Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Saturday Boomies.....Kassey

In the dark last night, Mom and I were disturbed by boomies.
It was flashing and so noisy and water was falling. We didn't
get up and it soon quit.

Tonight Mom got the closet ready again as the wind started
blowing and raining. She didn't have to tell me what might
happen, but she said we may have to go into the closet yet
again. I hid under the bed, well, I thought I was. Here she
comes with the flashy box. 
Please Mom, not the flashy box. I have seen enough flashes and heard boomies from the sky already. I want to stay here until it's gone, OK Mom?
We had to turn off the 'puter cuz of the bad stuff outside. But we didn't have to enter the closet. We just went to bed, finally.

It's Sunday now and cloudy. The closet is still ready for us, but maybe the sky will be quite today. All this sure makes a kitty nervous.
I hope all you kitties and woofies will be safe and Blessed..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday.....Kassey

I cannot believe I walked right into the closet. Mom is still pulling
things outta the closets. And it seems to be her hobby these days.

Last night the storm radio man said we had a tornado somewhere
in our town. So that's when she started emptying the closet and I
had to snoopervise. Well, in I went and Mom right behind me and
closed the door. I couldn't believe she did that again. But, at least
I wasn't in my carrier.And  I finally laid down in the floor trying to get some whiffies under the door.
Mom petted me and tried to soothe  me, but my kitty patience soon ran out and I showed my teeth. I was not a happy kitty. We finally came out and went to bed.

We have been Blessed again and kept safe from the storm. For this , I am a grateful kitty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Listening .....Kassey

One ear to the ground listening for that click. I heard the click in the bedroom, but I let her flash me. Let
the old girl have her fun, I thought. Besides, I need a nap.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mind Reader Mom........Kassey

Mom put a new herbal good smelling litter in my pan.
She likes it cuz she can flush it. Well, it feels funny under
my paws. I just left my poo uncovered cuz the less I had
to touch that stuff the better for me. Mom said it was OK
if I left it uncovered and she just flushed it anyhow.

My watchful Mom saw me go behind my bedroom door
and she knew right away what I was planning. She called
me. Then I knew I better go to my litter pan. So after this,
she added my other litter and mixed it with the new. That's
better, but can't be flushed anymore. The main thing is that
I'm a happy kitty.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quite Sunday Catchup.....Kassey

Our family have gone home to TN. My Brofur has to work tonight so they left a little
earlier than usual. Mom is always lonely when the quite sets in. But they'll be back sometime.

Mom is proud of me for being cordial most of the time. Every time my Brofur went to the
fud room, I would too. I really like him cuz he's good to me. He opened my bedroom
window so I could get some whiffies. And he opened the other windows too so I got whiffies
everywhere. He decided to sleep in the living-room with the kids instead of the bed. I decided
to sleep in my room.

It's such a nice breezy day and warm and I hope all my furriends are enjoying their Sunday
and getting plenty of whiffies.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caturday Night Bedtime.....Kassey

I do not want to share my bed with my human Brofur. I tried to tell you when dark came it was bedtime so I figured I'd go to bed alone on our bed. You said my Brofur was gonna sleep on our bed and you'd sleep on the couch. Well, I'm not leaving. He came in here and talked to me and I showed him that I could bite him if I really wanted to, and  I even kissed his finger.
Later when he came back in from outside, he stopped me from going out and I whapped his foot...good thing I have no claws on the front paws. I just thought if my Brofur went out, I could too. He seems to get away with more than I do, so unfair. Enuff about my Brofur, it's bedtime.

Mom, I'm washed now and ready for bed. Brofur can sleep on the couch, OK Mom?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepy Saturday....Kassey

I wonder if I can sleep undisturbed cuz I really need a nap.
Mom, I was peacefully napping and you just haf to hang
clothes in my closet.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday, Today Thankful Thursday.........Kassey

Watching For Mailman Yesterday
Mom said after the Mailman comes, she'd go to the garbage and check the mail.  I had to watch for him.  I was in the window when she got back. She always smiles and waves at her watch cat.  It's a lonely world for a house kitty, but I'm safe and so Blessed. after the storm yesterday.
Juicy Doves This Morning
Juicy Doves  Moving Closer
I got Mom up early this morning. These juicy Doves came for Breakfast and it was a delight to see these sweet looking birdies. I sat quietly, not saying a word as they moved closer. Mom said while I watched the
the birdies, she'd make coffee. I  ate that dry stuff again instead of a juicy birdie. She said she wished she
could feed me raw meat, but it's not safe for a kitty.

Cold Cloudy Calm Thursday

Yesterday was a bad day. It rained hard after Andy and Sheila left.
I guess they got caught in it. It was coming in blowing sheets and it
turned yellow, haven't seen that in sometime. Weatherman predicted
hail , none here that I saw.

Kassey had been unsettled much of the day and upset with me.
I had to caution her about sitting in the window and asked her to get
on the bed  behind me as I was on the 'puter. She jumped up but want-
ed nothing to do with me. I patted the bed and tried to entice her to lie
'down here next to Mom.' She tried to put a bitie on me. Well, she could
have if she was serious about it. All I felt was the brush of her small teeth.
She went to her pillow by the window in her bedroom. It was still yellow
and I told her to get in her cube. Her cube is on a long table next to her bed
by the window. She ignored me so I just touched her left hip with my pointer
finger. She then got up and walked over to her cube and settled in.

I still have everything in disarray, but I'm getting there. I explained to her that
we're not moving, thinking it might be a fear of  hers. I don't know her background
so she may have seen this before she went to the shelter.

I neglected  to leave her litter box in a position so she could walk around it. My bad.
It is now on a rug., giving her plenty room to do her thing.
I got to see her BM recently when she came to me telling me what she'd done.
She didn't have room to cover it. It looked better than when she was on the other
food and I was glad to see it.  She is now sleeping peacefully, covered on her pillow.
She will probably talk later. And I hope she's in a better mood.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Easy Sunday.....Kassey

I've been so good lately and even letting Mom leave the blinds down closer to the window sill. And I
don't even get her up in the dark. She is wondering why. Maybe because all the stuff from the closets
looks like we might be moving. She says, 'don't worry, I'll get it put away.' As I've said in a past blog,
we are the odd couple cuz I'm the neat freak and she is the slob. I just need a looong nap.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awesome Blog Award Thanks, Mr. Puddy, Rain, Kassey,etc.

We were given the Awesome Blog Award by Mr. Puddy and
we so appreciate it. We do feel very honored to receive it. I
have slowly looked for ones who don't have it and have managed
a few. My internet has been slower than usual lately and I've been
working in the house as Kassey spoke about. So please feel free to
come by and get the Award. There are so many wonderful writers 
on the internet and they make my day. Kassey and I thank you all 
for reading and commenting.

We're getting some good rain for a change. Kassey is now in her cube
for a snuggly snooze. Earlier she was running from window to window
and enjoying the rain apparently and with the windows open it got pretty
cool.She headed for her cube and I closed the windows..

Kassey's food agrees with her and it's either USA or Canada, judging by
the code. It's Purina, all natural, no colors, etc. She hasn't lost any of it.
And even with a bowl of filtered water, she still uses her fountain that has
filtered water from my pitcher.
I'm a Nascar fan and the Nationwide is on so I'm outta here.
Y'all have a Blessed Day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching Up On Mom.....Kassey

Mom has been moving things again, nothing new. She has my fountain
in the kitchen now. When the lamp was plugged into the same socket
where my fountain was, it flickered. This worried Mom because of
the problems already with another plug. Now I have the lamp back
in my bathroom. I did not like being in the dark when I was thirsty
or doing business. That's another thing. She has mixed some herbal
litter in with the other and  I'm not sure if I like it. It does smell better.

Mom got me a new fud and I love it., but it's small and hard to crunch
like she tells me. The good thing is, I haven't puked. It has no color and
the puke, if I do, won't be colorful like before.

She made 2 hamburgers and she asked me if I wanted any, but I need
snoozes more than hamburger. I'm on my pillow in my bedroom where
it is so messy. I'd rather have my eyes closed. She is cleaning out closets
again.And she must be in Manic mode, 'cause it seems to be taking a long time
to do what she wants. She has been having internet problems too, so she
works awhile and then rests at the puter, trying to catch up. She has re-arranged
the kitchen stuff and I sure hope my fountain stays where it is. It's on the floor so
I don't have to jump on the counter.
I guess efurrything will be back in it's place some day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CC Update

Yesterday, I received the expected refund in the amount of $26.20
just as the Rep told me. Now I'll have to wait at least another month
for the $10 bill I figure they'll send me. Maybe 2 months is what it'll
take for them to feed their computer the correct info. I just thought,
what if the greedy ones treat the $10 like a loan and try to charge a

I am certainly ready to divorce them, but there will be more conver-
sations , I'm sure before this happens. The more I think about it, I
wonder if the Reps I've been talking to are from 'S' or their 'C' bank
that handles their business. One told me it 'S' is doing this, not the Bank.

I'll hang in there until I can be sure everything is cleared up. Without
the open account, I could not contact them.
To the bank I go today with a meowing cat left behind. She's OK though.