Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do I Look Happy??..Pffssssttt.......Kassey

Yesterday was an awful day. Mom said we had tornadoes coming and she 
cleaned out our closet. I always dread that hot closet and this is what she did
to me. I'm a good girl but she said she had to put me in this thing. We did go 
into the closet for a few minutes, but it seemed like the tornado was gonna 
miss us again this time. She let me out for awhile as I had a snack and made
a potty trip. Well, I had to be put in this thing again as the tornadoes kept 
coming and we had to be ready for the closet. She told me she was sorry
that she had to do this. Oh well, at least I didn't have to go to the dreaded 
vet and we were blessed yet again. 


  1. No, it does not look like you are happy, but you do look like you are in a safe place for when those awful tornadoes come. We had those too and all the critters here don't like them. Glad you all are safe. Nose kisses and hugs

  2. I am very happy to the tornadoes missed your area
    othewise it will be unhappily situation Kassy..
    than yet I don't want to see you in the bags but what else your Mom can do with you :-)
    be good to your Mommy....

  3. You have a loving good mommy...just like Miss Catt :-) We had tornado warning but it didn't come over to us. SO glad you and your mommy are safe.


  4. I am very happy that you and mommy are safe.

  5. Miss Kassey, when I saw you in that bag, I thought you had to go to the vet, and I was very worried! I'm glad to hear you were just there to be safe. I'm glad the tornadoes did not blow you away, too! You are such a very, very sweet friend to come by and check on us! Our weather here hasn't been bad at all - it's all been north and east of us. We're just enjoying the cool weather now - after a hot, horrible summer, we're ready!!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  6. Oh no! You sure don't look very happy, Kassey. We are glad you and your mom are safe and the tornadoes didn't come close to you. Purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  7. My goodness Kassey, you do look a bit miffed. Well I know that you know your Mama is protecting you. Your poor Mom must get a bit stressed too when she has to get things ready to go into the closet with you for shelter.
    I have a friend on Facebook who had to load up her kitties in the carriers too and head for her basement yesterday because of tornado warnings in her area, must be very nerve wracking. Glad you're all safe.

  8. Oh, no Kassey, you do look so unhappy. But I am glad that tornado missed your area. Please be careful and safe. I'm sorry that you had to go into the closet where you dread, but I'm sure it is so much better than going to the vet!

  9. So glad you and Mummy are safe from the tornadoes , it seems although you don't look too happy you were in the right place , hugs take care xxSheila.

  10. Ha ha .....Better than being out in the tornado Kassy at least you are safe

  11. Hi Kassey! Our mom does that to uss too when there is a chance a tornado could head our way (usually like once a year - so far none actually showed up thank goodness). And well, we don't go in the closet but we do go in the tiny bathroom - it is as small as a closet! We are glad no tornadoes actually showed up there. And we understand it is annoying to go in the carrier like that at home, but it is just because your mom wants to keep you safe (and yes, we do have to keep repeating that to ourselves when it happens to us!)

  12. Oh dear Kassey you don't look too happy at all, but if I had to face a tornado I think I'd be in there with you, with Tango of course. Show how brave you are, and tell yourself you're not a cat, you're a LION.

  13. My goodness, I have to say that is one unhappy look! We had a tornado filled summer and that's an ususual thing for us I have to say. Here in Ghana it's plenty humid but I don't think such things ever happen...I'm sure glad!

  14. Safe is so very good, and I am so happy you are safe!

  15. How Scary! Way worse than Halloween...we're glad you and your Mom are ok. It's good she was prepared.

  16. Kassey, tell mommy she can just click on mommy's Flickr pictures over on her will take her right there and then, she can click on the set (thumbnail) that says My Explore.

  17. Your Mommy gave me a big smiles in my face and I still have it:-)
    she said that she would like have more rains..
    I could said to her Excuse me that we need have the sun shineing in our special public holiday:-)
    Kassy,you have a Happy Holloween!
    Do you eat candy? never heard of the cats eat candays LOL!

  18. Glad you're safe from the tornadoes... And the vet too! My dad better never try to put me in a bag!! He WILL pay!!! I'm pretty sure he knows better.

    Happy Halloween Kassey, and don't hiss at the little people.


  19. Oh my goodness ~ how scary that must have been! I am so glad the tornadoes missed you!

    Happy November!

  20. Well better safe then sorry. You do look a bit funny in there. Well have something that will brighten your day. I finally did a blog on Wildflower . So come have a close look at Wildflower and her life.
    Hope those nasty storms end soon for you.. Hugs Carrie


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.