Monday, August 2, 2010

Come On, Electrician, Git'er Done

August 02
Come On , Electrician, Git'er Done
For awhile I smelled something that smelled like a hot wire.
I discovered it in the hall where I had a night light, one of
those that is light-sensitive. I pulled it out, 'cause when I
walked past it, it would go out. I had no clue that the outlet
was smoldering. It is OK for now. My ceiling fan in the
living-room has evidence of this. It looks like nicotine, but
nobody smokes inside. I do hope he does come today as pro-
mised. Last week, we had an awful thunderstorm, with light-
ening that was so close, it sounded like it hit the complex. It
knocked out someone's phone and I don't know what else. The
plumber/ electrician man was here, but had to leave because
of the heat and the manager said he would return today.
Not long after I moved here, I plugged my vacuum into this
same plug and more than once, it knocked out my bedroom
lights and plugs where my desktop, etc are. He rewired be-
cause the amp or whatever wasn't right. I have fire insurance,
but I prefer to stay right here. God has protected us thus far.
For this I'm grateful.
Be Blessed and cool or warm for those in Winter, GGB


  1. Now tell us as soon as he gets done because I sure don't like reading all that is happening there.

    I used to have trouble like that and it took a few upgrades, I have to say.

    Be safe..I will be standing by, me and Miss Catt to see how you two are doing.

  2. I sure hope he shows up soon. That is dangerous! Your electrician sounds like a cable or phone guy!

    Be careful!!!

  3. Thank you Kassey. I hope you and your assistant your mommy help you with another blog soon. We love your blogs.

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Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.