Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tale Of A Bad Kitty pfffssst..Kassey

Mom says I'm being a bad girl this
morning. Maybe that's true coz I
put a bitey on her paw. She was
pulling her dress sliding my paws
fur her comfort. I wanted to do it
my way. And that's why she got a
bitey. I didn't make any bloods and
I turned loose when she told me to.
I jumped down , so miffed at her.
I came around to this side and she
told me to lay here beside her.


  1. Well, these things happen, Kassey. We like to call them unfortunate incidents or misunderstandings. MOL!

  2. Yep, that is our built in early warning systems. Sometimes it goes off when you least expect it!

  3. A kitty does what a kitty does, the day must go up from here.

  4. I think your mom knows it was a play bite :-)
    You are a good girl to turn loose her paw when told to do so.

  5. Brian is right. Early Warning Syatem and you gots it, Kassey my girl friend. I love what Prancer Pie said too. MOL MOL XXXOOO

  6. That was very unfortunate indeed. But you're so good to release when told to. Tutu sure could learn something from you.

  7. Mom here: I just realized that I didn't say that Kassey was in my lap, but not sitting yet.

  8. Purr and the human will melt and forgives yous of everything!

  9. Kassey, you were just doing what a kitty does. We're sure your mom won't be mad at you.

  10. Glad it was a little bitey. We know you would never really hurt Mom.

  11. Oh honey we know you didn't mean it. No harm done....we are glad you laid by her.

  12. Miss Sweet Kassey,
    You know what ?...sit next to mommy, it's your mom's high light of the day : )
    Have a purrfect time

  13. Sometimes peeps need a small bitey to keep them in line. Sometimes they even like a play or love bitey!

  14. Regrettably, sometimes it takes a bitey to remind the Humans who's boss. That's all there is to it.

  15. Banjo puts the bitey on sometimes too! When he's had enough petting he lets me know it! Oh you kitties!! LOL!
    xo Catherine


  16. I think your Mum know it was a play love bitey the day.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.