Thursday, August 19, 2010

Honey Almond Tea Cakes

August 19
Honey Almond Tea Cakes
I ground some almonds and added 3/4 cups to my usual
amount of flour. I intended to use it as a substitute for
flour, but the batter was too thin. I still only used 1/2
recipe. I also added 1 tsp.almond and 1 tsp. vanilla.This
really made them delish. My thanks to Sue Lehman for
the idea of ground almonds.
Waiting for rain again, still only getting a short shower
but, I'm not complaining, love it.
Blessings Always, GGB


  1. This sounds really good and almond are so good for us. What a great idea.

  2. That sounds like a winning recipe!

  3. Kassie ask mom measurements of flour and almonds that are ground please. Sugar?

  4. 3/4 c.Oil
    1 c. Sugar or 1 c.Honey, (no water added)
    2 Eggs
    2 Tsp. Vanilla
    2-1/2 c. Self-Rising Flour

    I used 1/2 Recipe and added the 3/4 c. Ground Almonds and Dried Cranberries.
    I added 1 tsp. almond extract, 1 tsp.Vanilla Ex.
    Baked 350 about 10-15 min.

    Mom won't let me have any and she sure enjoyed these all by herself.

  5. Sadly,I have no self control over these cookies. At least they are very nutritious, I tell my 'sweet tooth self.'lol


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.