Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Figured It Out Finally

I know I'm  not too sharp on techy things, but
I stumble upon  a solution sometimes if I keep
digging long enough. I'm referring to WordPress.
I've been pretty stressed on that stuff, as you know.
Well, it finally occured to me that the 'Log In/ Out'
widget is necessary on your blog. I also have the
Dashboard which is vital for adding a blog, etc.
Without the dashboard, any hopes of blogging is
caput. As instructed by Technogran, I had to use
search to get the dashboard thereby learning about
the necessary widgets for my blog. Many thanks ,
 Now I know all you folks already knew this.
A good thing I discovered on WordPress is that
a lot of spam was blocked which is a blessing. I'm
sure there are a lot of other things I've not stumbled
upon, but I'll keep trying like getting Kassey's photo
on . And one more thing that bugs me is that the date
and time is way off and I don't know how to correct
this. I most likely unknowingly did this.


  1. I know you will get it all figured out!

  2. That is good that you have gotten at least some of the wordpress stuff figured out!

  3. I can't join you there but if you leave here, I will truly do my best to visit you and your mom over there, Kassey.

  4. Hi, Admiral, tell Mom I'll be looking for her on WP. I don't how to find friends on there yet.

  5. You seem to be doing fine here as this blog looks very nice.

  6. It takes some time to get things figured out and you are not alone on that one. I have hada blog at wordpress and am still learning new things all the time. As for the time over there there is a setting that you can change it but darn don't know exactly where it is. I will let you know when I can figure it out too. Have agreat week!

  7. LOL I'm still stressed from trying to get my permissions right for Blogger. I've not been to my WP for a few days since I migrated there. I got so frustrated there that I thought I'd give it a rest before I blew a fuse. haha!
    I do, however, intend to give it another whirl. I'm sure it will come to me eventually.
    I'm glad you're getting things figured out over there. :)
    Hope yours and Kassey's week is a good one!

  8. Its good you have found your way round here , any tips on the other place WP is well appreciated.Thank you With most of your friends I see you are just doing great.Have a lovely day xSheila

  9. I think i have given up on WORDPRESS it was such stress trying to find your way around and when they sent us letters on WLS they made it sound so easy
    Like you i am not good when it comes to anything Techno ( and yes i agree thanks to TG for all her help )
    And when they said they don't transport your friends list over that really done it for me, as i am sure like others it is your friends that you have made that you want to go over with you
    I have found Blogger a bit easier, although i still think there could be an easier way of replying to someone when they leave you a comment

  10. I just can't get with WordPress though some I know are over there...I join the Admiral in the desire to keep up with you as best I can...this will remain my home but I don't mind visiting you!

  11. I moved everything to WordPress yesterday. Also, started with Blogspot. Haven't figured out either one yet, just figured I could take my time. WP will probably just be used to archive all my Spaces stuff...still want it 'beautified'.
    From my perspective you're doing great with all of this...gives me encouragement.
    You and Kassey have a great day!

  12. Wait! You can't leave! We just found each other!

    Okay, I got that off my chest. Now, if you head over to WP, give me your forwarding address. I'll try to figure out how to follow you over there. (Not that I'm leaving Blogspot. Packing up for a move takes too much work.) :)

  13. In reply to your comment about lacking a Guest book on Blogger, I tried your email but it was refused, wither yahoo doesn;t like Gmail or the address was incomplete but her is the email content.
    Hi Gr Gran, just a quickie, you don't have a GB as we used to know it, it's simply a matter of adding another page so go to your dashboard then posting, edit pages and below that 'NEW PAGE' then you name it Guestbook or whatever you want, in the main body put your spiel and save to blog it will then come up in a new tab, I've started a WP blog and I can add pages to that too. But I still think it's all long winded.
    A lot of the problem is that friends have been split and their friends split between WP and Blogspot even Face book and so on, I did mention this when it was first announced, and it's hard enough sorting out the new formats without trying to keep in touch with friends, but Rocket man's right, and if you click comments you can see what people have said, but it's not quite so user friendly, good luck, and I expect to see a GB on your blog soon. Off to do some painting now.

  14. Sorry about the spelling, fat finger syndrome. no smileys to add but :-))

  15. PS I see you have lots of friends [followers] and was wondering whether or not to try and pinch some, but I'd probably lose them between blogs. :-((


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.