Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Her Water Is Back On, Melting Snow

I ordered the Drinkwell Fountain today and an ample supply
of filters. I sure hope she likes it.. well she'll have to. They don't
give'em away..lol
I bought the filters with segments of 6 as it looked more dependable
than the solid filter. I checked with a store in another town close by
and they were more expensive. This online sale ends 12/31/10, if
anyone is interested.
The company name is Petco.com

The snow is slowly melting and I've still got a patch of ice on my walk.
Maybe the sun will be warmer tomorrow as the rain begins to move in.
My weather module says it'll rain Thursday. I wonder what the guesser
thinks it'll do that day. The last I heard, we may get T-Storms on the
weekend. Only God knows.
Y'all stay warm and safe.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Running Water For me..TN Son....More Snow...Kassey

Mom bought one of those  things she called a pitcher to
clean our dirty water. So now she has turned off my bathroom
running water that I loved so much. And now I can drink only
from a bowl. As a cat who wants running water, I do not like this.
Maybe I'll drink it if I have to. She's been drinking it all day so it
can't be too bad..I'll just get on the recliner back and wait for Tn
Son and his Family to arrive She won't like that cuz it has no cover.
I wonder if they'll have to drink the clean water....just wondering.
It snowed again today, but the humans said the roads were clear,
good thing cuz Mom worries.
Everyone has gathered tonight at 3 Sons Dad's and Stepmom. Mom
is getting things ready cuz TN Son and Family may spend the night here.
That's about it for now.



Merry Christmas Effuryone.....Kassey

We finally got our White Christmas and it's really looking good. Mom said it's calm and a cold 34 temp  morning.We wish all our friends a Happy Christmas with God's Blessings......

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanks For The Award To Tamago And Ok Cats

First I received an email from Tamago offering us this award.
I could not figure out how to get it on my sidebar. Then we were
given the same award by the OK Cats and I still couldn't do it.

BUT, I finally figured it out and now I can put my girl's photo
on the sidebar as well. It takes me awhile to accomplish what
I want but I'm still learning and having fun all the while.

Thank you both for giving me and Kassey this award. It is truly
an honor.

Everyone Stay Warm Or Cool Wherever You Are.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Putting An Award On....Help

Two sweet friends have offered us the pretty pink award, One Lovely
Blog Award. I have no clue at all how to get it on our blog.
Would someone please give me simple instructions how to do this.
Thank you.

Wordless Wednesday.....Kassey

Done Almost....Kassey

Yes, Mom says her Christmas shopping is done except for me.
She has hidden her scotch tape and may have to go out again
and then get my present. She also wants to run the sucky machine
today and get things ready for the family.And  I'm gonna stay outta the
way cuz I do not like it. This thing is too noisy and dangerous, so I'll
stay in my room by the window and nap.
Of course it's cloudy again and probably no Mr. Sun showing up. All
you furriends stay warm and safe.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloudy Tuesday Shopping Day, No Sun Puddle....Kassey

It's a lazy day for Mom, but she said she had to shop a little
more for the G-Grands. She'll be all mine until Christmas
Day. This is when all the family come by and hand her these
things covered in pretty paper. Mom tries not to tear the pretty
paper but it all goes into a plastic bag anyhow and then it goes
in that big black can in the kitchen. Humans do the oddest things
and I'll never figure them out. But they are fun to watch as long as
they don't stay too long. Mom says I'm rude as I sit close by and
silently tell them it's time for alone time for me and her.
While she's shopping, I'll just lie in my cloudy spot by the window,
all covered by a blankie hoping to see Mr. Sun.. Maybe she'll bring
me a Christmas gift too cuz I've been very good protecting her.
Haf a good day effurryone.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Update On Guestbook

Hello, All. If you just scroll without clicking on a post, the
Guestbook slide comes up.
Can anyone tell me how to place it higher on my blog?
It isn't really placed in a good spot.
Thanks to you who have already signed.

Slide Guestbook

I can't believe I did it, but it was easy after awhile.
I was really pleased to see that I could put Kassey's
photo on it instead of mine. Now it will show up on
other guestbooks.
Thanks for any who sign it.
Kassey and Mom

Friday, December 17, 2010

Now That Was Fast

I started ordering online yesterday and I shopped at Kmart for my
TN Grands for something their Dad said they've been wanting. As I
sat here at the PC, I looked out the window and by the color of his
clothes, I knew he was a UPS man. He was bending and stretching
while waiting for the driver to pick him up. As soon as the truck
reached him, he got a box and came running toward my apartment
in 36 F  temp.Kassey and I went to check if he actually came here.
Yes, there it was, from Kmart  the  3 Fushigi Balls, as seen on TV.
As much as I'd like to check them out, I'm not. It seems a box always
shrinks after I remove the contents.
Later...Blessings .....y'all stay safe and warm.

I Was Mean To Andy.....Kassey

Mom said it was Wednesday when Andy and Sheila came by
after her MRI. Mom had come in my room and told me they
were coming by. But I didn't move from my bed. I didn't care
but ,when I heard the front door open, I jumped down and went
to the living-room. I met them at the door and Andy swooped
me up and was loving on me against my will. I growled at him and
Mom told him not to let me put a bitey on him. He sat on the couch
holding me and then turned me loose. I showed my displeasure as I
hissed at him. I then sat in front of the TV and just looked at him. He
told Mom that he bet he could pick me up again. As he came towards
me, I took off running to the safety of Mom's bedroom..There are more
places to hide in there, like under the bed where no human can reach me.
Freezing water was falling from the sky so they didn't stay long. Next time,
I'll try to be good to Andy. I just needed a nap more than company. Mom
says I'm spoiled. Well maybe, but I am the cat.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Bossy Cat Last Night, etc.

Kassey slept all night, it seems. The paper man  must have been discontinued.
We are happy about that, so she can sleep undisturbed. Of course, now
I wonder why no 2:45 AM wake-ups. Well, I'm thinking maybe she was
cold and I didn't realize it. I really had it cranked up last night and she ob-
viously slept on her dog under the vent. Well, mystery solved, I guess.
Right now she's on her pillow waiting for an elusive sun puddle. I covered
her with her blankie as it is cooler by the window.

It's 30 F right now and an expected high of 35 F with freezing rain and snow
expected, good temps for it. I've seen none so far and I'm tempted to actually
go to Walmart and check some of the items I saw online to order. Sometimes
they are cheaper online and they will not give you the online price. Some are
not in the store either.

That's about it for now, so I'll work on the children's wish lists.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Big Red Dog....Kassey

Mom bought this big stuffed red dog a few years ago. She kept it

stored and then she put it out hoping I might like it. I never paid any attention to it.
But last night as it got colder, that stuffed dog looked so soft and comfy and it was
under the heat vent too. I like him....Kassey

Monday, December 13, 2010

Running Water And Open Doors.........Kassey

Last night Mom said it was gonna be really cold. I was worried
watching her let water run and opening  cabinet doors. She explained
to me why she was doing this strange thing. I crouched down in the
living-room, not knowing what to do or what to expect..I followed her
to the bedroom when she asked me to. I just went to get my goodnight
petting. Then I disappeared before she knew it and hid . She called me
but I stayed hidden. I stayed there until  time for me to watch for the
paper man. I started 'meowing' and pawing the window. Mom asked me
if the paper man was in the neighborhood and there he was. He threw it
on our walk instead of the neighbor's, another strange thing tonight. I did get
my usual snack and we went back to bed, in different rooms.
Effuryone , be Blessed.......Kassey

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast 2:45 AM..Saturday..Checking In.....The Cat....Kassey

I let Mom sleep until 2:45 AM this morning. I was hungry so
she stayed with me while I ate. She then went back to bed but I
laid down in front of the TV. This was 3:00 AM, getting close to time for the paper
man, so I have to keep watch, no need for me to go back to bed .Mom now leaves
the flashy box by the bed for yours truly.....Kassey

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thinking It Over Thursday....The Cat.....Kassey

 I won yet again. She had to raise the blinds high like before
as I reached up from the window sill and did my thing. She
thought I couldn't do this without falling, silly human. It got
her up at the appointed 'Cat Time', 4:30 AM, at which time,
I had a snack, with her by my side.
She put a new organizer under the window, but I don't like it. So she said she'd put
another one back like before. Still thinking it over...not happy. I'm going to my room
now coz I need my sunpuddle.

Everything is almost back like it should be, but I need sun right now.
Yours Truly, Kassey

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mom Knew My Plan.....Kassey

Last night she moved everything away from the window, anything tall
enough for me to reach up to bend the blinds. I  charted my course as
I looked up from everything in here that wasn't covered. She knew what
I was planning and she told me she could see my brain cells at work.
As I sat in the window sill, my head touched the blinds. She raised them
a little more making it more convenient. And she did leave the blinds
up as promised. I came in about 4:30 again. For some strange reason, this
little car comes and throws a rolled up paper out for our neighbor. This is
why I come to Mom's room so early and I figure I deserve an early snack
for doing my job. She did get up for my snack and went back to bed.
She really does feel bad about locking me out, and if she obeys me now, everything
will be OK.....meow.....Kassey

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Had to Jump Up As Planned.......Kassey

I slept for awhile with Mom last night and then went to my bed.
I am the watch cat, always on guard. Well about 4:00 this dark
morning while Mom was still asleep, I came in. I had to jump
up as mentioned last night. I slapped those blinds silly before
she knew I was in there. Do you think she raised them for me?
Oh no, she put me out and said she was not gonna put up with
that. As always, this hurt my feelings. It bothered her so she came
in my bedroom this morning and apologized and said she would
leave the blinds up for me. I guess Mom does love me and I love
here too.
We have to let the laptop cool, so we'll see y'all later, God-willing.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Moving Stuff Again....Kassey

Today while getting a loooong nap, Mom moved things in the
bedroom/office. She was on her laptop tonight after doing all
that. I looked things over and I know what she's up to. She
even moved the organizer that I used to get in the window.
She stacked some in the corner and it looks good and gives
more walking room. But now I'll have to leap from the floor to
the window. And I won't be able to paw on the blinds like
before when I want them raised. There's a table by the window
with stuff on it, but she said she was gonna move it so I can't
use it. Ok, we'll see how it goes. I may have to do some think-
ing and figure out my next move.
Have a blessed night/day......Kassey

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cat Slobber, Animation Fun,etc.

It's colder than kraut and I'm sitting in my usual place by the window.
The clouds are moving around and I keep watching for a few flakes
through cat slobber.. That stuff is like glue and I haven't a clue how to
remove it. Pure vinegar won't .

The boss is on her pillow but no sunshine for her I think. She had her 
Fancy Feast for breakfast and headed for bed. I had my multi grain oat 
cereal for breakfast.

For lunch I had a bowl of pintos and onions over cornbread, while sitting
here at the PC. 

As I'm watching the undecided clouds roll by, I saw this pickup pull in
and it just sat there. This kind of thing is a worry as his windows were too
tinted to see him. We are all seniors here and can't be too careful. Of 
course, my webcam was watching him as he was no doubt  watching 
us and it was recording. My car was the only one here in our group of apart-
ments. I went to the living-room, peeped out and noticed that the storm radio
had been moved by Kassey, so I straightened it. When I got back to the PC,
the truck had left. He probably figured I was watching him. And my watch-cat
was asleep the whole time.

I so love these cute animations and I've gone hog wild adding what I could.
It's a nice cloudy Lord's Day. Y'all have a blessed one today/night.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday, A Little Cattitude Too

It's in the 40's and going down to freezing, they say. It'll be about
right for snow, it'll be flurries for us if anything.
I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but hard to. I did buy one
gift today for Amy, the youngest G-Grand,  baby's first laptop. I'll
have to have some input on the other ones. The display price was
$2 more than when I checked out, pleasant surprise.

After I returned from Walmart, Kassey met me at the door and
checked things out. I wanted to buy her one of those things cats
climb in to sleep, but found none.I may have to go to a pet store.
Some of those for two cats are hard inside. If I get her one high
off the floor, she'll have to climb from something else, but she'll
figure it out. I thought too that if I put it in the bedroom, maybe she
will leave the blinds alone. That's a silly thought, she's not gonna
give that up.

At the moment she' s napping on my bed with her back turned to me.
After I got home, I gave her some fancy feast chicken and liver. She's
been begging for more. I thought one time today was enough, not
knowing  if it's high in cholesterol. She ate some of her dry food instead
for her second snack. For dessert, Butter Pecan ice cream.

Today, I cooked some pintos with a slice of hickory smoked hog
jowl and added a little sugar and that was some good stuff with baked
cornbread, made with white and yellow cornmeal. I thought about Beth's
cornbread and added a little sugar and enjoyed it.

The wind is whipping it up out there and it's 39 going down to freezing,
they say. If it's still cloudy, we may see snow flurries, That would be nice.
It's about time to turn in, so we'll say goodnight/day wherever y'all are.
Have a blessed day/night.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mom's Rabbit Foot.....Kassey

It has been so cold, Mom covers me with my cat blankie.
She tried to sneak up with the flashy box, so I waved my
tail at her and stayed put. She says my tail adds to my charm
as it warns her of possible biteys when it thumps. She says it
reminds her of a rabbit's foot, it's so short and stumpy.
Happy, Thankful Thursday, effuryone, Kassey

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day In AL

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It’ s  47 degrees down here now and a cold rain. I’ve not heard a weather
report today from the guessers. We only got rain last night and a noisy
weather radio. I just left it on all night so my sleep would not be inter-
rupted. The threat of Tornadoes seemed to be past. I’m so happy that
the closet was unneeded for me and Kassey. I have not re-loaded the
closet yet, waiting for further weather news. There’s not that much out
anyhow. Maybe, I’ll just stuff it somewhere else, maybe like the dump.
That’s about it, I guess, except, Rambling, if you see this, Your new blog
doesn’t exists……LOL.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blustery, Cold, Cloudy 57degrees,etc. So

I made the trek to the dump and the mailbox for Saturday's mail.
As I sit by the window watching the goings and comings, I see the
mail person has arrived again. So back out in the cold, blustery air
for me or maybe not. What's another day to wait for junk mail. Al-
though I'll  probably have my usual Sears bill. And I'm planning not
using it for Christmas unless I have to order online. I did have to buy
online for my new webcam, even though Walmart had them in the
store, about $20 more. How crazy is that and they won't let you
have the online price in the store.

Have y'all noticed how they try to help you with your labels? I'm glad
I was paying attention this time. As I was adding my labels for Cold,
up popped 'COLD TOESES' from a Kassey blog. It did manage to
be in the label box , but I removed it. To those unfamiliar, it would
have looked odd to add a label unrelated to this blog. So if you see a
label out of place, ain't my fault, (South) just an oversight.

I haven't made it to the kitchen yet, except to get some chocolate
covered peanuts. I do have to put on some chicken breasts, maybe
soup is in order today. Gotta get cracking and do some work in the
kitchen and I bet my girl will arise from her nap.
Stay warm or cool wherever you are. You all are such a treasure.
Kassey and I thank you all for being in our blog family.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nice Internet Sunday

My stick cut out at first this AM after connecting.
It turned white where it's normally green., I guess so
I'd leave it alone for the moment. Well they
must have been tweeking it as it turned back to it's
green color. I am so happy that it's back to itself
now, hopefully.
I just noticed it looks like I said the stick turned white.
When I click on the icon, the small page pops up where
your instructions are with Files,Tools,Help. In the middle
it says to connect or disconnect. Anyhow, I hope it con-
tinues to behave.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Intermitant Internet....Grrrr

For some reason my webconnect stick has been disconnecting for the last few days.
I was patient long enough, so I called today. The first Tech I talked to hung up, I
think, got the 'nobody on the line beep, beep' lol  Well, I was glad really as I couldn't
keep up with him . He talked too fast and my being from the South makes a difference.lol
Oh I know some of us talk too slow, but you know what we've said.
Ok , I called back and Shaun answered. He was feeling good and he said, 'You're rocking
with Shaun and who am I rocking with?' I told him my name and problem and he got another
Tech on  the line.
Now Leonard was helpful and wasn't in a hurry to get rid of me. He also told me his brother
was coming home Dec.7 from South Korea and he was going to surprize their Mother as he
was not expected until around Christmas, forgot the day.
Well, it seemed that the Stick was behaving and lo and behold, it started cutting out again.
I won't be calling back tonight unless I'm bug eyed and can't sleep. It'll soon be time for my
Brit Coms that I enjoy so much. And the scanner is on so I've got plenty of entertainment.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful On This Thursday......Kassey

I'm a blessed kitty and so thankful Mom adopted me. I also am thankful
that she decided not to go to TN Son's today. She did say that she might
go to Walmart. That's OK cuz I know she will be back soon.
I'm so thankful to have a soft bed to sleep on cuz so many kitties don't.

Happy Thanksgiving Effuryone, Kassey

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lonely Me .........Kassey

I came in to her office as she was on the puter. I was meowing
and just wanting company for a snack. And then she told me that
she might be going to TN Son's for Thanksgiving and she asked me
if it was OK. Well at the moment, I didn't care to have this conver-
sation as I needed a snack before my nap. As any cat, I do not care
to be left alone overnight..This means I'll have to eat alone and  I'll
sure miss her if she goes. She will leave the blinds up so I can watch
people outside. Our neighbor is expecting her family for Thanksgiving.
I'll be so lonely and I hope they wave to me as I speak to them. Mom
says they're all dog people, but that shouldn't matter. It's not like they'll
be unfaithful while they speak or wave to a lonely kitty.
'God willing 'as Mom says, if she goes to TN Son's, I 'll  post an update
with some photos if she uses her flashy box.

Friday, November 19, 2010

She Did It Again........Kassey

Mom went to Andy’s again and she saw 3 new puppies. Now I might
have liked seeing those babies. So maybe he will bring one by some-
time like he did his new baby kitten. Of course, I wasn’t impressed.
I’m a loner and I rule here. However, I do enjoy company for awhile.
I checked her clothes when she got home and there it was , the doggie
smell. Now this is getting to be a habit. But she tells me ‘I’m still yours.’
We’ll try to get some photos  here  of yours  truly rubbing my smell on
her clothes. Unable to post another one......Kassey

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dead Battery Again, Pesty Neighbor Rant

I had a map light on that I never use. This button is next
to the sun roof button and as I seldom go, I don't know
when I did this or how long it takes to drain a battery.
This was Nov. 14 and I needed to go to Kmart to pay
my Sears Bill. It's convenient and I dislike depending on
the mail. I called Andy and he offered to come and jump
it off.
First our cars weren't placed right for battery hookup
Andy then unhooked his battery to make it more accesi-
able. This Honda screamed so we finally gave up as it
continued after I pressed the panic button. Andy took me
to Kmart as the payment has to be posted by 5:00 PM
on the due date.

Pesty neighbor started calling and leaving voicemails adding
to the 24 I already have. This was when Andy was here.
After we got back, I called the tow service and of course,
he was an old geezer like me...lol  It took him a lot longer
but finally the car shut up.

Now for the pesty neighbor, y'all know who. I have been
avoiding her as she is the over-bearing type. I find it best
not to talk to her and explain anything. Therefore, I do not
answer her calls, been there done that.

While the wrecker man was here, she kept interfering, ask-
ing me if I needed help.( her car was here 'til Monday). I
kept telling her, 'NO, I don't need any help. She insisted
like it was the first time she asked. I told her to leave me
alone. She kept telling me to please call her.  And after the
car was cranked, I went to the house to lock up before going
to Walmart, she continued. I told her, I was going to Walmart.
She said, 'Come in and we'll go later'. I said emphatically,'NO,
I'm going now. And on the way, she started the calling and VM
again. The last time I talked to her on the phone, she told me that
she didn't want me to feel responsible for her. I told her 'I don't'.
This was reverse psychology that failed for her.
I guess I've complained enough and I hope she got the message
loud and clear.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looks Stormy, Quite Breezy, etc.

I've been watching the dark clouds move around and
they look unfriendly. It has rained some, but just
our usual little bit.. Low and behold those dark clouds
turned loose and it's raining again as I type.

My petunias sure can use it and I'm surprised  they are
still alive. The little succulent  is still green and
and I still  haven't a clue what it is. I'd like to get an Aloe Vera
plant for inside, but I don't know if it would be safe for
Kassey. Maybe someone can tell me
I'm wondering who'll leave DWTS tonight and I sure hope
the weather behaves so I can watch it.
Kassey has been good today until now. I do need to get off
and warm up some pintos. She maybe hungry too and requires my

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Ray Of Sunshine Of Hope For Andy

We do have sunshine here and a nice temp of 64 at the present.
Many of you from Spaces know about my son, Andy's  Chiari
Syndrome and the awful migraines that he has.
Recently, he started going back to his Doctor in Birmingham, AL, who
discovered his condition. He told Andy there was a new procedure
being done in PA to stop the pain by disabling the nerve that causes
the pain. As he has suffered so, this gives him hope and his family
too. However, we know this is very tedious and risky. He has had
a part of his scull removed above the cervical spine. This was done
to cut some cervical bones to give more room for the 'tonsil', pro-
truding from his brain into the spinal column. This procedure did not
stop the headaches.
As I receive updates as to whether Andy has this procedure, I will
post it here, God-willing.

Blessings Always, Ann

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday.....Kassey

               I'm thankful cuz I'm still The Cat' around here and Mom has been showing me a lot of extra love.
               Mom's one and only.....Kassey

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mom Was Unfaithful Today.....Kassey

Mom left me alone early this morning as she went to Andy's. 
Andy's car is sick so Mom had to take them to Florence to
Sheila's back Doctor. She finally got home this afternoon
and I did not meet her at the door . She came to my bed-
room where I was enjoying my sun puddle. Well, after I 
smelled dog and cat on her, I was not happy. I think she
has been giving my affection to Andy and Sheila's pets.
How can she do this? She has some nerve. She loved on
me some and then said she had to go heat some food.
Well, I followed here meowing.. I wasn't hungry. I just
needed some more loving.
I am in the bedroom with her as she relates how I'm feeling.
Yesterday she put her toy back in the bedroom and I'm on 
the bed and I'm depressed even as she pawses to talk to me.
She keeps asking if I'm gonna sleep with her tonight. Well, 

Blessings to all my furry friends especially the ones who 
aren't  feeling well. xxxxx Kassey


Friday, November 5, 2010

Rant Friday, Got It Figured Out

Friday November 5, 2010

How can we ever know when someone is a real friend?

When someone wants to be my friend, they turn out to

be opportunists. Sadly I discovered recently a new friend

seems to be just that. When she turns in her car after her

lease is up, she can't buy it as she says her income isn't

enough. Now she has been paying a huge lease payment

every month without missing a payment. I'm sure she knew

this when we became 'friends'. Her daughter even asked her

why 'don't y'all move in together'. Well, of course, this would

be very convenient as it would lift any burden from their re-

sponsibilities as children. We are neighbors which makes it

real convenient for her to use me. What really irritates is that

she never calls me by name . She calls me these pet names,

names that I would call my pet. OH I know we're not even

supposed to call our pets anything besides their name.

Well, I think it's a conning thing, trying to prove affection for

a 'friend', when it's not real.I've always had red flags up

looking at possible takers.

This feels so good to vent and I've got to shake

her loose. Oh another thing, her table manners are appalling.

Recently, we went out to eat and shared a bowl of hushpuppies
served with catfish and fries and slaw.

And she had the nerve to start touching them as if they were hers,
not even putting them on her plate.

This is very rude and I would never do this. It's just bad manners.
These are only a few examples of why I am bowing out.

Needless to say, I'm fed up...period...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Amy

Someone asked me the ages of Andy's Grandchildren.
He said that Jade just turned 3yr. just recently, what day,
I don't recall as she and her cake was displayed here.
Casper is 2. His B'day was a few weeks ago and
I don't have his B'day photos yet...gotta
get the dates as I can't keep up.
Amy is 1 yr, old today.

Happy Birthday, Amy !!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Kind Of Weather

It’s a blessed morning here with my faithful cat close by.

She got me up about 7:15 after persisting in her catly way.

We have cold temps here in Dixie, 33 degrees and I guess

my flowers will be caput. I started bringing them in(just one

oblong pot) and placing them on the top of an organizer, Big

mistake as I saw this tiny bug, so out they went.

All for now, gotta make breakfast. God-willing, we’ll see y’all later.

Blessings All.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do I Look Happy??..Pffssssttt.......Kassey

Yesterday was an awful day. Mom said we had tornadoes coming and she 
cleaned out our closet. I always dread that hot closet and this is what she did
to me. I'm a good girl but she said she had to put me in this thing. We did go 
into the closet for a few minutes, but it seemed like the tornado was gonna 
miss us again this time. She let me out for awhile as I had a snack and made
a potty trip. Well, I had to be put in this thing again as the tornadoes kept 
coming and we had to be ready for the closet. She told me she was sorry
that she had to do this. Oh well, at least I didn't have to go to the dreaded 
vet and we were blessed yet again. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Begging To Go Out Today….Kassey

Last night Mom had to turn off her big toy and unplugged it too.
So after we went to ‘our’ bedroom, I sat in the window for
a few minutes. I got on the bed and she moved it some more
closer to the closet. Well, it really started getting noisy with
all the booms and flashing. She had already moved my ‘sunny
spot’ bed away from the window thinking I might want to sleep
there. Mom always tries to stay one step ahead, but I don’t care
where my bed is when I’m sleepy. It’s booming some and water
falling again. That’s OK  I’m safe on my recliner today and Mom
is watching the sky with her webcam. She said the sky looks bad,
don’t know if we’ll have to head for the closet.
Last night, the little thing in the window sounded an alarm and
Mom got up to see what the message was and it started talking
about T-storms here, so she turned it off and we came back to bed.
The next time, she just let it alarm ’til it quit.
With all the water falling today, I won’t beg to go out.
Blessings to  everyone…….Kassey

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom is in another 'moving stuff ' mood again. But, she'll have to wait
'til I decide to get up. I'm digesting that smacking good Fancy Feast 
she brought me yesterday when I was alone for so long. The table she
wants to move is in this room and it will be put in her bedroom, but she
has to wait for me to move.
Yesterday evening, I waited  for her to come in after talking to our other
neighbor. When Mom opened the door, I went out before she knew it. She
caught me and she held me as she walked out to the sidewalk. That was
fun, but I started trying to get loose when she started back to the door. I  
was not ready to come back inside. 

Here are the photos she got with that flashy box.

Kitties and doggies, be blessed...Kassey


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing Important

It’s another sunny cool day, 50′s, 78, expected.
Yesterday we had T-storms and I’m so glad it
quit before DWTS came on . I did not want to
miss that one and I’m so happy that Bristol has
another chance.
Kassey was happy to watch some birds before
her nap. She was a bit whiney as children some-
times are when it’s nap time. So she finally nestled
in on her  recliner. Of course I’ve been nestled in
on this thing since I got up. I’ve not posted lately
so I thought I better check in. I did finally get
Amy’s video posted on YouTube and the update
is on my profile page.  I visited with my new
neighbor yesterday and she said she used to blog
and she hasn’t found her computers yet. She’s got
her work cut out for her with all the unpacking.
Enough of nothing important, so y’all have a
blessed day/night.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Out-Foxed By A Naughty Cat........Kassey

                            She says I've been naughty but I want what I want 'now'. Yesterday morning,
                           I tried to get her up for my breakfast. It didn't matter that I had food in
                           my dish, she'd had enough sleep. I tried to paw at the blinds, but they were
                           out of my reach. She thought this would stop me, but I jumped on her pillow
                           and walked across , then jumped down where her clock was plugged in. She 
                           saw me grabbing at the wire. Of course, she told me 'No, Kassey'. I wasn't
                           really going to catch it in my mouth as I always pretend to do. This always works
                           because, she said, 'OK, I'm getting up.'
                           I guess my days and nights are backwards. I slept during the day, so I was 
                           not ready for bed when she was. I kept doing my usual manipulations, but she
                          said if I didn't stop, she'd make me leave the room. Hah, 'leave the room'! How
                          could she make me leave the room? I guess she was serious. When she got up, I
                          thought she's do what I wanted......no, she closed the door behind me. I pawed 
                          the door several times, but she made me sleep somewhere else.                         
                          Actually, I think my schedule was changed because she has been getting offline
                          earlier and going to bed. I hear the laptop close, so I get my midnight snack and
                          I'm ready to go to the bedroom and get in bed after I sit by the window for awhile.
                          And to make her happy, I've been sleeping on her bed. We'll see how tonight goes. 
                           Be good kitties and stay out of trouble.

                           Blessings Always, Kassey

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Stuff...Amy Too

I was able finally to change the time on WP. I did what Beth told me
and followed through . Thanks , Beth                                                                
This is a still shot I was able to extract from the video I could not add. A banana
just wasn't enough. She went for it 3 times...lol
I quickly watered my flowers and returned to the heat. TN son called about 5:00 AM.
He had been off work for awhile and said they might come down this weekend.  He
always tells me he loves me and said for me to tell Kassey that he loves her too. I told
her of course. He was on the speaker phone and she was in the bedroom window
listening...ahem, eavesdropping. It'll be interesting to see how things go with the blinds
and Kassey. I'm hoping they do come, been too long. Gotta turn the heat back now
so guess that's all for now. Blessings Always....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Laughing At Me , But Relieved

I know I’m slow sometimes catching on.
OK, I’ve been disturbed  because I thought
the calender was wrong. Well, not so. I noticed
the calender on Margie’s page and saw that the
week starts on Monday. So here I am laughing
at myself  for not seeing this before. I have to
wonder why the calender is set up this way. I
need ‘simple’ all the way and as we all know, it
is anything but simple since being evicted
from WL.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cloudy Wednesday, Etc

Yesterday and last night we had scattered thunderstorms with
lightening. I moved my sofa away from the window and Kassey
was safe in her recliner by the counter.  The bed is now by the
window so I waited until the storm passed. I will repostion the
bed again today, God-willing. It’s cloudy and I have to go out
sometime today, probaby Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS. All are
pretty close to each other. Oh and Kmart . I usually go to Publix
with Bettye, but not today, too much running in a different area
of town. That’s all for now…..Blessed day to all.
copied from WP...blue skies...yippee !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Figured It Out Finally

I know I'm  not too sharp on techy things, but
I stumble upon  a solution sometimes if I keep
digging long enough. I'm referring to WordPress.
I've been pretty stressed on that stuff, as you know.
Well, it finally occured to me that the 'Log In/ Out'
widget is necessary on your blog. I also have the
Dashboard which is vital for adding a blog, etc.
Without the dashboard, any hopes of blogging is
caput. As instructed by Technogran, I had to use
search to get the dashboard thereby learning about
the necessary widgets for my blog. Many thanks ,
 Now I know all you folks already knew this.
A good thing I discovered on WordPress is that
a lot of spam was blocked which is a blessing. I'm
sure there are a lot of other things I've not stumbled
upon, but I'll keep trying like getting Kassey's photo
on . And one more thing that bugs me is that the date
and time is way off and I don't know how to correct
this. I most likely unknowingly did this.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

G-Grands, Amy Eating Kassey's Food

Kassey was tucked away in bed and didn't know that Amy was trying to eat her food.. As my spacer friends know already, Amy had a rough start in life, as they prayed for her, she is fine and a very busy toddler. Mom fed them all bananas, but was not enough for Amy. Andy had to show me how to do this video and I hope it uploads..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, Toasty, Toeses

                            Oh ,this is a warm sunny puddle, Mommy.My toeses got cold.

WordPress Rant

At this time, I am very ticked off at WordPress.
I tried to get the globe on there,but all I got
was the website to click on. Well, after this, I
now have no place to post or even sign out.
So, if I can do it, don't know how, I will be
deleting the crappy blog site. I do have all
my previous blogs, thank goodness for that.
I have to wonder if revolver maps has done
this, so can anyone enlighten a computer
dummy such as I?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Sad Monday And Prayer Request

A friend of mine sent me an email
in regards to her fur baby who is sick
and requested prayer. This was two days,
I’m sorry to say. He is 15 yrs. old. I’ll
ask the prayers of our blog family as well.
I will also try to get an update today, if
possible. Please remember ‘Possum’
in prayer.
COPIED FROM WordPress Oct.4,2010

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