are happy here,
except for her wanting to explore outside. The hot weather is coming
back, the guesser said. Right now it's quite pleasant, but I'd love to
see those changing colors and the cooler weather.
Wednesday, I went to my hometown Doc for my 4 month checkup and
don't have the blood work back yet. I always get a copy, never taking
their word for anything. The phrase' it's ok' means nothing to me. I guess
it's the nurse part of me. My friend , Bettye went with me and Tuesday
I drove Bettye to her eye Doc, so two days in a row pretty much wore
us out. Yesterday, I was just lazy all day, getting my energy back. Part
of me wants to get that stuff from the closet and take it to the second
hand store, but I need to catch up here on the usual stuff. So, I'll close
for now, cuz I'm bored with this Just wanted to say
'hello everyone' and wish you all blessings.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet Kassey

I don't know how yet to get photos, her pic didn't paste.....
When she started her manipulations again this AM, I sprayed her with water when she was under
the end table. She then went under the bed, her new hiding place. After her B'fast, she gingerly got
on my blanket. I couldn't resist how sweet and innocent she looks here. And the colors of the blanket
and her coat blending so well.
Now she's up and meowing sweetly, so I'll see what she needs.
Blessings Always, Ann

Hard Headed Me.....Kassey

August 24
Hard Headed Me....Kassey
She had the alarm set for early o'clock, said she was gonna take
Bettye to the eye DOC again. We both woke before the alarm
made that pretty sound. I started my usual thing with the cord.
She sprayed me again with water and told me that she was gonna
close the bedroom door before she left and I'd have to nap on
the couch or recliner. After awhile, she got the bright idea to
just unhook the wire to the TV. She did and laid it on the bed.
I knew if I hid under the bed, she'd have to let me stay, which
is what she did. I did just fine with the TV wire on the bed, no
fun for me without Mom here to manipulate. When she got home,
I was curled up on the blanket, and she snapped that thing that
flashes. She then watched her soap while I napped in the cool
bedroom. It got too cool so I got up under the blanket and she's
wondering how I got the blanket maneuvered like it was. We cats
just know how to work it, don't we furriends. So now she tells me
she has to go to her DOC tomorrow in her hometown and Bettye
will go with her. They always enjoy eating out too. Now this is
getting to be a habit, so I'll hide under the bed again so I can
sleep on our bed. I'm always a good girl anyhow when I'm alone,
mostly from boredom and nobody to manipulate.
I'll close for now, wishing everyone blessings, Kassey

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Just Joined Myself, etc

I thought I was gonna follow someone who is now following
Instead I'm following me.....Maybe I'll catch on. I clicked on Terry
and it said I had to sign in, silly me. Oh well, I'll learn. At least
I finally got the globe I wanted, just can't get it on greatgranny's
space. I'll keep trying cuz I think the globe is so neat and colorful.
See y'all on spaces.

Power Struggle Today

August 22
Power Struggle Today
This cat has been incorrigable today LOL She
is now locked out of the bedroom. Before this,
she was confinded to 'her'bathroom for a time
out. As shown in her recent photos, her newest
passion is the wires in the corner. I finally was
able to block her way behind the end table with
the wireless keyboard box, making a piece of clut-
ter useful. I do plan to use the wireless keyboard
again when Andy can do it. So no need to put it away,
well that's a good I must admit, I haven't
paid Kassey enough attention today. So I'll get off here
and she and I will watch a little TV.
Blessed day/night to all

Honey Almond Tea Cake Recipe

August 20
Honey Almond Tea Cakes Recipe
Someone requested the entire recipe. The original full recipe is as follows:

3/4 C. Oil
1 C. Sugar or Equal amount of Honey (no water added)
2 Eggs
2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
2-1/2 C. Self Rising Flour
Finely Ground Almonds
I cut the recipe in half and added 3/4 C. Finely Ground Almonds and I added Dried
Cranberries,( any amount you want or other Dried berries.. )
I used 1 Tsp. Almond Extract and 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract.

This recipe can become your own concoction, always good and so simple to make. The batter is sticky, but
the cookies can be shaped with your hand and spoon. It is quite oily and easy to work with. I prefer
even now to use Olive Oil and Honey instead of Sugar. ( Honey makes a different texture, softer cookie.)
No way can you eat just one or
I mixed the flour and Ground Almonds together. Next time, I'll try what Sue Lehman said and use the
Ground Almonds as Flour. Thank you, Sue.
Parchment paper makes the job easier too. Let'em cool on the paper before removing.
Bake 350 10-15 min.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


August 21
'They' must be at it again. I wonder why are they
always changing stuff. I've tried in vane to change
my theme like always before. But only solid colors
seem to be available and I can't use my own photos
anymore. Am I missing something? I guess I need
a 'Dummy Book'. Even my blogs are so off center
and look nothing like when I published them. I did
find the 'Blogger for Dummies' site on Rambling's.
Maybe I'll figure it out sometime.I had to upgrade
my Flash Player, so maybe this will help. And I'm
wondering if it matters what Browser you use. Oh
well, I know the world won't end because of the
frustration that drives so many to Blog elsewhere.
I miss all the friends I had before and it seems
that with all the changes, I have to re-invite some
who are still here. I'm thankful for those. God-
willing, I'll continue to blog here and paste to
Blogger. Kassey and I will see you on Blogspot,, I hope.
Blessings Always

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Honey Almond Tea Cakes

August 19
Honey Almond Tea Cakes
I ground some almonds and added 3/4 cups to my usual
amount of flour. I intended to use it as a substitute for
flour, but the batter was too thin. I still only used 1/2
recipe. I also added 1 tsp.almond and 1 tsp. vanilla.This
really made them delish. My thanks to Sue Lehman for
the idea of ground almonds.
Waiting for rain again, still only getting a short shower
but, I'm not complaining, love it.
Blessings Always, GGB

Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't Copy Now To Blogger

It seems that I get multiple copies or none at all.
THEY must be at work here too. I have a new blog on
that I can't copy. What gives? I wonder.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Come On, Electrician, Git'er Done

August 02
Come On , Electrician, Git'er Done
For awhile I smelled something that smelled like a hot wire.
I discovered it in the hall where I had a night light, one of
those that is light-sensitive. I pulled it out, 'cause when I
walked past it, it would go out. I had no clue that the outlet
was smoldering. It is OK for now. My ceiling fan in the
living-room has evidence of this. It looks like nicotine, but
nobody smokes inside. I do hope he does come today as pro-
mised. Last week, we had an awful thunderstorm, with light-
ening that was so close, it sounded like it hit the complex. It
knocked out someone's phone and I don't know what else. The
plumber/ electrician man was here, but had to leave because
of the heat and the manager said he would return today.
Not long after I moved here, I plugged my vacuum into this
same plug and more than once, it knocked out my bedroom
lights and plugs where my desktop, etc are. He rewired be-
cause the amp or whatever wasn't right. I have fire insurance,
but I prefer to stay right here. God has protected us thus far.
For this I'm grateful.
Be Blessed and cool or warm for those in Winter, GGB

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Chain To Yank...Kassey

August 01, 2010
New Chain To Yank...Kassey
She put a new thingy in our bedroom.It has two shiny
long things and it's hooked up to the small TV.
Andy hooked it up so he could watch 'wrestling',
whatever that is. I just listen and pass this info
on.Andy was working on Mom's big toy. I heard
her say he was washing it clean. When she has a
problem, Andy comes to her rescue. But, I don't
mind sharing her , cuz he plays with me.Well, as
you know, now I use this to get what I want. She
caught me at least twice bothering the wire.She
usually figures it out, but sometimes she's sooo
slow.. Last night, she knew I was still upset with
her as I was lying in the floor instead of on my pillow.
She said,'Oh, I bet you need a new pillow case."
Yes, she guessed right and I got on my pillow,
waiting for lights out. I'll keep using this new wire
to control Mom, I just have to...Meow for now.

Blessings Always, Kassey