Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mind Reader Mom........Kassey

Mom put a new herbal good smelling litter in my pan.
She likes it cuz she can flush it. Well, it feels funny under
my paws. I just left my poo uncovered cuz the less I had
to touch that stuff the better for me. Mom said it was OK
if I left it uncovered and she just flushed it anyhow.

My watchful Mom saw me go behind my bedroom door
and she knew right away what I was planning. She called
me. Then I knew I better go to my litter pan. So after this,
she added my other litter and mixed it with the new. That's
better, but can't be flushed anymore. The main thing is that
I'm a happy kitty.


  1. Kassey we are glad you are a happy kitty. Do you think you may like the new litter after you get more used to it? Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I am glad you are a happy kitty again Kassey!!

  3. Kassey, mommy probably knows we don
    t like messing with our litter. My mom was afraid to change it because she feared I might go elsewhere. NO way she wants that to deal with. Right now, her only change (mixing with the old litter) is to get Wheat Scoop. That has no horrible perfumes, no powdery residue that gets in my lungs when I scrape in the pan, and hers when she pours in new.

    So, while it may not be flushable it's healthier for me than the Fresh Step I have used for years. That perfume odor is overwhelming and so is the dust.


  4. yep, you are right! the most important thing is that you are a happy kitty! Your Mom was smart to mix the litter to at least get you used to it.

  5. One way to train a mom is to make her thing we'll go elsewhere if we don't like our litter. I agree that the main thing is for you to be happy!

  6. Hi, Kassey! I'm happy that you are happy kitty :-) My Goro does not cover after using bathroom and he was always like that even when I changed litter. We use litter that can be flushed and I like it very much. Hopefully you will be ok with the new litter so that your mom can just flush it....:-)

  7. Oh we don't like change either! We changed our very, very slowing adding only a cup at a time.

  8. Woaw !!! Mom said It's O.K. ?
    Best mom in the world !

  9. Oh you kitties certainly seem to know what you like and know how to show us when you don't like something! Ha!
    xo Catherine

  10. We's gots new litter too. Kozmo was 'lergic to the clay, so we now have corn litter. Me loves flinging it all over the little warm room. Daddy don't like that so much. And it stinks more than the clay too, but the peoples worries morwe about that than me and Kozmo. Kisses Nelli

  11. we want to do right by using natural but it is so hard! I want to try wood pellets but I am so spoiled by scoopable :(


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.