Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

I tentatively planned a trip to Kmart and Walmart. Oh, I'll get
around to it sometime today, God willing. Kmart has a floor steamer
that I want and I've heard it works good.. just something to replace
wringing out a mop.

I'll get Kassey's litter there, cuz it's so heavy and it's on a top shelf. I can
maneuver it down on my shoulder and then in the top part of the cart.
And then I can roll it into my trunk. I bet you're wondering what the next
step OK, now I bring an empty litter box to the car and start dip-
ping until I can manage carrying either box.

I slept in the Living Room last night and Kassey slept in her room. She came
for breakfast before daylight and I laid there listening to her chew her food.
I didn't have to prompt her to crunch her food. And yes, she knows that word
and it's meaning, it seems.

Kassey is up from her nap sitting at her TV and it seems that all is quite, nothing
going on here, just a cloudy day and cooler temps, so appreciate that.

As always, be unstressed and blessed, GGB


  1. What a joy to see Kassey and you blog!

    My girl went to the Vet yesterday and she feels so much better today!

  2. Thanks, Rambling,and so glad Miss Catt's feeling better. Y'all got a good night's rest too. I'm trying to bring my blogs here.

  3. I know those cat litter boxes are sooo heavy.. I am lucky at least when I get home hubby can help unload it. I have been looking into the new steam mops all so. There are lots of video's and reviews available. Still not quit sold now after seeing them all. I soo hate washing floors.. Just did my kitchen today. Sure feels good to have that behind me now. Have a good Weekend.. Hugs Carrie

  4. Boy, me and Miss Catt are going to have to tie our aprons on and clean house after church tomorrow. All these boys in it. My goodness.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.