Monday, November 12, 2012

Slower Than 'lasses

Andy got my puter in the bedroom going, but the internet is still slow.
I ordered a new hard drive from Staples and it should be in by Wed-
nesday. There's nothing wrong with this one, just way too slow. If
I had DSL, it would be OK. I can hardly wait to have a speedier drive.
He took the puter home so he could get my phone hooked up to the
web. Mine is just XP so he had to get the necessary download from
I'm now on the old girl and this has taken forever due to the various
browsers. Andy restored the puter back to factory, so Chrome doesn't
know me apparently, surprising I'm not too fond of Chrome anyhow.
I hope you all are having a good Monday.


  1. I hope your computer problems are all solved soon. I hate it when something happens with my computer.

  2. Everything with computers runs smoothly until it doesn't.
    Which is a lot of the time.

    Hope yours gets resolved with as little hassle as possible.

  3. What ever would we do if our computers were taken away from us. I'd go stir crazy for one. I hope you get it running at break net speed.
    Have a great night!

  4. I hope your computer gets much faster soon! I used verrrry slow computer before and I could take shower while it was opening web page!

  5. We got Fios and it is so fast! Its great. A new laptop helped too. We hope you get some good speed soon. We gave you an award if you'd like to pick it up. Purrs.

  6. What happen to be computers that make you are not happen to any more try work had on web page!

  7. Good Luck nothing worse than a slow computer. Mine has it's off days to.
    Thank you for your comment GG now I can't reply to comment on
    my posts.

  8. I upgraded to Windows 8 and have been pleased enough with the improved performance. I hope you get some speed...I know the frustration of a slow computer. I have cable so the Internet is about as quick as it can get.

  9. I hope it's speedier. That always make life easier, especially blogging.

  10. I hope your computer will be back in speed!!!
    Meanwhile we are all still here :>

  11. Hi and momma will be back up and running much better I am hoping. I miss you when you're gone. xoxoxo

  12. Mine's on a go slow at the moment too. It also crashes everytime I go near Photoshop or Office 2010 after the half hour or so it takes to start them! The internet is crashing at the slightest excuse...wondering if it's the non-Intel Pentium processor as the other one doesn't have an issue. Or maybe it's just Windows 7 is rubbish!! Personally I'm looking at it as the perfect excuse to buy a very expensive but powerful Ultrabook but I hope your prob's are soon sorted!

  13. Oh you are so lucky to have your son help you with computer problems. I spend way to many hours trying to deal with mine. My computer is slower then molasses. The hard drive is always over crowded, I have removed all I can. It's only a laptop so only have so much room. I really am ready for a second one as hubby and I have been sharing this one for 3 years now since he started reading new papers and keeping on on his soccer here. Working with my photos often goes so slow. It's enough my internet connection is slow just trying to visit everyone. Well hope you get things all running smoothly soon. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  14. Computer issues are always so frustrating aren't they? And we wouldn't accept anything else in this world breaking down so often. Cars, toasters, refrigerators... can you imagine?

    Hope your computer stays up and running!
    xo Catherine

  15. How is the 'puter doing? Do you have or will you have DSL?


  16. Nothing more frustrating than a slow poota, you want your interment fix, and you want it NOW, not when it's been all round the world first, I've got windows 7 and use Chrome on a laptop, and TBH apart from the occasional slow session it's OK I did buy and external drive and uploaded a lot of pics and stuff, I think it did help. good luck

  17. Carole, I will never have DSL again. It seems that it's faster today and T-mobile is supposed to get the 4G network here.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.