Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quite Sunday Catchup.....Kassey

Our family have gone home to TN. My Brofur has to work tonight so they left a little
earlier than usual. Mom is always lonely when the quite sets in. But they'll be back sometime.

Mom is proud of me for being cordial most of the time. Every time my Brofur went to the
fud room, I would too. I really like him cuz he's good to me. He opened my bedroom
window so I could get some whiffies. And he opened the other windows too so I got whiffies
everywhere. He decided to sleep in the living-room with the kids instead of the bed. I decided
to sleep in my room.

It's such a nice breezy day and warm and I hope all my furriends are enjoying their Sunday
and getting plenty of whiffies.


  1. Hi Kassey,
    I'm glad you are enjoy with being your brother and he knew about you very well that he read your mine isn't he? opened the windows I like that very much too. I'm with you that I never closed my bed room door either:-)

  2. Dear Kassey,
    Me bets its quiet. It always seems so quiet here when the family goes home. Yous should give your Mom lots of kitty cuddles and kisses so she don't get lonely.
    Kisses your friend Nellie

  3. We are glad to hear you are enjoying some whiffies and a nice Sunday. Sorry your mom is lonely. We know you will do what you can to keep her from being lonely. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Sometimes quiet is good, but whiffies are better!!!

  5. Hope Mom finds happiness soon. You could always sit her lap or invite her to nap with you!

  6. I am glad you and Brofur are getting along so well. Enjoy the whiffies and be nice to mom.

  7. Lovely to hear you and your brother are getting on so well, he can read you like a book. xxtake care of mumx

  8. I enjoyed MY whiffies too, Kassey! And you were an especially good girl with your brofur. Show mommy you love her so she won't feel too bad.



Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.