Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day Rant

By accident, I found this web site that was encouraging others
to click on my blog. I'm not responsible and just wanted you
all to know. While on my phone, I typed in my blog and along
with a lot of others similar to mine were there. This is where I
saw it. I figure they think they will make money somehow off
me. I checked it out. It's called ''. So be aware.

I've been waiting for the pest control all morning. Kassey is
sleeping, but I figure she'll show if they ever get here. I hate
waiting like this when I could go and do some shopping.
It's another blazing hot one down here in Dixie. Yall stay
cool and safe.


  1. Can you have your blog removed from their site? Is there any recourse? Gees...!

    Good luck with the pest control service.

  2. I don't think there is a very cool place in all of the US right now. It seems to be hot everywhere.

  3. We keep getting emails from kachingle asking us to sign up with them. We never really read the mails but it was something about making money. We just delete them every time. If they email again we will mark them as spam.

  4. I am sorry that you got the feeling, that we have taken over your site. We are a consumer service that delivers itsy bitsy voluntary micropayments to great online free stuff.
    Our users, we call them Kachinglers, value your work at your blog so much they made voluntary micropayment contributions to you to show their love and support.

    We are on a mission to change the world. Our vision is of billions of people supporting the FREE sites, blogs, apps, videos, and photos they love using Kachingle’s effortless voluntary micropayment system, thus enabling the FREE web to flourish, without paywalls and other access restrictions. (*minus transaction fees)

    Your acceptance of this modest payment, via PayPal, which consists of multiple micropayments from your loyal Kachinglers, is one small step on that journey.

    It’s perfectly safe to give anyone your PayPal username (why this is safe - written by PayPal X). Here are some examples:
    • Non-profit organization: Wikimedia (parent organization of Wikipedia) = (they display their PayPal email address at the bottom of this page). Note that Wikimedia has already accepted hundreds of dollars from hundreds of Kachinglers' micropayments - and we have just begun!

    • Individual: Cynthia Typaldos (Kachingle Founder) = (for most individuals, their email address is their PayPal username, just like with Facebook usernames)

    • Corporation: Kachingle = (most corporations have a special email address just for PayPal)

    If you do not already have a PayPal email address we can send the money via PayPal to any email address; when you receive it you can open a free PayPal account. Just let us know where you would like it to go.

  5. I have some sorry money makers on mine too and there's nothing I can do. :-(((

  6. That is annoying! I've never heard of that site but I know that if there is a way some can take advantage of you they sure take the opportunity. It's fairly hot here too though nothing like it was, have a good day my friend.

  7. Whoa--what happened here??? OMG! Let us know what is happening!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.