Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Sunny Saturday

I'm listening to updates on the aftermath and we still don't know
how many casualties.

Greed always rears it's ugly head and we're having gas price gouging.
Walmart even gouged on the ice , well that's the way it seems. They have
to answer for it. One man was shot 3 times as he entered a man's business
as he was attempting to loot. He died later.

We still have a curfew and a news lady was stopped around 2:00 AM on
her way to work and was finally cleared.

I have to return to Walmart today for white cornmeal I forgot yesterday.
God willing, Andy and his family will be here for a square meal and to buy
gas locally. They live about 12 miles from town and still in the dark and
so blessed to be safe. (I'm probably  repeating) Andy said they couldn't
see their hand in the dark where they are located.

I have to leave shortly and get back home  to cook. The G-Grands will be
here and I figure Kassey will watch them from a distance.
Gotta get going.....


  1. Greed is a terrible thing at any time but during such tragedy and loss how sad. Around here looting has been the biggest problem but they now pretty well have it all in hand I think. I just don't get how anyone can be so cruel when people have lost everything they have and in some cases their loved ones.

    Enjoy your meal and the time with your family. I hope Andy and his family have electricity again soon. So thankful they are safe. Hugs

  2. Love to Andy and the rest of the family and enjoy having them visit.

  3. Have a wonderful time with family. I am so glad you are all safe.

  4. Purring for you and your Family! Stay safe.

  5. It is very difficult time...but glad you and your family are safe. Have a great time with your family and stay safe.

  6. So glad you're all safe. Enjoy the time with your family.
    It is so sad that people are so greedy to take advantage of others when they're down...just so wrong.

  7. Tragedy either brings out the best or the worst it seems. Seeing the destruction via pictures and video just doesn't do it all justice. May God make a way where there is no way for all effected by this.

  8. I will never understand how some people can live with themselves when they prey on others tragdies. Hugs to you and the family and so glad your all safe.

  9. Greed....just adding insult to injury, they should be banged up, at least, what a dreadful time of it some of your fellow countrymen are having, my heart goes out to them, enjoy the time with your family and I hope things soon get back to normal for you all.

  10. Enjoy your meal Great Gran with your family, I think you are in for a little treat and relaxation. xx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.