Last night Mom had to turn off her big toy and unplugged it too.
So after we went to ‘our’ bedroom, I sat in the window for
a few minutes. I got on the bed and she moved it some more
closer to the closet. Well, it really started getting noisy with
all the booms and flashing. She had already moved my ‘sunny
spot’ bed away from the window thinking I might want to sleep
there. Mom always tries to stay one step ahead, but I don’t care
where my bed is when I’m sleepy. It’s booming some and water
falling again. That’s OK  I’m safe on my recliner today and Mom
is watching the sky with her webcam. She said the sky looks bad,
don’t know if we’ll have to head for the closet.
Last night, the little thing in the window sounded an alarm and
Mom got up to see what the message was and it started talking
about T-storms here, so she turned it off and we came back to bed.
The next time, she just let it alarm ’til it quit.
With all the water falling today, I won’t beg to go out.
Blessings to  everyone…….Kassey