Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Luf Fooling Mom..Mol.....Kassey

Yesterday, she tried several times to get
the pill down....mol  It's just a 1/4 pill..and
small. She kept talking to me and rubbing my
throat. Finally, I did swallow. She put me down.
And sometimes later, as she got off the pooter,
she spotted the pill on the carpet. So, she's
gonna buy some more pill pockets. They nefer
worked before, but she nefer gives up.

The pill is fur nausea. I'm unable to keep my
fuds down now. But, she gave me a little cheese
this morning. It was a tiny bit, but, it stayed down.
Maybe the protein in it won't hurt my little kidneys.

Mom is going to the pet store today. She is gonna
check on the different Science Diet fuds, maybe one
with less protein.
Happy Caturday!


  1. Kassey, it is impawtant to take your medicines. Don't stress your human. Maybe you will take the pill in a piece of cheese? Like a cheese-pocket.

  2. Kassey try and take your pill , maybe in the cheese not so bad. Huggies xx

  3. Bless you Miss Kassey!! I hope mom finds some fuds that agree with your tummy. xx

  4. Come on Kassey be good and keep you mom happy. You will feel much better as well. My kitty Wildflower is at an old age and eating is sometimes a problem as well. Be a nice pooty and eat your pills. Hugs Carrie

  5. Kassey, you have to be a good girl and try and take those pills so they make you feel better.

  6. Kassey, have a tiny treat afterwards, it will help that icky pill go down!

  7. Oh Kassey, you are tough girl and I love that. But I hope you will take the pill! It's good for you!
    I hope you and your mom have a great weekend :-)

  8. Oh sweeie, please take your pill, it is ssssssss impawtant!

  9. sweetheart, take the pill with the pill pocket. Tell mommy that she must NOT use the same fingers she used inserting the pill into the pocket to seal the pocket closed. Because the pill smell is on her hands and she will transfer it to the pill pocket as she is sealing it up.

    My mom inserted the pill into the pocket with tweezers for the Admid=al. Her hands were clear of pill smell so Admiral just ate it down.

    Kassey, your Vet should have shared some advice with your mommy what to get you to eat. Do you know why you have nausea? They have a shot for that if it gets bad.

    I wish I was there.

  10. Oh darling, I hope you feel a little better verreh soon. You needs to eat like a good girl and take your tiny pill. Sending you purrs and love, XOXOXOXOXO Spitty

  11. The pill shooter-thingy (yes, that's the teknikal term) was what finally worked fur Prancer Pie. He's a terrible piller. Just a long plastic tube with a plunger. Fast and not traumatic! Purrs and purrayers fur you and Mom.

  12. Grace my friend, grace, grace, grace.

  13. Oh, Kassey, you must take your pill. It's terribly, terribly impawtant. If Pixie had taken her medicines, maybe she would have been able to stay with us for longer. You were one of my very first friends in the cat blogosphere and I couldn't bear for anything to happen to you. I know I'm a fine one to talk but if your Human goes to all the trouble to wrap the pill up in something that smells and tastes good, you should give it a try. She's doing it because she loves you.
    Your friend, Possum the MagnifiCat


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.