Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gotta Outsmart This Cat....LOL, etc.

The folding thingy didn't work. This girl is gonna have her
way. I've thought about keeping her awake as much as possible
during the day. And maybe forcibly putting her harness and leach
on and going for a walk. She has been needing extra loving lately
but it has to be her way. no picking up.
Somethings gotta change, coz she's way too smart for me. She left
me an uncovered gift this morning, unusual for her. Maybe her potty
needed checking during the night, so I'll have to start checking when
she starts misbehaving during the night. She had made 3 deposits last
night. I always make sure it's cleaned before bed time. And we do turn
in pretty early as she expects.
It's gonna be hot, hot again today and no rain in sight. I keep thinking
about the awful Irene and the trouble she has caused so many people.
God bless those people and the animals affected by this.


  1. The mom says good luck outsmarting any kitty. 'Cause you know we'll find a way to "pester" you until you give in and give us whatever we want. :-P

  2. Hmm, the old potty trick! Me does that too, but now we has a puppy who thinks cat poop is a great snack! No clean up for Mommy

  3. I get a play session and a snack before bed, and sometimes I snooze all night long! Otherwise, I'm up all night, causing a ruckus...

    xx Maui

  4. If she's pooping in her potty..not a problem. But I am surprised by three. Around here..we play before bed. And I get on the floor with her to love on her..as Admiral also does not want to be picked up. Playing with a feather toy gets her moving.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.