Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Fursday....Yippee.....Kassey

Mom and I were waked up by boomies, flashes and hard water against the bedroom window.
This was around middle of dark time. So Mom moved the bed again away from the window.
She didn't mind acause we needed the much needed sky water. She had to repeat , "Kassey,
get away from the window." I have to keep watch no matter what the weather. It's just a cat
thing. MOL 
I hope all our furriends have nice sky water day if you want it.


  1. We have had sky water here all day today so we've not been able to go out. sob, sob, sob. Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We has finally gots som sun. We has had so much rain here this summer, me thought we had moved back to the wet coast!
    Me will keep the sun OK

  3. I am glad you two are safe Kassey!

  4. We would love to have some sky water but still none for us. Glad you are safe and got the sky water you needed. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. We had the water yesterday...but today was really nice!! And cooler for a change!!

  6. It would have been very nice to have some sky water but Mama says she doesn't want the humidity.

    Thanks for your visit. We've actually been away for a few months. We're back now but probably just weekly on Fridays.

    I understand the "cat thing". :)

  7. Water from the sky is always good for the garden, and the dirty car..and I love the rain water, I'm not actually watch the water from the window, In general..I confess..I fall asleep, Miss Kassey..heh..heh
    Have a great weekend coming

  8. We love watching the water fall from the sky as well. The crashaboomies not so much. At least the water is good for the garden and we love the garden.

  9. So the rain finally came that Kassey's been waiting for at the window. Just catching up on your life the last week. Sounds like someone is getting too bored and maybe needs a new toy. Or maybe a bird feeder right in front of the window to keep him occuppied. Stay clear of the windows during those storms. Who knows what those dark skies may thrust at you. Have a purrrrfectly wonderful weekend. Hugs Carrie

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  11. We have been having blue sky these days. It's nice but we also need water!
    You have to keep watch - it's a cat thing. LOL!! Kassey, you are so right! My boys are the same way :-)
    I hope you and your mom are having a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi rain here today even that nasty thunder , glad you and mum are safe and well and you got that much needed rain. Hugs to you both. :) x

  13. Here mommy and I have sunny wevvers! xoxoxox

  14. We haven't had much of that sky water Kassey except that one day last week when Tango and Ruby had to wear their rain coats, They're a bit tuffer than cats, and go OUT in the sky water stuff.

  15. The sky water isn't that bad, but those boomies...furgetit!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.