Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Facebook Account Hacked

I can not get into my Facebook Account and they
claim they don't recognize my PC. It seems that some-
one has gotten in on another device. I WILL NOT give
them my cell phone number. When I go through all the
stupid steps to recover it, it shows me logged in. I'm
sent a code, but I never can type it in as it goes to a
new password page. I have typed in numerous new
passwords to no avail.
If I ever get back on, I will deactivate it again. And I
will delete my spaces account that is associated with it.
Of course, that means, disposing of my WP account.
I'm fed up!!!
Does anyone know how I can contact FACEBOOK?
Have a good hump day, everyone.


  1. Good luck, sheeze, it's always something isn't it?!?! Somedays we just can't win!

  2. I had this happen to me on facebook a year or so ago. I deleted the account for several months and then reopened it. It is some kind of virus or malware associated with facebook.

  3. Thanks Beth. I can't get in to delete. I'm wondering now if my PC has been hacked.

  4. What a PITA! But I guess I don't get the connection between Facebook & WP. Or are you using the Networked Blogs app?

    For the cell phone number, do they just need the number or also the carrier? You could create a virtual number with google voice, give them that, get the mess straightened out, and then cancel the google voice account. You can even get text messages on google voice.

  5. Me and mom really want to help, but we got no idea too, I hope you find the way to fix it..PURRS !!!
    Take care

  6. This happen to me i was with out my page for 3 weeks, you will get it back but it will take time, keep sending the report that your lock out, then after you get your page back you will be ask to name your computer so they know it you
    Take care

  7. can you just type a word & say "dont save"?
    I never bother saving my devices.

  8. Sorry to hear that you having this problem
    hopefully it sort of out soon.

  9. Well, that really stinks. We hope you can get it sorted out.

  10. Arlene send me your Facebook name and I will invite you as a friend maybe that way it will open up yours again
    I have noticed in the past that FB make it very difficult for you to complain about anything, if it doesn't work with the friend request I think the only thing to do is close the account and start again
    All in all it is a pain in the ass
    Love as always
    Lo xxxxxxx

  11. My wife and daughter have both had terrible trouble with their accounts. It will not accept my wife's name for whatever the reason and it closed my daughter's account without say why and so we will have to get another e-mail account to try all over again...yes, I hate Face Book on many levels but still go there for now...sigh.

  12. So sorry for your troubles. Its not fun when it happens. We aren't on FB, so don't know how to fix it. Nip always helps though!

  13. What a bummer Gr Gran,and how inconvenient, they give us these lovely toys then take them away when we haven't even been bad. Maybe you should be just to be contrary ;-)I dread it happening to me as I wouldn't have the foggiest clue how to recover it either, though I admit not to using it much, haven't got enough time, wish you luck, and also for some rain that you tell me you need, thanks for visiting, a purrsonal stroke for Kassey. hee, hee. Nice Autumny look here.


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