Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Already?

August 27
Friday Already?
Time passes whether you're having fun or not, can't believe it's
Friday already. All is quite around here and not a cloud in the
sky. I've got my webcam watching the' goings on' here and saw
a neighbor moving. There's always someone coming or going here
and I wouldn't have known she had moved until a new neighbor came
in. At least I know she's still alive, that's always good news. I hope
she'll be happy wherever she moves. Kassey and I are happy here,
except for her wanting to explore outside. The hot weather is coming
back, the guesser said. Right now it's quite pleasant, but I'd love to
see those changing colors and the cooler weather.
Wednesday, I went to my hometown Doc for my 4 month checkup and
don't have the blood work back yet. I always get a copy, never taking
their word for anything. The phrase' it's ok' means nothing to me. I guess
it's the nurse part of me. My friend , Bettye went with me and Tuesday
I drove Bettye to her eye Doc, so two days in a row pretty much wore
us out. Yesterday, I was just lazy all day, getting my energy back. Part
of me wants to get that stuff from the closet and take it to the second
hand store, but I need to catch up here on the usual stuff. So, I'll close
for now, cuz I'm bored with this Just wanted to say
'hello everyone' and wish you all blessings.


  1. Friday does come does fall, I can feel it out there after a record breaking week while we were gone it's quite cool right now and I'm not complaining however I'm not at all ready for it to get cold and in these parts fall isn't always wonderful and the winters are often harsh.

  2. Week after week flies by, and Kassey and the Admiral, Miss Catt are the only ones not conscious of the swift movement of time. ♥

  3. Hello!!!!
    Hope the weather will be cooler and more towards your liking soon!
    Thanks for popping by my blog.
    Hugs to you and of course, Kasey!!


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.