Monday, September 8, 2014

Looking Back As I....

copy old posts from Word Press. It brings me back
 to pleasant times when we were on Spaces and earlier
times when my sweet Kassey chose me as her human.
I enjoy being on Blogger, but I miss those days, most
especially when Kassey came into my life...I just miss
 my sweet girl.
Copying all this will take awhile. It's been 6 years since
we were booted off Spaces so .....I hope I can keep the
Wi-Fi. long enough anyhow to finish. I don't take it
for granted.
Blessings to everyone.


  1. Me do understand the good old day. Me & mom miss her so too and miss how fun to blog but in these day , my mom couldn't keep it up.
    Hug and purr to you

  2. I wonder if you took advantage of Spaces offer to put our blogs and comments over onto word press? They did it all FOR you. Every blog and all the comments. No pictures though. Let me know. I hope you did. IF so, you have a blog there with all Kassie's old blogs already intact. I did for Admiral and me. I still go there sometimes. xxooxx

  3. I've been revisiting past pictures can be bitter sweet. Good to hear from you my friend.

  4. I copied some from WP, but didn't work, taking too much space. I deleted them. My reason for doing this was to delete WP. Some videos were placed there. I did not check them out, fearing they were smut.

  5. Hi GG it's lovely to see you here . I must admit I never tried copying from WP . Hugs Sheila hope the Wi-Fi stays on for you x

  6. Thank you for stopping by. We sure do miss you and certainly your dear Kassey. I long for those old days too I miss my Abby and my Gracie, but especially my dear beloved Abby. Even after 396 days. I hope you get all of your files switched over.

  7. Thank you so much for visiting Chancy's blog on WP and commenting. We never forget our sweeties and always miss them. Hope you get everything moved from WP with no problems and it doesn't take a long time. Warm gentle hugs for you!

  8. Hello

    Nice to see you are still here

    Like me you have just come back again as well, I don't have much to write about these days but I hope you will call in sometimes and leave me a message
    Love Lo xxx

  9. you has busy with on Blgger But I hope you has with all of the friends soon...

  10. I hope to see you here with another blog when you can. xxooxx

  11. Thank you for stopping by. I was happy to see you!
    I hope you are doing well xoxo

  12. I was happy to see for Le spece It was be happy to see me too..
    See you soon xoxo

  13. So nice to see you here blogging again. I haven't been out in the blogging world for months. So many of us are caught up in Facebook now. Life has been so busy this summer not much time for blogs. I have been off so long it is hard to pick back up Glad to see you are keeping busy. Thanks for your visit to my blog back in September. Yes that is that last time I have blogged and nothing new in the works. Anyway just stopped in to see how you are doing? hugs Carrie

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  15. Is it really six years since we had to leave Spaces? How times fly!
    But we still miss sweet Kassey.
    Maybe she will whisper in your ear soon and send you another kitty.
    Hugs and purrs from Shimona and the J-Cats.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.