Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quite For Now.......Kassey

We have been absent for a few days, but we've been
thinking of you friends.
Mom has made such a mess around here, but she's
gonna leave it until she's through emptying organizers.

She is putting papers in this noisy machine that chews
them up and spits them out. There are bits on the carpet
too, and she uses the bags for my poop and pee. I
don't mind that, but the mess ....I just have to be patient
with Mom while she takes her time.

We will try to catch up and see what you all have been
up to. Efurryone have a happy Saturday.


  1. It's been about as quiet as I've ever seen it in blog land and even over on FB, frankly I've dropped back considerably myself. I figure some of it may have to do with it warming up some...I can't say for sure though. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sometime nice to have rest? your mum doing the spring cleaning:-)
    enjoy your spring weather both of you.

  3. It definitely is quiet in blog land. I hope mom gets through shredding the papers soon. I have a lot to shred too. I do hate doing it because it its messy!

  4. Humans do some weird things! Why they don't nap sensibly we'll never understand.

  5. Our mom needs to take a cue from your mom and get our place cleaned up - the closet is a scary site! You take care of her, Miss Kassey, and everything will be ok. :)

  6. hope you are having a good weekend!
    You aren't missing anything from me...I skipped posting today and am not posting tomorrow. I need to have an attitude adjustment and re-charge my batteries!

  7. Lovely to see you Kassey , all will be well when your mum has finished the Spring cleaning. Have a purrfect day xxTake care of your mum to it's mothers day I think...

  8. That machine makes such a noise doesn't it - mum has to de our shredding out of Hannah's way as the dust makes her asthma worse.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. We've been missing you! Hey, we don't use our machine like that, Sister Zoe chews up the paper stuff around here!

  10. Hi Kassey, nice to see you back, so it's not just me that hasn't been around, I hope you had a nice break, pity your peace had been shattered by the paper chewer. so uncivilized, Tell you Mum thank you for calling round to see the japan dog, even you [being a cat] would have felt happy for him.
    Be good

  11. I have a lot of papers to shread, too! I also have to do a lot of cleaning...oh such a mess here.
    It's getting warmer here. I hope you are enjoying sunshine and warm weather, too :-)

  12. I wondered where you were! I shred every week or so. Noisy and messy when I empty the container. BUT you gotta do it.

  13. Sounds like mom is doing a little spring cleaning! Hopefully you have some spring to go with it!! :)

    xo Catherine


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.