Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not The First Time....ewwwooo, etc.

We've heard of  spiders visiting our open mouths.
Well last night I believe that must have been what
happened and it has occurred before. I
remember feeling like a wad of hair was in my
throat. If I could yak it up...well, I'd rather not look
at the leggy little beast. I hate those things so I just
swallow and drink water. I haven't seen these things
this Spring yet, so I'm wondering where  they're hiding.
Guess I'll have to sic Kassey on 'em. or sleep in a mask.

I hope everyone is having a soothing Sunday afternoon.
Kassey has been in her cube most of this cloudy day.
I put together her fountain again today. She does like
it better than a bowl. It's a task for me to disassemble
it and Andy had to do it. This way it gets a better wash-

I've been eating leftovers from supper yesterday evening.
I had pinto beans,corn on the cob,kale and cornbread for
breakfast and for lunch...mmm good eatin. Hey, I've eaten
left over spaghetti and pizza for breakfast, not together of
course. OK, nuff of this.


  1. ACK! I sincerely hope it was Cat hair and NOT a spider!

  2. I hate spiders. I had never heard that they crawl in our open mouth. My gosh, I would have hysterics I think.

  3. Oh yes, they indeed do crawl in a mouth and an ear too! Been there with the ear thingy. I called a neighbor to help me. It was day and I had been asleep as I was on midnight shifts..

  4. Ewww! Mes hates spiders, me is a good spider catcher and me crunches them!!!
    Mes hopes it was Kassey hair as peoples are not fond of bugs!

  5. I sure hope that was not a spider. Hope you got it all washed down too whatever it was. Your left overs sound yummy. All the furries here have slept all day too. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. EEEK!!!!! hope it wasn't a spider . Its good to enjoy left overs sometimes saves faffing and saves waste delish Hugs to you and Kassey xx

  7. Oh that spider munching doesn't sound like lots of fun!

  8. Spiders aren't even fun to look at let alone eat!!!

  9. Just the thought gives me the 'heebie jeebies'.

  10. oh, yeah! that sounds like good eatin'--the foods, not the spiders (ewwww). it's like watchin' grandpaw recitin' a menu on the hee-haw show--mom would allus hafta go get sumthin' to eat when he was done;-) our mom 'n' dad eats beans an' cornbread all year 'round--dad was borned to it, but city-bred mom learned quick!

  11. Ohhhhh noooo! Let's believe it was not a spider. Maybe it was just hair or fuzz.
    Spiders never visited in my mouth so far...I hope they never do!!

  12. Oh that is just an ookie feeling - maybe you just inhaled some cat hair - that happens here all teh time! We hope you are all doing good - I understand about the fountain - we have a few and some are easy to clean but some are not - but the cats like them so it is important that they have them.

  13. Ugh--that made me shiver just thinking about the possibility of eating a spider... Yuk... I don't even like to SEE a spider muchless think about eating one... Yipes!!!!!

    Hope you are doing well today.

  14. Hope Greatgran and Kassey are doing just fine Hugs xx

  15. Oh I don't get the kuddies very easy but that certainly gave it to me. One thing nice about the cats is they do love to eat spiders. I have only recently in my life starting letting my mouth fall open while sleeping which means I am finally being more relaxed in my sleep instead of clenching my jaws which I used to do. Well hope all the storms have passed your area. Happy Spring Hugs Carrie

  16. I agree with Lisa that if you have open your mouth means you were fully asleep:-)
    hopefuly not the spiders in your throat?
    I can tell you funny story of mines.
    One day I played golfing with my friends
    somehow I swallow a little flys in my throat than I can't spited out eighter ..
    in end I need drank water just like you:-)
    Have a nice weekend.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.