Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We were spared from the awful tornadoes. Kassey sure
was glad to leave the closet. She really tried to be good.
She did growl some when I opened the door a little to watch
through the window. It rained hard and hailed briefly. I was
texting with Kim as the hail beat the roof..( My car seems to
be dent free, thank God.)
Kim said TN son was sleeping for his night shift later. They
were OK at the time and then I heard later it was headed
toward Manchester. I was listening to TV and the scanner.
They were spared but his pickup now has a tree or large
limb on the truck bed, bending the frame. It could have been
so much worse. God was so good to us again as He's been
so often during troublesome times.
They also got flying debris as did his brother who lives about
15 minutes from me.

Andy and his family never had to go into the shelter. However,
it left them in the dark like so many others. They plan to grill the
meat from the freezer. And God willing, I will add a pot of beans.
They can grill veggies as well, sounding yummy already.

Sheila and the D-I-L's and the Grands came by on their way to
Walmart. I'm relieved that the road from here to their home isn't
littered will debri. So I shouldn't have to worry about nails,etc.

Today is the first opportunity to get online since the storms as the
web connect stick has been testy. I called them and of course,
he used the weather for an excuse. I told him that this has hap-
pened before when nothing was going on. I started visiting but
could not comment.

It's dark now and you know who has been hinting for me to close
now. I hope all our friends were kept safe.
Blessings to all.


  1. I lived in Illinois for 40 years and I canNOT remember a season so bad.
    I'm glad you are safe.

  2. It is wonderful to see a post from you. We have all been worried about your safety and Kassey's too.

  3. So glad to see you post and to know that you are all ok, i can only imagine what that area there looks like after seeing what it looks like around here on the news reports.

  4. I have sure been wondering about you and Kassey. So glad you're okay. God is good!!

  5. After seeing the devastation I am worried your closet may not be enough :(

  6. We are so thankful you all are okay. We are okay here too but there is damage very near us. One neighbor had a tree fall on their home but they are alright. Safe and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Thank goodness you are all safe it must have been so frightening.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I am so glad you are okay, that is scary stuff. Fortunately the nasty storms missed us. We purr and pray daily for all those affected.

  9. I didn't see this bloggie, Kassey. I kept writing on the one before this one. Dumb mommy.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.