Saturday, January 28, 2012

Comment, No Can Do

So is anyone having this problem? And how can I remove this
REPLY? Who goes back to see what someone commented to
their comments? I do go back to check for future comments.
I get behind a lot and have to play catchup on visiting.
How is Google making this a plus. Any clues, anyone? Well, I'm
stumped and clueless.
This and the Internet going off is not fun.
'Nuff said. Guess I'll go to bed and say Goodnight everyone.


  1. Good night. Google is changing a lot of stuff around, not all of it for the better.

  2. I've often wished for setting just e-mailing me when the people I'm following post something new or when I get a reply from a comment....changes, changes...never what we want it seems but changes none the less.

  3. Hmmm... I haven't noticed it on my blog. I'll have to look, maybe it depends on which template you use. Did you check your settings to see if you can turn it off?

  4. We're just glad Blogger is letting us comment again. We haven't seen the "Reply" thing before now. It's new to us.

  5. I wonder whether the reply would go away if you switched over to a popup window for commenting. We don't see it on our blog. I tried looking at settings to see if there was an option for it and didn't find anything. Good luck!!

  6. Was having trouble commenting for awhile but it's okay now. The reply thing I just don't do. Don't know if you can get rid of it or not. Doesn't look like there's any option for that. Why can't they learn to leave well enough alone. Wonder if we should all sen a mass contact message saying "IT AIN'T BROKE SO DON'T FIX IT", lol.

  7. I haven't had any problems commenting but I know a lot of people are around blogland. Not fun! I don't ever go back to check for replies on a reply. I have a hard enough time keeping up as it is! Haha!

    Hope it gets fixed soon for you.
    xo Catherine

  8. We hardly dare breathe now in case that pops up on our blog too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Oh no, that commenting stuff seems to come and hang in there, we'll be here!

  10. Yes there is something a miss comes and goes , I do go back and check Comments Great Gran. Hope you hang in there Hugs xx

  11. switched to a pop up window for comentss when some bloggers said the other was causing trouble, maybe that would help. Hugs GJ xx

  12. I wondered how anipals GOT the reply thing. I'd love to have it simply to answer questons posed to me in comments rather than having to go back to their blogs to reply.

    1. Actually, I think it must depend on the template you choose. Some have it and some don't.


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