Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching Up On Mom.....Kassey

Mom has been moving things again, nothing new. She has my fountain
in the kitchen now. When the lamp was plugged into the same socket
where my fountain was, it flickered. This worried Mom because of
the problems already with another plug. Now I have the lamp back
in my bathroom. I did not like being in the dark when I was thirsty
or doing business. That's another thing. She has mixed some herbal
litter in with the other and  I'm not sure if I like it. It does smell better.

Mom got me a new fud and I love it., but it's small and hard to crunch
like she tells me. The good thing is, I haven't puked. It has no color and
the puke, if I do, won't be colorful like before.

She made 2 hamburgers and she asked me if I wanted any, but I need
snoozes more than hamburger. I'm on my pillow in my bedroom where
it is so messy. I'd rather have my eyes closed. She is cleaning out closets
again.And she must be in Manic mode, 'cause it seems to be taking a long time
to do what she wants. She has been having internet problems too, so she
works awhile and then rests at the puter, trying to catch up. She has re-arranged
the kitchen stuff and I sure hope my fountain stays where it is. It's on the floor so
I don't have to jump on the counter.
I guess efurrything will be back in it's place some day.


  1. Sweet Kassey sounds to us like there is some spring cleaning going on at your place. Hope your mom doesn't work too hard. We are glad you don't have to jump up to get to your fountain...that should work out nicely. Hope you do well on the new food. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Kassey Mum was right to move your fountain, if it was close to the lamp, you'll end up like toast if you're not careful. If you get fed up with her cleaning, send her across the pond and she can give me a break.
    I got Tango and Ruby some new fud too, it's because they're old and need different formula, something to do with overloading the kidneys or something, they liked it well at least they ate it all up, but dogs are greedier and not so fussy as cats., not so purr-fect either I hear you say.

  3. Kassey, Is your mom getting a jump on spring cleaning? they really can get manic sometimes, huh? I far prefer napping.

    Glad you like your new food.

  4. It can be a pain when they get the urge to clean. I should just enjoy your snoozing and go with the flow for a while.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Kassey, be patient with mom. She will have everything in order soon.

  6. I get nervous when things are in their rightful place too! I hope you have a calm and relaxing weekend!

  7. I'm sure throughout all of these changes you'll find something you least I hope so!

  8. Poor Miss Kassey - keeping an eye on your mom is a real chore, it sounds like! Our mom got us some new food, too, and even though she mixed it with our old food to start with, we're upchucking it all over the place. She'll give us a few more days to see if our tummies get used to it.

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Mom is really busy isn't she. I hope she leaves your fountain there also, if it makes it easier for you to get your water.

  10. You have to work hard for your fuds. Hunting your fountain is HARD work for you, Kassey.

  11. You wondering why your mum has changing around?
    would be nice you can talk to her LOL!
    But I'm sure she does for you with lot of love with care:-)
    Have a nice day Kassey!

  12. Why do mum's move everything round and just when you are remembering where they'd gone they put it back to how it was in the first place??
    Don't ask us - we're just cats haha!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. The vibration from the fountain must have traveled up to the plug to make the lamp flicker, but now the lamp is the only plugged in thing now in her BR.

  14. Mum is making the house tidy Kassey so the both of you will be cosier. Enjoy the fountain I am sure will leave it where it is. xxxx


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.