Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cloudy Thursday Ramblings

I love cloudy days especially with a possibility of rain..We've had rain lately
but it never lasts long. It's a good day to prowl through closets and re arrange
what has been rearranged. I'm coming across papers to shred as well. I won-
der if I'll ever get through....oh well, it keeps this old girl occupied.

I've been making my homemade ice cream with frozen peaches and frozen
bananas, vanilla yogurt, and all natural peanut butter. This concoction really
goes well together and is scrumptious. I stopped buying ice cream after the
Christmas holidays last year. I also haven't made any tea cakes this year as
I recall. I am losing weight which is a plus. I have an under active thyroid and
losing weight has always been a problem. I do hope that changing my eating
habits, which includes a lot of fiber, is the reason for my weight loss.

I bought a book by Janet Evanovich "Plum Lovin'. But I haven't read much.
Maybe I can after I get my work done. Oh I got it for .50 at Big Lot's off
clearance. I love a bargain.

I've gotten hooked lately on The Young and The Restless. I used to watch
but quit from boredom I guess. I started watching Bold and Beautiful again.
It is interesting for now. I do get bored easily.
Well, gotta get busy. Y'all have a good one.


  1. Hi There, Your homemade ice cream sounds great... I am on Weight Watchers Online --and like it... No meetings to go to!!!! I've lost 15 pounds --and I too have cut out some of the good things like ice cream and sweets and junk... I eat alot of fresh fruits and veggies. Good Luck..

  2. Hmmmmmmm, home made ice cream! Now I'm hungry!!!

  3. I love homemade ice cream. Your recipe sound yummy!
    You will like the Janet Evanovich book. She is one of my favorite authors and of course everybody knows I am addicted to the Young and the Restless.

  4. Home made icecrea. A dream of mine. I have never made it. Rarely eaten any. Want to try.

  5. I use my Vita Mix to make my ice cream, like some of those you see in those infomercials. It has to be a tough one.

  6. We having more rains day than sunny days in this our winters time, you are making yummy home made ice cream that I love to eat but
    I needed to heat it up high to make me wanted
    it LOL!
    Enjoy your day.

  7. I've not had homemade ice cream in a very long time, that sounds really great!

  8. You are right about those dull rainy days it's good to set aside and do a bit of clearing jobs.Cooking something different in the kitchen and enjoy eating it afterwards. Hugs To you and Kassey have a good weekend :)

  9. Homemade ice cream sounds good. I used to make milkshake at home with frozen bananas and strawberries. It tastes good! I may start making it again :-)

  10. Oh that recipe sounds just yummy. I do a lot of blender smoothies with yogurt and frozen fruit. But the peanut butter is really a new twist. Maybe I should try putting some of that in.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.