Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WordPress Rant

At this time, I am very ticked off at WordPress.
I tried to get the globe on there,but all I got
was the website to click on. Well, after this, I
now have no place to post or even sign out.
So, if I can do it, don't know how, I will be
deleting the crappy blog site. I do have all
my previous blogs, thank goodness for that.
I have to wonder if revolver maps has done
this, so can anyone enlighten a computer
dummy such as I?


  1. I can't and it has to do with Word Press, not Revolver maps. Maybe they don't accept gadgets.

  2. Wordpress can't use Java, so if the globe is a java script then that would explain why it doesn't work. That is one thing I can say about blogger - a lot more stuff works on it.

  3. I think Amy has answered your question.

  4. Sorry I cant help but Amy sems to have hit the nail on the head.. HUgs GJ x

  5. Wordpress.com will not accept any flash widgets or gadgets on their site. Its not as 'open' to stuff as Blogger is. If its important to you to use these sort of Widgets then maybe you'll be happier using Blogger.

  6. Sorry Amy is correct, I meant Java Script.

  7. I agree with all the others i don't like wordpress and they made it sound like it was the "place to be and be seen "
    From what i can see i prefer Blogger, so i think i will stay here

  8. I like blogger, still not sure about WP, I don't have one and I don't know if it's really worth my while, I hear some people say good things about it and other's don't like it much, but I might give it a try, but not right now,WP actually sounds a bit limited with what you can do with it and I like a lot of options. I'm hanging on to my WLS to the bitter end I think. I'm not getting any action on Blogger at all, in fact it's pretty lonely over here. =( *sniff*,
    I'm been thinking of giving up blogging altogether now that WLS is dying out.

  9. Looks like you've got many correct answers here. Blogger is so user friendly and you can add just about anything you want and I see you have the revolving globe.

  10. My blogs letter are too small what happents was
    When I written time was a big letter and changing to a small letter, I should change them?
    thoughts time to next new blogs:-)
    I am not comfortable yet in here..
    But better than Wordpress:-)
    Thank you for your support,

  11. First Michiko you can change the size of your font by clicking on the Tt bit when you compose and either click Normal or whatever you want.
    And Robyn I do hope your not going to give up on Logger, I personally feel we'll all get to grips, I'm not keen on Wpress either feels like a newspaper to me not quite as friendly as Blogger, so stick at it. as many on here have said. Like you I like lots of options, though I may give WP a try later wehn I feel really happy with Blogger, and I've still got my spaces. What I might do is put itall opn disk and copy stuff on here if and when I think appropriate. the photos ar eon Hard disk anyhow.


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