Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday, Today Thankful Thursday.........Kassey

Watching For Mailman Yesterday
Mom said after the Mailman comes, she'd go to the garbage and check the mail.  I had to watch for him.  I was in the window when she got back. She always smiles and waves at her watch cat.  It's a lonely world for a house kitty, but I'm safe and so Blessed. after the storm yesterday.
Juicy Doves This Morning
Juicy Doves  Moving Closer
I got Mom up early this morning. These juicy Doves came for Breakfast and it was a delight to see these sweet looking birdies. I sat quietly, not saying a word as they moved closer. Mom said while I watched the
the birdies, she'd make coffee. I  ate that dry stuff again instead of a juicy birdie. She said she wished she
could feed me raw meat, but it's not safe for a kitty.


  1. Kassey, In Australia, we have the fine mince meat for cat ! You might can find in your supermarket !
    It's good for us, and it's so YUM !!!

  2. I love how you sit by the window like you do. You remind me of my Angel Bobo when he was alive. When we lived in Cleveland I had a first floor apt. Everyone in the complex knew Bobo (including the maintenance people and the manager) because Bobo was ALWAYS in the window either waiting for me to come home from work or watching birdies or the world go by. They all used to pass our window and say "Hi Bobo!" you soooo remind me of him! xoxoxo

  3. Window watching is a very entertaining past time, you just never know what you will see!

  4. Oh Kassey! Me LOVES to watch the birdies too! Me does get to go out when my peoples are out and me HAS caught the juicy birds. They tastes YUCK!!!! Me would much rather have tuna or crunchies!
    Kisses - Nellie

  5. Being a 'watch cat' is an important job, you know.... You don't want to miss ANYTHING out there.... Hope you just watch the beautiful doves --and not try to catch one for dinner... Yipes!!!!


  6. Being on guard duty tends to make one think of the finer things in life doesn't it? Great pictures of your lonely vigil!

  7. If we are in the window when our mum comes back home she always waves to us and comes and taps the window where we are sitting.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Lovely to watch you in the window too,
    I'm like you always like to being outside:-)
    I don't understand why you can't eat fresh fish meat In Japan I used gave to my cat.

  9. Our mom never walks past our windows! You're lucky, Miss Kassey. We hope you have a great weekend!

  10. You seem to be enjoying your veiw of those Doves Kassey, look but please don't touch. Hope you find your dry food nice and tasty, mum knows best xx

  11. Dey make special kitteh raw meat diet - its in a freezer at the pet store - Daisy The Curly Cats mom git it fer dem all da time. We wud like to try raw meats too.

  12. Tango and Ruby say
    Ahhhhhh Kassey, you can watch all you want but the does are out of bounds for pusscats. If you Mom could get you some nice fresh meat it would take your mind off them, In Uk they have a kat fud called Nature Diet, and it's mushy stuff in a foil pack, supposed to be the most deliciously delightful fud for pusscats, but we're dogs we wouldn't know.
    You're doing a good job sitting on guard in the window, almost as good as a German Shepherd.
    Mum says to say thank you for popping in to enjoy the jokes at her thisnthat blog, and BTW we all like your new look. Woof.

  13. Oh1 forgot to say I pinched the frog it's on the joke blog. thank you

  14. Snickers and Precious say they like to watch the birdies, too. Snickers likes to 'chatter' at them. A window seat is a fun thing.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.