Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vet Day

I got bad news today . The Vet said Kassey has kidney
failure. He said they were operating about 25%. And she
may go about 2yrs. like this.

I had to take her vial of blood to the local hospital. They
faxed the results to the Vet. When he came in to talk to
me,she hissed and blew while looking at him.

She came in messing with the blinds, just telling me what
she put in the litter box, poop and pee..happy Mom lol.

A lady was there and it was very hard to hold back the
tears as I was told that her dog died. I never saw her
beloved pet, but someone said it was in the car.


  1. Oh NO! All our purrs are for Miss Kassey...renal failure can be managed quite well with diet and fluids; our Chuckles gave us a little over two years after his diagnosis, and he was an old kitty that had had a hard life until we found him. Hopefully Kassey will respond to treatment and you will have lots of time together still.
    purrs and headbonks, xoxo

  2. As Katnip Lounge said, Kassey can still have a good quality of life with the proper foods and fluids. My Robin was 16 when she passed and she had 2 1/2 good years after being diagnosed.

    Purrs and kissies and loves. Tell Kassey to hop in her tunnel and come on over.

  3. Oh no! We are purring for Kassey. As KL said, it can be managed well. We have had several cats over the years that have developed it but gone on happily for several years after diagnosis. Two of the cats were sisters and lived until they were 23 and 24 years old.

  4. My sisters and I are all sending our very best purrs to you Miss Kassy. Like the others said, it can be managed and we'll all be her cheering you on sweetie.

  5. I am so sorry to read this. Hug for you and mom Kassey. xx

  6. Oh No! We is sending many puurayers! Our Hissy old Licorice was given 6 months when his kidneys first started to fail and he lasted another 6 years! Me will purray very hard.

  7. We are sending big purrayers and comforting ((hugs)) your way!

  8. Lots of purrs for Kassey for a good outcome in spite of what it may seem. How sad about the other owner whose dog died. Our heart do go out to her.

  9. Kassey, we are sending lots of rumbly purrs and love to you and your Mom. Like others have said kidney problems can usually be managed without too much trouble and life can be good for a long while.

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  10. Miss Kassey, we's sending you ours best purrs and purrayers.
    I's happy to read in tha comments that you can live a long while wif tha right care. And new treatments and stuff comes along effurryday.
    So we hope you stay around fur a long, long time.
    Missy Blue Eyes
    Faith Boomerang
    Baby Cat
    Mom ML

  11. One of the cats who came before us had kidney problems - he lived here very happily for years after diagnosis. We think the vets talk out their bottoms sometimes!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Lots of purrs from us.

    Please check out Tanya's CRF site, it's THE site to go to for info:

  13. we are so sorry to hear about this. we do know that renal failure can be managed well and we hope that Kassey will respond. we love you!!!

  14. Purrs and prayers for Kassey. Mom has had a couple of CRF kitties and she knows what a roller coaster it can be but there is a lot of good info out there. There are a couple of Yahoo groups that have excellent information.

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Our Chica was diagnosed with renal failure 6 years ago and she is going strong. They can have a good life with care, fluids and we use herbal supplements. The best web site I use is Tanya's CRF - this has helped me many times!

  16. We are so very sorry to hear this. We are sending healing purrs.

  17. Lots of purrrs and prayers to you Kassy & your Mom!! Lots of good advice!!
    ((((HUGGGSSSS)))) from your TX furiends,

  18. Oh no I'm sorry to hear this. But it's encouraging to see other comments that she can have a good, quality life even with kidney issues. Purrs and prayers for Kassey and you..

  19. We're sorry Kassey is sick. Purrs and pawhugs!

    It's sad about the lady's dog. We hope she has a good support system at home. Many don't, but fortunately bloggers do.

  20. Purrs and head bumps to you and sweet Miss Kassey. It seems so many of us have been down this road. The advice here is fabulous!

    Gentle nuzzles,
    Seth, Maxx, Newton, Tessa & Pia Bean

  21. We are sorry, but the good news this is not a death sentence. We hope you can successfully manage it and have many more good days together.

  22. Me knows how ascairt you muss be wif dis diagnoses. Is always hard when you hasa loves, and not can help when fings goes wrong.
    But wif a little medisines and loves, this not might be so bad.
    Me purrs fur you and your fambily.

  23. Oh gosh, that is too bad but everyone is right, kitties can live for quite a long time with the right treatments.Keeping our paws crossed and sending tons of purrs to you Kassey. We know you can get through this. Take care.

  24. Oh My.... This makes me cry. I am so sorry. I know how hard this is on you. Hopefully, Kassey will live LOTS more years! Bless her heart...

    You are in my prayers...

    God Bless YOU and Kassey.

  25. We're sorry to hear that Kassey is in renal failure. But it can be managed with diet and fluids and other medicines when needed. So don't give up can still have lots of good quality time with her. We'll be purring for you and Kassey.

  26. I'm very, very sorry to hear this my friend. I only wish I could do something for you. My prayers to you and Kassey both.

  27. Mum will try her best , so do as she says Kassey . You will feel better after your meds. xxx

  28. We are sending you spcial purrs, Kassey! Two cats who came before had kidney falure, but both went to the Bridge from other causes. Tanya's site is excellent, as are the Yahoo CRF groups. Diet and hydration are important and can give Kassey a fine life. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  29. We were sorry to hear about Kassey, but hope that with the proper treatment she will have a good quality of life for whatever time there is left for her.

  30. We are so sorry to hear about Kassey. Our late Cinders who passed on recently survived for almost 2 years after being diagnosed with kidney problems on medication. Her one kidney had shriveled.

    Sending lots of purrs to you.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.