Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....Kassey

I cannot believe I walked right into the closet. Mom is still pulling
things outta the closets. And it seems to be her hobby these days.

Last night the storm radio man said we had a tornado somewhere
in our town. So that's when she started emptying the closet and I
had to snoopervise. Well, in I went and Mom right behind me and
closed the door. I couldn't believe she did that again. But, at least
I wasn't in my carrier.And  I finally laid down in the floor trying to get some whiffies under the door.
Mom petted me and tried to soothe  me, but my kitty patience soon ran out and I showed my teeth. I was not a happy kitty. We finally came out and went to bed.

We have been Blessed again and kept safe from the storm. For this , I am a grateful kitty.


  1. Glad you guys were safe last night, Kassey! Tornados scare me!

  2. We are so pleased you are all safe and sound. We have never experienced one and know we wouldn't be happy if we did.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Tornadoes for you and 31 degrees for us...crazy spring. I'm sure glad you made it through that situation safe and sound. We are coming up on the one year anniversary for the big twister we had that ruined our Metra...may it be a calmer year this year!

  4. Kassey, I'm so glad you're Ok and out of that closet, I had tears in my eyes watching it, and hope it doesn't happen too often, We are so lucky here, the weather is getting nicer every day, for now anyhow, Stay safe, and trust your Mum, she means it for the best.

  5. Thank heaven you are both safe!!

  6. oh my how frightening!!!
    but you got pics haha-
    cats hate closed doors!

  7. H

    Kassey me and my mommy also had scares. But we only got to a watch and severe thunderstorms. Others were hurt by tornadoes.

  8. so happy you are safe! Your Mom sounds like mine. Everytime there are tornado warnings my Mom grabs me and my brother and makes us go into the basement. Daddy never wants to Mom just takes us and leaves him upstairs! xoxo

  9. I sure am glad you are okay, those are sure scary thing!

  10. So happy to hear your both safe. Being locked in a closet is not fun, for sure, but safety first.

  11. So glad you are both safe from the storm quite scary sometimes. Look after mum and enjoy your purrfect weekend. x

  12. Mom heard about the tornado from her son who lives a little bit away from there: very glad it bypassed you.

  13. Hi There, We had the same thing happen a couple of nights ago. The community sirens blared ---telling us of a tornado warning... We only have one inside closet --so that's where we headed. Luckily, the storms went around us. They did have a tornado both west of us and east of us...

    Love the word "Snoopervise" ... That is PERFECT --especially for a kitty!!!!

  14. OMC that must have been pretty odd to be let in a closet and have mom in there too. HA
    I was once trapped in the bedroom closet (and boy was it fun) for 3 hours before I was found...MOL it was my fault though.
    Mom and Dad kept hearing a bumping noise and could not find it. You know about cats and curiosity!!

  15. Glad you are all okay. Tornados are scary.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.