Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Chain To Yank...Kassey

August 01, 2010
New Chain To Yank...Kassey
She put a new thingy in our bedroom.It has two shiny
long things and it's hooked up to the small TV.
Andy hooked it up so he could watch 'wrestling',
whatever that is. I just listen and pass this info
on.Andy was working on Mom's big toy. I heard
her say he was washing it clean. When she has a
problem, Andy comes to her rescue. But, I don't
mind sharing her , cuz he plays with me.Well, as
you know, now I use this to get what I want. She
caught me at least twice bothering the wire.She
usually figures it out, but sometimes she's sooo
slow.. Last night, she knew I was still upset with
her as I was lying in the floor instead of on my pillow.
She said,'Oh, I bet you need a new pillow case."
Yes, she guessed right and I got on my pillow,
waiting for lights out. I'll keep using this new wire
to control Mom, I just have to...Meow for now.

Blessings Always, Kassey

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  1. Of course you're right, Kassey. You have making mom do what you need or want down to a fine art. Just don't let her know that. But even if she figures it out..all you have to do is what I do and all kitties do..just look at her with your beautiful eyes and let her pet you a lot more than usual. Works every time. They know how beautiful we are and they love to please us and so we get what we want. ♥


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.