Saturday, August 21, 2010


August 21
'They' must be at it again. I wonder why are they
always changing stuff. I've tried in vane to change
my theme like always before. But only solid colors
seem to be available and I can't use my own photos
anymore. Am I missing something? I guess I need
a 'Dummy Book'. Even my blogs are so off center
and look nothing like when I published them. I did
find the 'Blogger for Dummies' site on Rambling's.
Maybe I'll figure it out sometime.I had to upgrade
my Flash Player, so maybe this will help. And I'm
wondering if it matters what Browser you use. Oh
well, I know the world won't end because of the
frustration that drives so many to Blog elsewhere.
I miss all the friends I had before and it seems
that with all the changes, I have to re-invite some
who are still here. I'm thankful for those. God-
willing, I'll continue to blog here and paste to
Blogger. Kassey and I will see you on Blogspot,, I hope.
Blessings Always


  1. I was able to change my background on spaces. Hope yours works for you.

  2. I understand your rant. I'm not too happy with the changes, not even sure I've discovered them all yet. Although, I was able to change my background...hope you can now.

  3. You can do me. No need to find another blog place 'cause we're all here. You have me as Admiral Hestorb, who is Miss Catt. On Twitter, The Admiral and Miss Catt are known as MissusCatt.
    Don't you go aren't near as pitiful as I am, girl!


  4. Ladies, thanks for the encouragement. I love it here on blogspot. I'll try again to change my background on spaces.

  5. Finally, I got the globe. Thank goodness for the
    'Blogging For Dummies'website.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.