Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pleasant Rainy Sunday, Kassey Proof....HAH

August 29
Pleasant Rainy Sunday,Kassey Proof....HAH
Yesterday, I uncluttered Kassey's favorite corner, almost
made it 'Kassey Proof', wishful thinking. I now have the
'printer table' hugging the wall. And filled boxes sur-
rounding the bottom of the table, blocking her com-
pletely to the battery wire. I moved the TV and Antenna
to the opposite wall. I covered the Battery and my 'puter
wires with those rubber covered wire thingys. Of course,
it's been another battle with the surge protector and the
TV wire again. Now, it has a wire thingy over it. I also had
to cover the buttons on the printer. Before the re-arranging,
I made my early morning coffee and missed Kassey. She was
just sitting there by the printer table and looked at me when
I came back in the bedroom. I asked her if she was gonna
start that Come on, I told her and she followed
me to the kitchen for her B'fast and my coffee. She really
tickles me at times, such a good companion.
So now, this is Sunday, my favorite day, and Kassey is watch-
ing this glorious rain, sure hope it rains all day, so relaxing.
I have to wonder what's she's plotting, cuz, I know she won't
give up on all my efforts to keep her precious self away from
these wires.
Blessings Always


  1. Nope. I probably already mentioned that I got a cordless phone because of Miss Catt aka the Admiral who bit the cords in two every chance she got. I learn slow so it took awhile to get the cordless phone. Who knows how much I spent getting new cords. Oh, do you have a fishing pole for kitties to play with her, with? That will get her out of her gotta do something 'cause I'm bored thing.

  2. Rainy days are plotting days to be sure. I expect it will be a spectacular plot that unfolds before your wondering eyes!

  3. we're gonna have to get you to blog Kassey. Surely you've had a spray of water by now if you were naughty? Mom should have sprayed ME when I laid another bitey on her.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.