Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Stuff...Amy Too

I was able finally to change the time on WP. I did what Beth told me
and followed through . Thanks , Beth                                                                
This is a still shot I was able to extract from the video I could not add. A banana
just wasn't enough. She went for it 3
I quickly watered my flowers and returned to the heat. TN son called about 5:00 AM.
He had been off work for awhile and said they might come down this weekend.  He
always tells me he loves me and said for me to tell Kassey that he loves her too. I told
her of course. He was on the speaker phone and she was in the bedroom window
listening...ahem, eavesdropping. It'll be interesting to see how things go with the blinds
and Kassey. I'm hoping they do come, been too long. Gotta turn the heat back now
so guess that's all for now. Blessings Always....


  1. Nothing like cat food for a little protein LOL! Love the picture my friend. It's plenty warm here in Ghana. I don't think we've seen a day below 85 degrees ever and the humidity is just awful...ah well going home should be a shock and a half!

  2. I agree with Joe..a little cat food never hurt no one and great protein too. :-)

    Have a great weekend with your son.

    (((HUGS))) to all of you..

  3. See, everyone likes noms!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. What a great picture. My son ate everything he could get his hands on when he was that age. My daughter was a bit more picky. It definitely won't hurt her.

  5. Funny how little ones go right for the pet food. I can remember eating our dog's dog biscuits when I was little, poor dog, took it before she had a chance to get her choppers into it. lol
    Cute picture of Amy, btw.
    I've got my WP set up, but now how do I find my friends on there? How do I add you?
    Have a great weekend with your son.

  6. I know my girls had a taste of cat and dog food when they were little, fortunately they drew the line at the budgie seed. LOL, you just start worrying if they start mewing or barking. Lovely pic and I would have loved to see the video, what a shame.

  7. Heat would have felt good this morning, but we didn't start a fire in the stove. I look forward to it, just hate to start too soon.
    I have never known tasting cat food to hurt a child. It's harder on the parents and grandparents seeing them do it. :-)
    Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like a real blessing for you.

  8. I forgot to give you my WordPress URL:
    I believe I have the permissions set to public, please let me know if you can get it and see it.

  9. I'm still resisting putting the heat on. [as I sit here wearing sweat pants, long sleeve fleece pullover, and a blanket over me] What age do they start telling you they love you on the phone?

  10. I think the cats food are looks like very much
    likes baby biscuits?
    A baby doesn't know about for only cats or human.
    I believe in it is okay.
    It is nice to hear your son is love you very much that all mum wanted hear from your Kids:-)
    Enjoy with your family,

  11. Oh Yummy lol. That' so cute. I guess if cats can eat it so can she. I hope your son was able to make it down.
    Have a great weekend.


Kassey and I thank you all for your kind comments.