Friday, April 29, 2011

Closet, My Side Of The Story..........Kassey

I was not happy when Mom told me that we may have
to go into the closet again. She scooped me in my cube
and here we went again hiding from the storm. We got
out briefly for visits to the little rooms and I had to have
a few bites. Before it was all over, I wanted to bite Mom.

I was switched from the cube to the PTU coz I was deter-
mined to escape the next time she opened that door. I did
escape and then I was crammed into the PTU.
When we heard hail hitting the roof, Mom said 'it's here'. But it didn't stay long. Mom
was talking to Someone, but she wasn't talking  on the phone at the time. He kept us safe again.

Mom had leaky eyes when she read comments left on her post. We are so grateful for
our blog family and for the purrs and prayers.
Be safe and Blessed.


  1. Kassey, I love your mommy and you and you two were truly on my mind and heart as well as your human brother in Tennessee. We are SO glad to hear from you and forgive your mama for putting you in the PTU. It was for your own sweet good.


  2. all of my other comments are on your Easter blog because Mom was too silly to see Thursday's and so she worried needlessly. But you can see all of her comments on your Easter bloggie.

  3. We're so glad your safe, can't imagine the frightening time you're having.

    We laughed at this, though: "Before it was all over, I wanted to bite Mom."

    Please do take care and stay well!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Thank God you are both safe. Definitely we were all worried about you.

  5. So happy you both are safe. God bless

  6. We're so happy to hear you are all safe, even though we know you must have been traumatized by that closet business! But, our mom's (and dad's) have to do nasty things to us to make sure we're safe. They'd be lost without us.

    Hugs and purrs from the OK girls!

  7. Oh Kassey, you mustn't bite your mum, she's only doing it for your own good, there's lots of poor kittys out there who haven't got a caring Mum, so just be glad that you've both come out of this latest storm safely again. Do behave and let her do the right thing for you. If i bit my mum, she'd give me a smack! Lots of love from Tango and Ruby

  8. dear sweet baby, your Mom only goes in the closet with you to keep you safe. She doesn't want you to be hurt in the storm. You are the most precious thing to her! The PTU is a good idea (I have done that to Cody in a storm) because if she has to grab you quickly to protect you it is easier for her. Thank goodness you are both safe and sound! xoxoxo

  9. HUGE sigh of relief!!
    One of my co-workers Mom's house was hit in Alabama...not too badly but I can only imagine the scare. Kassy, you RUN to the closet if it's not the least little bit safe.

  10. Well, it may be irritating but I have say I'm glad for all it took to stay safe because safe is so much better than sorry!

  11. We were really worried about you and Mom, really! The closest is a good thing, so you just have to wait it out when the booger storms come. We hide in an inner bathroom, not much better, and in our PTUs, but...whatever works!

  12. I thought about you when I heard the scary news. I am so glad you and your mom are ok. My coworker said she stayed in a storm shelter with her two puppies until 3am. They are ok, too.
    Don't bite your mom, Kassey :-) She wants you to be safe too. Stay safe...and hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Kassey your mom was trying to keep you safe and the closet would have been the best place - we know you didn't like it but she didn't have lots of options.
    Please don't put the bitey on her cos you might make her cry. Be a good kitty and give her a kiss.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Oh my I am so glad you are both safe , Kassey do be good to mum she is only doing whats best for you. Stay Safe xx

  15. Dear Kassey,
    Me is so happy yous is safe!! Me had to check, even though my hairy slobbery dog) Sam - says she visited you. Mes had to make sure.
    Me heard all abouts the horrible weather down there and me said - why am me complaining about cold! Kassey and her Mommy has TORNADOS!
    Kozmo was unimpressed, me whacked him!
    Kisses to yous both


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.