Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaded V-E-T Trip Again....Kassey

I refused the liquid stuffs and my problem stayed . Mom saw some bloody spots in my sink caused by my sinuses. I had been sneezing a lot. Wednesday night I slept alone on the couch until about 4 O'dark. I got on our bed and she covered me. And she told me we were going to the v-e-t later.
I was so human handled. Two women humans held me against my will while the v-e-t gave me shots and stuck this thingy you know where. This was so humiliating fur a dignified cat who rules at home. He then took me to another room and took my bloods to check fur anemia. He told Mom that my kidney function was good and Mom sure was happy for that.
I'm sleeping in while Mom types. She came in and  asked me if I wanted a treat, but I need to sleep
One of the shots he gave me was fur pain and as soon as we got home, I headed fur my sun puddle.

MOM:  I got her some chewable tablets and some chicken pill pockets and when she gets up, we'll try the new 'treats'. I sure hope it works.
Please remember her when you pray.


  1. Oh beautiful Kassey! We is so sorry yous is not well. We is all (me, Kozmo, the hairy slobbery sisters and Mommy and Daddy) purraying for yous!
    Fell better soon.
    PS Enjoy the sun puddles!

  2. I will...and remember what I found out the hard way...squeeze the air out of the top of the pill pockets when you finish with them each time and place the whole package in a baggy that is sealed. It keeps them fresher longer and she likely won't refuse. Admiral has not refused since I FINALLY figured this out. The pockets need to be moist and almost sticky. That is when they are the yummiest.

    Mom and I will purr and pray for you and keep us closely posted Kassey. Tell your mom to let us know if you are too busy.

    Kisses and hugs, sweet Kassey.

  3. We are purring our best purrs we hope you will be feeling better and bossy soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Poor Kassey! Those vet trips are necessary but that doesn't make it and better. Hope you better soon.

  5. Round 1. : She refuses and spit out one. The others are waiting.
    Andy is coming by to help. I can't hold her and open her mouth too. Her growl is
    Admiral, I did what Mommy said about keeping the pockets fresh. Thanks, Carole.

  6. Aw, Kassey, we're sending you (and your mom) lots of purrs, hoping you will take your meds and be better!

  7. Kassey, Misty and I are both sending you best wishes, Misty hates taking tablets xx

  8. Kassey, sweetie, you will be in my prayers!


  9. We are all sending purrs and prayers your way sweet one. We hope you are feeling all better really soon.

  10. Sending lots of purrs your way, honey! Be good and take your pills (er, treats) and feel lots better, ok?

  11. Getting probed is fun I'm sure but now that it's back to the kitty kingdom I'm sure all will be right as rain soon enough.

  12. Kassey!! Oh no!! I didn't know you aren't feeling well! Cody and I are sending you TONS of purrs and prayers. Special ((((hugs)))) to your Mom as well!

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  14. Oh Kassey, we hope this medicine helps you! Our mom gives Zoey her meds with pill pockets and she eats them right up!! Mom calls them her "special treats." We hope you take your special treat too!

  15. I am purring my furry best purrs for you Sweet Girl! And MY furry best purrs are HIGHLY effective. XOXOXO

  16. We are sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. We hope you are a good girl and take your pill with the pill pocket and not eat around it like someone we could name!

  17. Dearest Kassey, Mama is going to pray for you. I really hope you like the pill pockets. I love them!

    We are hoping to hear how you're doing soon. Take care!!


  18. Oh!poor thing Kassey, I thought only human get hey fever with sinuses problems which I has been for a month but it okay now.
    hope you will get better soon, have a good rest.
    I pray for you!!
    Big Higs,

  19. Oh, Kassey, we are so sorry you are sick too. Pixie is sick too right now but she is right here beside me, in wishing you well again. You say the V-E-T gave you a pain shot. Where does it hurt, dearest Kassey?
    We are purring very hard for you - and we hope you are still purring for Pixie. We Felines have to take care of each other, right?
    Mummy was very interested to read about these pill packets. What are they, exactly?

  20. Poor sweetie purrs you're feeling better!!

  21. Oh Kassey hope you feel better really soon, enjoy your Sun puddle many kisses xx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.