Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom is in another 'moving stuff ' mood again. But, she'll have to wait
'til I decide to get up. I'm digesting that smacking good Fancy Feast 
she brought me yesterday when I was alone for so long. The table she
wants to move is in this room and it will be put in her bedroom, but she
has to wait for me to move.
Yesterday evening, I waited  for her to come in after talking to our other
neighbor. When Mom opened the door, I went out before she knew it. She
caught me and she held me as she walked out to the sidewalk. That was
fun, but I started trying to get loose when she started back to the door. I  
was not ready to come back inside. 

Here are the photos she got with that flashy box.

Kitties and doggies, be blessed...Kassey



  1. You precious girl. You look so right lying in that sun puddle. I hope your little tummy furs were toasty and warm.

    Kassey, take it from my mommy & me (this is the Admiral speaking but I am still using mommy's blog address right now) don't go outside. You WILL be smooshed! It doesn't matter of you were a feral kitty or one that was lost and then found on the streets. Your mom has been taking excellent care of you and you don't have the skills for the streets. DON'T do that any more..promise?

  2. Kassey, please do stay inside where you are safe. Rnjoy the Fancy Feast.

  3. Kassey, we've been out, and we've been in. IN is better!
    Gosh, we hate it when the Beans rearrange stuff. WE like things the way they are!

  4. Looks like you have a great sun patch to enjoy there, Kassey. And good for you for not moving and making your mom wait ;-/, we kitties are the boss after all! Be careful with the sneakin outsides...yeah, we like to also but be safe! Purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  5. Such a nice cat-sized patch!

  6. Kassey you are the biggest sun worshiper I have seen. If there is a spot of sun you have to be in it. Don't go making any dashes for the door either.. Hugs Carrie

  7. That's a nice little spot of sun, Basil, Elizabeth, Sylvester and Mini love lying on the sunny spots and they love getting Fancy Feast for a treat too.
    You and your Mom have a lovely weekend.

  8. WOW, you caught that sunpuddle just right!

  9. Kassey sure does know where the best place in the house to have a lovely stretch out. Follow that sun , keep inside its a big world out there. xx

  10. Tango says to Kassey, [through me of course as he would never be seen dead talking to a cat personally] he said tell that cat to stay indoors and keep that patch of sunlight warm, as there can be horrible nasty dogs out in the big bad outside world, though it pains him to give a mere cat advice. But if you did venture out, just don't come in my garden or I will forget my well taught manners, Get it?
    Arlene says, 'you photograph well, got a nice pose about you' and heed Tango's grudging advice.

  11. Looks like you are enjoying a "bath" - sun-"bathing" of course!

  12. Kassey I am so glad you found some sun to enjoy inside and oh, that Fancy Feast that is the best! Nice pictures of you catching a bit of sunshine. Nose kisses and hugs

  13. Kassy! I thought I was here and I read other friends of your comments? am I dreaming?
    I wrote comments that how you are lucky to sun-bathing without worry about time etc :-)
    Please you would be a good girl as Admirals suggested that outside is very dangerous.

  14. You look great in your sunbeam, Kassey! Our mom has been trying to move stuff also, but she can't decide where it's all going to go, so half of it is just out in the middle of the floor! She's going to trip over it all soon, then she's going to be really mad! I hope your mom gets stuff moved before SHE gets really mad!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  15. You look so warm and cuddly in your sun puddle - our mum wants to give you a kiss.

  16. Hi, Kassey. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is fun to have friends who are the only kitty in their household, because lots of the blogging cats have at least one other cat in the family.

  17. Kassey, outside can be scary, so please be careful. That box made of sun is so nice!

  18. sneaky sneaky, but glad you enjoyed the outing even if it was short...

  19. Sun puddle!!! LOL! You sure do look comfy and warm there. When I find a spot like that, I like nothing better than to chase my two doggie brothers away. After all, it's mine!!!!!

    And Kassey?? Stay outta da street!!
    Bonnie B


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.