Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Furrsday Update....Kassey

It's so wonderful to be back home with Mom.
She is feeding me the wet fuds now mixed with
water. I really like it. Last night she left me a little dry
fud on my plate in case I got hungry during the night.
I cleaned it up without having Mom up wif me. And
I didn't yak it up. I got on the bed wif Mom and I let
her sleep until 5:30 this morning. I led her to the fud
room. She gave me the wet fud again. She said we'd
just stay up. After my fuds, I got in Mom's lap fur
Mom says we have friends and furriends who are purring
and purraying fur me. We thank you all furry much.


  1. You are so sweet Kassey. Blessings for you and mom.

  2. Kassey, we're glad to read this update, that you're eating well and so far keeping the food down. Yay!

    Continued purrs and purrayers for you and for your mom too.

  3. Darling I am thrilled beyond words to read your wonderful update! I am soooo happy you will have more good times with your Mom who loves you so!

    Much love from Spitty and his Human XOXOXOX

  4. That is sooooooo wonderful sweet Kassey! We are all still sending purrs, around the clock, we each have a shift to make sure they keep flowing!

  5. The humans just got home from their trip and are so pleased to read this update. Purring for you Kassey. We believe things will improve. Hang in there Mom.

  6. Kassey my dearest furriend, I will purr hard and harder and everything will be OK. You just keep doing that sweet girl. xoxoxoxox

  7. Sweet Kassey, thank you for the update. It's wonderful you are home and you ate so well. I know your mom is very happy and we are very happy, too!

  8. HI Kassey,
    You having a wonderful time with your Mum You let her sleep with after 5:30
    in this morning.
    I am so happy for you with Mum.

  9. So happy to hear this, sweet Kassey. We'll keep purrin and purrayin hard!

  10. Glad to hear some good news!

  11. Oh Lovely good news many Hugs to you Kassey and mum. Thinking of you xx

  12. Sweet Kassey,

    Mummy and I are so happy to read of the improvement and we will continue to purr and pray for you. We love you so-o-o-o much!

    Possum (and Mummy Shimona)

  13. We are glad you are eating well and not yakking Kassey. We are purring for you to continue to improve.

  14. Such a happy weekend! I am glad you gotted your share of the chick-hen. Sometimes you gotta just throw the rules out the window and have a good time, ya know?



Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.