Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday Late Night Stinky Whiffies...Kassey

We went to bed later than usual last night.
Mom opened the bedroom window for cool
air and I really enjoyed being in the window.

We have a paper mill in a neighboring town
and when the wind is just right, we get the stinky
whiffies. Even during the day, when Mom goes
out, she smells it on her clothes when she's back

Last night, Mom thought I left the room. I had been
misbeaving as usual. She had closed the door and up
I came from somewhere in the bedroom. MOL I
decided I would go to bed, making her happy for
awhile anyhow. And about 3 o'dark, sky water came
down and it was so nice. It was gentle and Mom left
the window open.
I hope you're all getting nice smelling air where you are.
Mom says, stinky air is better than none. Be Blessed,



  1. Paper mills are stinky! Sumtimes we get skunk stinkies! They are not better than none! Haf a pawsome day. xoxo

  2. We have a sugar beet factory not far from our church...talk about a horrible smell!

  3. Efurrytime mommy goes to see her son over the mountains, she has to drive thru stinky Canton NC where there is a papermill. OH it reeks for miles before and after. Glad she is that she's on the Interstate and passing by the awful smell as quickly as possible to do it.

    Love to you and Mommy, Kassey. xoxoxox

  4. We loves how the rain falls and gets all the smells out of the air

  5. Oh you poor kitty cat, and your mumsy too, I'd hate to live in a place where there's smells. We get nice fresh whiffs down here on the south coast of England, you waft yourself over here anytime it gets too bad.
    Thanks for visiting, and just thought that big knitted head cover would be good to crawl into when the whiffs get too bad, wanna borrow it?

  6. Oh poo we get smells from the farmers fields when they are spraying them. Oh my what a pong. But only 16 miles from the Coast so not too bad. Hugs to Kassey and you to :) xx

  7. Been to the area of papermills in this state and the smell is not nice.

  8. We've never been near a paper mill and from the comments we don't think we want to! All we get is a warning sound from a local quarry when they are due to blast more rock and that isn't every day.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Years ago I lived near a papermill and know that smell. Just get a whiff of cow pies now and then here. I am sure you love to get all those scents from out doors anyway.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.