Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Almost Rant

I tried to upload a short video from my Canon about my
furry boss and her manipulations in action. Of course, I just
quit coz it was taking way too long.

Do we have to put it on YouTube first? just wondering. I tried
in vain recently to put a Kassey video on there. I couldn't even
play it , not surprised.

Now on to my spaces account....I have deleted all my contacts
on there, for obvious reasons. (FB). They are all for messenger,
it seems anyhow, which I don't use. I still get stripped down female
invitations which I detest. I have no respect for spaces. This is
nothing new. I have removed all my information from there, even
my fave movies, etc.

Sweet Kassey is sleeping and has missed all the yard sale people
milling around.
If I get ever get the newest Kassey video on, it will be her blog.
Maybe someone can shed some light on this, coz I haven't a clue.


  1. I actually use Webshots for short videos and for the longer ones I post from YouTube. I share your disgust with Spaces for the same reason. They dropped the ball so badly on their social networking that even the ghost of spaces past haunts us in a most unpleasant way. It seems we've all been herded to places that just don't do what Spaces did and nobody seems even close to throwing Face Book off its throne though I do wish for it. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  2. I rarely do a video, since I don't know how to add music or text, but the odd time I add a video to the blog, I do upload to YouTube first, making sure I set my privacy settings to my preference, not their default.

  3. Did I hear "yard sale"? Give me a heads up next time and I'll camp out before sunrise.

  4. Sorry, mommy is no help here. She's obsolete. (cod luf her) Gif Kassey a kiss from all of us. xoxo

  5. Mommy can't even TAKE a video and if she did she has not a sngle clue how to post it. I wish I could help us both.


  6. I wish I had some tips for you on the video. I see videos on several cat blogs, so I hope someone can help. I'm not sure if you ever visit Mr. Puddy's blog, but if so, I've seen videos of him on his blog several times. Maybe his mom could help.

    Happy weekend!

  7. I use youtube, it's easy, and I keep the privacy setting on.

  8. I have not posted a video in a long time. I hope we get to see it!

  9. I can't help you either, sorry! I don't take videos, I suppose I ought to give it a try sometime. I hope we get to see it too :)

  10. I have used youtube as well but have never posted one to a blog. Heard all your problems with Facebook. Boy sometimes I just hate this computer. Everything will be going well and think now I can get lots done and some change happens that also cause more time spent trying to correct it. I know on facebook for security they ask for a cell number. Well I don't have one or a phone number then they asked for a 2nd e-mail. I gave them that and it said it was already being used. Oh great how can that be. I am just letting it go. I spend more time trying to straighten things out then enjoy time here. Hope all works out for you. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  11. I used to be able to make a video but it has been so long I have forgotten how. Our friend Boston Boy does a good job with videos. we could ask him.

  12. Yes! I agree with Beth that Boston Boy does use a videos.
    I myself don't trust much for internet therefore I don't have F.B or other.
    Hope every thing okay for you.

  13. When it comes to things like posting stuff, or computer stuff in general, ask a kid! They grew up with it and know how to do it all. Early teens & older works. It really helps if one shows you!

  14. I've had trouble on and off with videos. One time it goes up with no trouble and another just won't go up at all. Have never tried YouTube yet. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  15. It's no good asking our mum - she's just found out her new camera does do short videos - but don't hold your breath about ever seeing one!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. I usualy upload to u tube first as well. It is then easier to just copy and paste the code into blogger. I am sure we will be seeing yours soon too and look forward to that.. Hugs GJ x

  17. I've never posted video on internet so I have no idea. But I hope to see Kassey in action.

  18. Lots of interesting comments, I wonder if |I should close my FB account, it's got me wondering. And i too might just try a video, just for the fun of it.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.